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GE Foundation Matching Gifts

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1 GE Foundation Matching Gifts
Kathleen Mayglothling Program Manager March 14, 2012

2 “I find out what the world needs, then I proceed to invent it.”
Thomas Edison

3 2011 GE Philanthropy GE Family: $201M GE Foundation: $116M GE Company:
GE People: $55M GE Foundation: Employee Programs are ~$44m (35.1m-MG and 8.8m-UW)... Grants $72m (Admin $3.1m – not included). GE Company: $$ Business Contributions plus $$ product donations GE People: $37.3m MG and $17.5m UW GE Foundation works to solve some of the world’s most difficult problems. In coordination with its partners, GE Foundation supports U.S. and international education, developing health globally, the environment, public policy, human rights, disaster relief and community success around the globe.

4 Education Improve standards and achievement for primary & secondary education Developing Futures DHG Education Scholarships - US and non-US Common Core State Standards GE Foundation is addressing the education imperative in the United States by supporting high-impact initiatives that improve access to, and the equity and quality of, public education. The Developing Futures™ in Education program is one such endeavor, created to raise student achievement through improved math and science curricula and management capacity at the schools. The program has invested nearly $200 million across six targeted U.S. school districts (from website – see slide 24 for inconsistent data – Roy, please use the most up to date data) Through more hands-on instruction, students learn from teachers and GE Volunteers as they work together on special mathematics and science projects involving real-world challenges.

5 Health Improving access to quality healthcare in underserved communities Developing Health Globally Developing Health US

6 Community Engagement Helping build communities for sustainable prosperity Employee Programs Matching Gifts GE United Way Giving Campaigns GE Volunteers

7 Community Engagement The Challenge Opportunity
The needs of a community cannot be met by money alone Opportunity GE employees and retirees are active community members and help accommodate community needs through a variety of GE resources and skills. GE is dedicated to solving some of the world’s biggest challenges but the Company recognizes that such work cannot be accomplished through large-scale commercial means alone. From education and community development to health and the environment, the GE family also invests time and energy in addressing these issues on a community level. Philanthropic efforts—including donations made by GE Foundation and GE employees and retirees—are one important way to support a range of such activities. Volunteerism is another, as the GE Volunteers network facilitates the donation of time and talent to develop and foster communities. In broader endeavors, GE addresses disaster relief in an equally focused manner, combining volunteerism and product donation to help communities in need.

8 GE Company/Foundation
Our Focus Areas The Goal: To build deep and positive relationships where GE people live and work Communities Town Neighbors Local Infrastructure Education Environment Humanitarian Relief Health GE People Contributions Time Expertise GE Company/Foundation Matching Gifts United Way GE Volunteers

9 Employee Programs Support GE employees and retirees in their personal philanthropy Matching Gifts 1:1 match of employee & retiree contributions to eligible charities Includes a broad variety of areas; available year-round 2011 Total: $70M United Way Giving Campaigns Supports United Way and other charities with contributions, volunteers, and supplies Additional 50% contribution from GE Foundation to local UWs 2011 Total: $26 million GE donors are eligible for both programs, but cannot use both for the same donation (i.e. no “double-dipping”)

10 United Way Giving Campaigns
Traditional Fall timeframe for campaigns Open-choice for employees, however the additional 50% from the GE Foundation stays with the local United Way (aligned with work location) Contributions can be made via payroll deduction, check, credit card, or stock Efforts include volunteer projects and special events Total 2011 giving: $26M ($17.5 from campaigns & $8.8M from GE Foundation) GE employees and retirees support thousands of charities and more than 500 United Ways. In 2011, total giving amounted to $269 million: $17.5 million from employees and $8.8 million from GE Foundation.

11 GE Volunteers Employees and retirees donate time and effort towards social initiatives in their local communities. 80 year+ tradition 220+ Volunteers Councils in 51 countries organize over 6,200 projects annually GE people volunteer 1.3 million volunteer hours per year Major Partners – Junior Achievement; Red Cross; Habitat; FIRST Robotics GE Volunteers is a network of local councils that facilitate volunteer activities for GE employees and retirees around the world. The work of GE Volunteers improves lives and conditions in communities where GE people live and work, promotes GE values, develops business leaders and teams, and builds positive relationships between GE and the communities wherever we are located. In 2010 GE people contributed over 1.1 million hours of volunteer service in 47 countries. Projects are selected by local councils that build relationships with nonprofit partners locally. Corporate provides common project management tools and supplements local business funding. While many projects meet local, community-specific needs, councils mainly focus on projects related to education, health and the environment. GE affinity groups and other volunteers lead activities in many locations that also complement GE Foundation education and health programs. The demographics of the network continuously evolve as businesses grow in developing markets, new organizations are acquired and businesses are divested. The common elements that transcend culture and geography are the GE values and that desire to make a difference, which are a part of GE people globally.

12 Matching Gifts “invented” by GE
“The employer matching gift program was the brainchild of Philip Reed, chair of the General Electric Board of Directors, who wanted to encourage GE employees to contribute to their alma maters. Reed believed the incentive to contribute was greater if the company matched the employee’s gift.” Since the launch in 1954, many others have followed suit and $2B has been contributed by individuals and their employers to education alone. * Source: HEP Data

13 Matching Gifts – Then & Now
1954 2004 2011 5,234 32,941 109,948 $200K $18M $35M 359 1,781 13,360 4,928 13,927 30,194 $1,000 $50,000 Gifts Registered (#) Total Matched ($) Charity Participants (#) GE Participants (#) Annual Max per person ($) Substantial increases across the board, especially following the 2005 Program enhancements

14 Where Does the Money Go?

15 The Basics Minimum Donation: $25
Annual Maximum per Individual: $50,000 Registration Deadline: April 15 (following donation year) Confirmation Deadline: 12 months after registration Payment Frequency: Quarterly Eligibility: Employees, Retirees/Surviving Spouses, Company Directors Recipient Eligibility: Most 501(c)(3) charities Looking for more detail? Full guidelines are available at:

16 How Does it Work? 1. Donation GE Person Makes Donation to Charity
2. Registration GE Person Registers Donation for Matching 3. Confirmation Charity confirms receipt of donation 4. Review GE Foundation review donations, charities, etc. 5. Match! GE Foundation Makes Quarterly Payments

17 Matching Gifts Website
URL: Charity Log-in GE Donor Log-in

18 How to “get on the list”? GE Donor must first nominate charity to participate Once nomination is complete and charity is added, Donor clicks “select” to access the gift registration page

19 Charity Activity Page with Test Gift
Requirement: Confirmation Each gift must be confirmed by the recipient charity Charity Activity Page with Test Gift

20 Payment Cycle Based on confirmation date, not gift date
If confirmed by the last day of: Should be paid by the end of: March May June August September November December February 6-8 week review

21 Common Obstacles/Delays
Compliance Does the donation fit our criteria? Does the organization fit our criteria? Is clarification needed? Amounts If the donation and confirmation amounts don’t add up, the gift will be flagged for follow-up Timing We send reminder letters, but the website is available 24:7. No need to wait for our notification!

22 Partnerships–More than Just $$
Impact Examples Special Food & Shelter 2:1 Matching Gifts Partnerships–More than Just $$ Employee Responses GE Aviation & the Lynn Shelter Association (Mass.): 250 volunteers donated 1,500 hours to rehab 10 apartments, build a library and computer center, and redo the lighting. Others have donated professional skills, such as IT employees providing computer support. President Bill Hayes said, "Since GE has gotten involved, the Association has been on an upswing. It has become highly respected in the community." African American Forum (AAF) at GE Healthcare: conducted a food drive across the country, collecting more than 2,000 pounds of food for multiple charities. “It is great to know that GE is still capable to support and help needed families during challenging times (financial crises all over the world).” “The 2:1 is a great program and I am proud to be associated with a Company that believes in taking the extra step to support those of us who engage in philanthropic activities.” “I was so pleased to tell my local shelter that GE would double my donation. This encouraged me to give more.

23 When in doubt, remember this!
When a natural disaster strikes, the GE family plays a critical role. GE and GE Foundation commit resources and employee support to assist the affected communities. GE responds as a partner for the disaster response and readiness teams. GE Foundation matches GE employee gifts to eligible disaster relief organizations such as the International Red Cross and UNICEF. It also grants aid to relief organizations. GE Volunteers work through networks at the disaster site to organize local support and align employees in the region. In addition, GE donates its unique products to address needs created by the disaster. The four pillars of GE’s approach to disaster relief are: GE responds as a partner for the disaster response and readiness teams GE Foundation not only provides grant aid directly to relief organizations, but it also matches GE employee gifts to eligible disaster relief organizations such as the International Red Cross and UNICEF GE Volunteers work through networks at the disaster site to organize local support and align employees in the region GE pulls from its diverse portfolio to donate products to address needs created by the disaster GE’s key partners in disaster relief efforts include GE employees, the International Red Cross, UNICEF, IMC and CARE. GE’s strong relationships with these organizations enable the most successful implementation of relief efforts. In July 2010, GE Foundation awarded $1.25 million in total to relief organizations. $250,000 was given to the International Rescue Committee and International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent in support of immediate relief efforts. The additional $1 million was awarded to the World Food Programme to provide much-needed food relief amidst looming concerns over food shortages in the region. Most recently, GE Foundation pledged $5 million in cash, equipment and services toward relief after the Japanese earthquake and tsunami and an additional $5 million for the long-term relief and recovery within the affected area, including medical and energy equipment and continued support to relief agencies.

24 Questions? *** Thank you!

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