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作文中的连贯表达 Make Coherence

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1 作文中的连贯表达 Make Coherence
北京海淀区教师进修学校 何国贵

2 一、过渡性词语 1.在同一话题上补充内容: 另外,还有 what's more, besides, moreover, furthermore, also, likewise, in addition, in addition to, as well as, similarly…

3 I’ve been fortunate to find a career that I love and, ____________, I get well paid for it.
我很幸运找到一份我喜欢的职业,而且薪水不错。 Mary is looking after her sister’s children ________________ her own. 玛丽在照看她妹妹的孩子,也照看他自己的孩子。 3. The plan is not well-designed, ____________, it would have been too expensive. 这个计划设计的不好,再说花费也太大。 4. I’m getting extra travel insurance and I suggest you do ____________. 我正办理特别旅游保险,我建议你也办一个。 what’s more in addition to moreover likewise

4 补充内容: 5. Choose a place which you may feel like visiting. _____________, you don’t have to take any food with you, since lunch will be served at the place you will be visiting. 6. Whenever I do reading without understanding it thoroughly, I will remind myself to look up a dictionary quickly. That applies to Chinese ___________ English learning. In addition as well as

5 补充说明 7. The cost of food and clothing has come down in recent years. ____________, fuel prices have fallen quite considerable. 8. People choose jobs for other reasons ________ money. 9. _____________ that animals can adapt to negative conditions, man ______ tends to make some form of adjustment to dangerous conditions. Simiarly besides In the same way also

6 but, however, yet, instead, instead of, on the other hand,
2。表示转折意义 but, however, yet, instead, instead of, on the other hand, on the contrary, nevertheless, otherwise, still, although…

7 Fill in the blanks with …
The London Marathon is a difficult race. ____________, thousands of runners participate every year.伦敦马拉松是一种艰难的长跑竞赛,然而每年有成千上万的选手参加。 2. My remark was intended to comfort her but ________ it upset her even more. 我的话就是想安慰她,结果反而更让她不安了。 3. It wasn’t a good thing; _________________ it was a huge mistake. 这不是什么好事,相反是大错。 4.The drawer cannot be opened _____________ than with a key. 这抽屉不用钥匙打不开。 Nevertheless instead on the contrary otherwise

8 表转折: 5. We didn’t talk much about the likelihood of his return to the war. ________ we chatted that day about his computer. Its speed. Its size. Its amazing graphics. 我们没有多谈他可能重返战场的问题。相反, 我们那天聊的都是他的计算机。它的速度,它的体积,它那令人惊叹的图形显示功能。 6. I’d like to eat out, but _____________ I should be trying to save money. 我也喜欢出去就餐,可是另一方面我还得设法省钱哪。 Instead on the other hand

9 because (of) therefore as a result (of) so that due to
3. 表示因果关系:因为,因此,所以。  since as so thus because (of) therefore as a result (of) so that due to

10 Since ______ we’ve got a few minutes to wait for the train, let’s have a cup of coffee. 2. ___it was getting late, I decided to book into a hotel. 3. _________ the heavy rain. I didn't go out. 4. The car is bigger and _______ more comfortable. 5. My knee started hurting, ___ I stopped running. As Because of therefore so

11 6. There has been no rain. _____, the crops are likely to suffer.
7. __________ of the bad weather, all flights have had to be cancelled. 8. The gravestones were covered with moss _______ it was impossible to read the names on them. 9. My father was one of six children, all of whom produced many children. ____, two generations later, the size of the Kargudi extended family is over 200. 4._____ the heavy traffic, John didn’t catch the train to Shanghai this morning. Thus As a result so that So Due to

12 on the condition(that)
4. 表示条件关系:如果,只要,除非,否则。 if unless as (so) long as otherwise or else on the condition(that)

13 _____ it rains, we won’t hold the sports meeting.
I won’t go to the party______ I am not invited. You may borrow this book ________ you promise to give it back. You should go now, _________ you’ll miss the bus. Hurry up, ___ else you’ll be late. I'll come ________________ the weather is fine. If unless as long as otherwise or on the condition that

14 5. 表示时间关系: 当……时候,不久,自从,等等。
when while after before   subsequently(后来) until as soon as later afterwards soon lately recently since from then on

15 1.______ water becomes solid, we call it ice.
2. Some students were reading _____ others were writing 3. I found your coat _____ you had left the house. 4. He turned and ran away ______ I said a word. 5. At first, we thought we would go, ___________ we learned we were needed at home. 6. Please wait here _______ I come. When while after before subsequently until

16 as soon as 7. I will tell him ___________ I see him. 8. _____ she and he came to join us, too. 9.She is having lunch with me, and ________, we’re going for a walk. 10. I haven’t heard from him ______________. 11. Where have you been _____ I last saw you. 12.____________, he finished his homework by himself. Later afterwards recently/ lately since From then on

17 first of all firstly (first) second (secondly) next then in the end
6. 表示特定的顺序关系: above all first of all firstly (first) second (secondly) next then in the end finally lastly

18 ________, remember to send us your new dress.
___________ tell us your name. ______ you should listen to the teacher attentively. _____, do what he or she tells you to do. _____, when you have finished your experiment, tidy the lab. _______, put everything back in the cupboards. _____ write down your name and class. ______, you should write down what you hear. _____, check the paper and hand it in. After putting it off three times, we _____ managed to have a holiday in Greece. Above all First of all First Next Then In the end First Second Lastly finally

19 take……for example for instance like such as 7.进行举例说明:例如,比如。

20 1.You can buy fruit here --- oranges and bananas, _____________.
2.There are several people interested, ______ Mr Jones and Mr Simpson. 3.You should choose a profession _______architecture or engineering. 4. _________________, he is a diligent student. for example like such as Take Tom for example

21 8. 用于陈述和强调事实: 实际上,跟你说实话。
actually as a matter of fact to tell you the truth in reality in fact ; in deed in particular namely

22 In fact ________, he is an honest boy.
________it's we that owe you a lot. ________________, he didn’t know it either. ________________, he did not know where he was going. _____________ nothing happened to him. She accepted the proposal _______. It was a good concert --I enjoy the last song _____________. Only one man was absent, ______Turner. Actually As a matter of fact To tell you the truth In reality in deed in particular namely

23 that is to say / in other words / to put it another way
9. 换一种方法表述:换句话说。 that is to say /  in other words / to put it another way I will arrive on the 10th of May, ___________, in three weeks. Your performance in the driving test didn’t reach the required standard, __________, you failed. Many people came to listen to him sing, ________________ , the concert was a success. that is to say in other word to put it another way

24 10.表示选择 1. ___________ John do it, I'd prefer to do the job by myself.
rather…than / otherwise / whether…or 1. ___________ John do it, I'd prefer to do the job by myself. 2. The leaders settled the argument, ________, the world have been war. They will find out who did it, _______you tell them ______. Rather than otherwise whether or not

25 11. 进行总结: 总而言之,总的说来 1.________, her condition is greatly improved.
all in all, on the whole, in general, in short , in a word. 1.________, her condition is greatly improved. 2. The weather this month has been good __________. 3. _________ her work has been good, but this essay is dreadful. 4. The hotel was miles from the centre, it was noisy and the food was awful, _______, I wouldn’t stay here. 5. ________, this is a decisive victory. All in all on the whole In general in short In a word

26 Multiple choice Permission was not granted for the interview: ____ the reporter never gave up hope. moreover B. however C. because D. instead 2. James Joycy was a painstaking writer; ____ he once spent half a day on the composition of a single sentence. for example B. on the other hand C. nevertheless D. moreover _________ ________________

27 likewise B. yet C. such as D. so
3. The discover of gold in California created the gold rush; _____ the discovery of oil in Alaska created an oil rush. likewise B. yet C. such as D. so 4. Astronomy has to deal with the largest bodies and the greatest distance in the universe; _____ chemistry has to deal with the smallest particles and the shortest distances in the universe. so B. on the other hand C. when D. therefore _________ ________________________

28 After B. when C. as D. before
5. Smith kept his business from getting smaller, _____ he could not expand it. as B. though C. because D. as long as 6. If you think twice ____ you speak once, you will speak twice better for it. After B. when C. as D. before 7. The leaders settled the argument; ____ there would have been war. A. otherwise B. because C. so D. unless __________ _________ ____________

29 8. He went home, ____ went straight to bed.
from then on B. when C. then D. until 9. This play, ____, is very wonderful: There are many interesting Characters in it. out of question B. on the whole C. otherwise D. finally 10. Susan is a good student; ____ she gets good grades in school. that is to say B. for example C. moreover D. as a result _____ _________________ ___________________

30 11.He was born and brought up in America, ______ he can speak English.
in fact B. instead C. so D. furthermore 12. He must have passed this way, ___ there are his foot-prints. first of all B. namely C. in fact D. for 13. Phone home, _____ your parents will start to worry. otherwise B. even though C. thus D. so that ____ ____ _____________

31 14. I like games _____ and especially football.
in particular B. in general C. in fact D. in other words 15. It is just a week _____ we arrive here. as soon as B. since C. when D. soon __________________ ________

32 Find out the connectors
There are many reasons for animals’ dying out, but the most important one is the part that the human beings have played. First, many animals have been killed for food. Secondly, many of the places where these animals used to live have been destroyed. Dry lands have been watered. Wetlands have been turned into fields. Forests have been cleaned into agricultural land or used for building. Polluted rivers and lakes have also been a cause of animal death. ____ ______ ___________ ___ _____

33 Fill in the blanks: Then and also Therefore
Nowadays, doing part-time jobs has become a fashion to us students. There are many advantages in doing part-time jobs while you are in school.Doing part-time job can offer you a chance to make money. ______ you can use the money to pay for your education, _____ buy something you need. You can _______ gain some working experience from it. _______ you will be able to adapt yourself to future life. Then and also Therefore

34 ________ part-time jobs also have some disadvantages
________ part-time jobs also have some disadvantages. ________ it might occupy some of your time so that your school lessons will be affected. ______________ if you don’t know how to deal with the money you earn correctly, the extra pocket money may lead you to waste more money and form bad habits. _______ part-time jobs can give a bad influence on you. Because of the advantages and disadvantages of the part-time jobs, you should maintain a correct attitude and choose jobs properly, then you can benefit from it. However On one hand On the other hand So

35 Fill in the blanks with connectors
_______ people have spread in the world, they have killed wolves, usually to protect their own animals _______ sheep and cattle. __________, the number of wolves has been greatly reduced. They are extinct in many countries. In Britain, ____________ , wolves became in about __________ , there used to be many thousands of wolves in America. Now there are fewer than 2,000. If people had not come to America, wolves would not have disappeared. Whenver such as As a result for example Similarly

36 Rewrite: Today is Labor Day. It is a festival. I went to the East Lake Park with my friends. I saw lanterns and streamers. Many people were there. We had a picnic. We cleared away the rubbish. Today is Labor Day. In honor of the day, I went to the East Lake Park with friends, where I saw lanterns and streamers. Many people were also there. In the park, we cleared away the rubbish. After that, we had a picnic under a tree. And we had a good time today.

37 Rewrite: 2. In the morning, I got up. I walked to school. I saw smoke rising from a building. It must be on fire. I dialed 119. Fire engines arrived. The firemen put out the fire.  I got up early in the morning. After breakfast, I was about to walk to school when suddenly I saw plenty of dark smoke rising from a building nearby. I knew it must be on fire. So I went to the nearest telephone booth and dialed 119 immediately. Three minutes later, some fire engines arrived and the fire was put out finally.

38 Rewrite: I will tell you the change of my life. Before, we had many classes every day. I had to do a lot of homework after school. I went to bed at 11:30 in the evening. I had no time to play. I was very tired. Now I can visit museums. I can learn computer and drawing. In the evening, I can read books and newspapers and watch TV. I go to bed at 10:00 now.

39 I’m very pleased to tell you the changes in my life since our homework has been reduced. Before that, learning during the day was very simple. Having class and doing homework was the only thing we should do. In the evening, we also had a lot of homework to do. We could not go to bed until 11:30. Nevertheless, since reducing the learning load, my life has become much more interesting. I also have time to watch TV and read newspapers. I no longer stay up late; on the contrary, I go to bed at about 10pm. In short, I am quite satisfied with my life now.

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