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We Are GE Energy GE Energy works powering a cleaner, more productive world.

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1 We Are GE Energy GE Energy works powering a cleaner, more productive world

2 2 Issues facing the energy industry today Energy security Emissions Fuel costs Fuel diversification Ancillary market opportunities Economic uncertainty Resource Scarcity Aging assets Changing regulatory landscape Grid stability Increasing renewables 2

3 3 What does this all mean? 3 Affordable Cleaner Efficient Flexible Reliable Scalable Secure To ensure a sustainable future, the world needs … energy

4 4 1879: The first commercially practical incandescent lamp, invented by Thomas Edison A history of GE Energy innovation 188 0 ‘901900‘10‘20‘30‘40‘50‘60‘70‘80‘902000 GE Energy owns over 15,000 active patents 2000: TM2500 aeroderivative gas turbine … literally a power plant on wheels 1900: First U.S. laboratory dedicated to research and development 1918: Record capacity water-wheel generator, built for Niagara Falls 1957: Opened the world’s first licensed nuclear power plant 1978: Record total of 865 new U.S. patents, awarded to GE during the centennial year 2007: The world’s first 4 MW J624 GS Jenbacher gas engine ‘10 1882-1883: Opening of the Pearl Street Station by Edison … the start of the power generation business 2011: 1.6 100, the world’s most efficient wind turbine 2002: GE X$D Ultra, a premium motor with efficiency levels that meet/exceed industry standards 2002: Gas Ultrasonic Flowmeter for the measurement of most gases, including natural gas

5 55 The people of GE Energy 100,000+ global employees ~15,000 engineers >20,000 employees, in >30 countries, joined Energy in 2011 from five acquisitions GE Energy has been operating in … Canada – Since 1892 Australia – Since 1896 South Africa – Since 1898 India – Since 1902 Russia – Since 1920 China – Since 1921 Brazil – Since 1922 Saudi Arabia – Since 1942

6 6 Expanding global footprint and capability 6 New facilities Boufarik, Algeria Technology center Dammam, Saudi Arabia Manufacturing and technology center Hai Phong, Vietnam Manufacturing facility Kaluga, Russia Power technology center Perth, Australia Technology center Shenyang, China Manufacturing facility

7 7 Unconventional fuels Delivering solutions to meet today’s unconventional fuel needs 7 Technology Complete water treatment and management solutions Surface wellhead and flow control equipment/services Midstream compression and processing Oilfield power generation and electrification Oilfield sensing and measurement Artificial Lift technology and services Downhole tools and logging services Pipeline controls and metering

8 Power generation Providing flexible and efficient generation 8 Offering a broad range of power and fuel options Enabling renewables Reducing overall emissions Providing faster start and ramp capability Enabling more efficient load management Offerings Gas and steam turbines Generators Aeroderivative gas turbines Gas engines Renewables Nuclear

9 9 Technology Wind World’s best running fleet … 98%+ reliability 17,000+ units, installed in 22 countries Evolutionary proven design … 35% more efficient Solar Building the largest U.S. solar factory Thin film efficiency excellence Smarter grid integration Renewable energy Enabling renewables for mainstream power 9 Delivering lower cost of energy solutions Enabling cleaner energy sources Building on 100+ years of power generation expertise Investing for bold moves … ~$2B invested in technology

10 10 Distributed power Helping to provide electricity to the 1.4B people without it today 10 Reducing emissions Helping improve environmental concerns Improving efficiencies and reliability Optimizing renewables and alternative fuels Providing reliable industrial power Supporting economic expansion Technology Aeroderivative gas turbines Jenbacher gas engines Waukesha gas engines Clean Cycle generators Solar Wind

11 11 Offerings Energy consulting Industrial services Inspection services Measurement and control Operation and maintenance Parts and repair services Services 11 Increase reliability Improve operational flexibility Provide modifications and upgrades Improve emissions reduction Enhance asset health Offering a full complement of services to meet today’s industry needs

12 12 GE Energy works powering a cleaner, more productive world

13 13 Challenge: Support the development of Gorgon, one of the largest untapped natural gas fields in the world Solution: LNG refrigeration and C02 reinjection components, five 130 MW Frame 9 gas turbines and a complete 1,000-ton subsea production system – the largest subsea fabrication to date Result: Expected delivery of first gas in 2014, with total output of 15 million tons per year 13 Barrow Island Australia

14 14 Challenge: Supply technology for cleaner, safer unconventional gas development for the Piceance Basin project in Colorado Solution: GE’s QCS wellhead system Result: Project completed without a single wellhead-related incident and with reduced non-productive time. GE Energy won the 2008 CHESM award for strategic supplier and helped the customer’s program reach $19.2MM in savings Colorado 14 Colorado United States

15 15 Challenge: Reduce costs and improve efficiency for a power plant in Mexico City to enable reliable electric power for more than 10MM city residents Solution: Six Frame 7FA Gas Turbines and 15 years of service Result: Improve plant efficiency by more than 50% and reduce CO2 emissions by 2,000 tons per year Mexico 15 Mexico City

16 16 Challenge: Integrate renewable technology to create an efficient, reliable combined-cycle power system Solution: Using GE’s breakthrough FlexEfficiency* technology, GE engineers seamlessly combined a next- generation 50 Hz 9FB gas turbine, a steam turbine, a generator, 22 MW of GE wind turbines and 50 MW of eSolar concentrated solar thermal tower technology … all integrated by a GE Mark* Vle plant control system Result: Expected plant efficiency to reach 69% and power more than 600,000 homes in Karaman, Turkey *Trademark of General Electric Company 16 Turkey Karaman

17 17 Challenge: Improve profitability by reducing energy and water costs for a manufacturer in Sao Paulo Solution: GE’s chemical and equipment water purification technology Result: Reduced natural gas consumption by 45%, lowered greenhouse gas emissions, and lessened wastewater flow by over 100,000 m³/year -- for an annual customer savings of $1.9MM Brazil Sao Paolo 17 Sao Paulo

18 18 Challenge: Improve grid system reliability in London by reducing the number of consumers affected by energy outages Solution: GE Energy’s Distribution Management System Result: 20% reduction in customer interruptions and 30% reduction in customer minutes lost in the first 18 months of operation London United Kingdom 18 London

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