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Detailed Overview + Tutorial 1 Your Research Team in the Cloud for Sustainable Business Strategy.

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1 Detailed Overview + Tutorial 1 Your Research Team in the Cloud for Sustainable Business Strategy

2 Agenda Background: What? Why? Who? How? About the Co-Founders Our Advisory Board Our Collaborators 6 specific use cases Calculate internal time/cost savings Pricing 2 © 2014 g-bit, LLC

3 What is it? A market intelligence software platform, provided as a subscription service, to help business professionals find, understand and act on energy, environmental and sustainability trends 3 © 2014 g-bit, LLC

4 Why did we create it? 4 To solve our own pain points in finance, academics, entrepreneurship and consulting To help you spend less time researching and more time creating value and making an impact © 2014 g-bit, LLC

5 Why the name? g-bit = green business informatics tool and Gbit = Gigabit, or 1,000,000,000 bits of data; We want to manage this kind of information overload for businesses 5 © 2014 g-bit, LLC

6 Why use it? To be the industry expert: Read less, but understand more Reduce research time Enhance team collaboration Reduce internal labor costs Increase billable time or other revenue Enhance data-based decision making 6 © 2014 g-bit, LLC

7 How is it used? As a market research tool Search regularly for project-specific trends and data As a content discovery platform Check it daily to learn something unexpected For example: Find quantitative market data for your investor presentation Capture quality content for your branding or social media work Assess growth areas for new products and services Build case studies for what’s working in green building 7 © 2014 g-bit, LLC

8 Why are we unique? 8 © 2014 g-bit, LLC Strong quantitative, business and applied focus We focus on statistics, calculators and quant tools This industry needs rigor and data, not anecdotes or fluff We want action, not just discussion and analysis Highly credible curators and partners Co-Founders are affiliated with Duke University, UNC Chapel Hill, Bank of America, the Institute for Defense and Business, and the US Green Building Council Collaborators come from Harvard University, University of Cambridge, Cherokee Investment Partners, Make It Right, Mithun and Enterprise Community Partners

9 Who is it built for? Fortune 1000 companies: R&D and product development Corporate social responsibility and sustainability Marketing and branding Sustainability and management consultants Project developers and company builders Architects, engineers, designers and planners City, state and federal governments U.S. military officials Academics, think tanks and policy makers Investors and investment managers Journalists and other media organizations 9 © 2014 g-bit, LLC

10 About the Co-Founders Dr. Christopher Wedding Founder: Strategy + innovation consulting for energy and sustainability Senior Advisor: Private equity fund, venture investor and startup accelerator Adjunct Faculty: Business School Adjunct Faculty: School of the Environment 10

11 About the Co-Founders Christopher Guidry 11 IT guru and database authority 18 years experience translating complex business needs into sophisticated software solutions As a VP at Bank of America, has worked as both a Database and Software Lead Architect –Created database to house over 25 million credit card transactions totaling nearly $5 billion to facilitate the reduction of fraud –Designed and supported applications utilized by 50,000 bank associates –Improved development standards and reduced development times by an estimated 60% through the introduction of innovative new tools and creative solutions.

12 Our Advisory Board Dr. Douglas Crawford Brown Director: University of Cambridge Advisor: EU and Middle East governments and businesses Joe Green CFO: The Preiss Company, award- winning real estate financier and developer Dr. Ted Zoller Director: Center for Entrepreneurial Studies Professor: UNC Chapel Hill Business School Dr. Dan Vermeer Executive Director: Center for Energy, Development, and the Global Environment Professor: Fuqua Business School Duke University 12

13 Our Collaborators 13 © 2014 g-bit, LLC

14 Website Navigation Landing Home > Data Point Feed > Popular Pages (links) Search > Data Points > Library > Quant Tools > Blogs Analysis > Most Popular > Executive Briefings > Monthly Trends Report My Research > Team Research 14 © 2014 g-bit, LLC

15 Specific Use Cases 1.Search: Data Points 2.Search: Library Docs 3.Search: Quant Tools 4.Analysis: Executive Briefing 5.Analysis: Monthly Trends Report 6.Team Research 15 © 2014 g-bit, LLC

16 1. Search: Data Points USE CASE #1: What is the oil & gas sector is doing regarding low carbon investments? 16 © 2014 g-bit, LLC Enter a keyword (above) Choose from 20 “Categories” (left) that relate to your search Click “Search” and the search results appear below (next slide)

17 1. Search: Data Points 17 © 2014 g-bit, LLC Quantitative data is bolded Quickly see the data source, published date and a link to the full article online Click on “Details” to learn more about each data point

18 1. Search: Data Points TAKEAWAY: 10 minutes of research delivers 200 search results from high quality sources vs. 10,000,000 results of all types in other search engines, and leads to a 40-page report backed by the American Petroleum Institute. 18 © 2014 g-bit, LLC Larger font is easier to see on smart phones when on the go Click “Tag” or the star ratings (left) to label and organize data most relevant to your projects and clients Add notes (below) to saved data as reminders for later

19 2. Search: Library USE CASE #2: What are corporations are doing regarding their water-related risks (e.g., SEC, reporting)? 19 © 2014 g-bit, LLC Click on these relevant “Categories” (left) and hit “Search” (above) to see results appear below (next slide)

20 2. Search: Library TAKEAWAY: 10 minutes of research delivers 25 search results that are all white papers from high quality sources vs. 66,000,000 results of all types in other search engines 20 © 2014 g-bit, LLC Instead of 1000’s of good + bad search results with a major search engine, g-bit delivers fewer but high quality white papers The second result (above) comes from Ceres, a reputable source, and provides best practices from 100 leading companies on this issue

21 3. Search: Quant Tools USE CASE #3: What are the brand-related risks and benefits from a proposed sustainability investments? 21 © 2014 g-bit, LLC Click on these relevant “Categories” (left) and hit “Search” to see results appear below (next slide)

22 3. Search: Quant Tools TAKEAWAY: 10 minutes of research delivers 14 search results that are all quant tools vs. 6,000,000 results of all kinds in other search engines, and uncovers a cheaper way to get a first-order estimate of the benefits of this approach 22 © 2014 g-bit, LLC Here is one search result: A quantitative tool from MSCI, a highly regarded source The $100 cost for this analysis, via a special pathway, is far cheaper and quicker than a custom analysis

23 4. Analysis: Executive Briefings USE CASE #4: How do I act on this week’s salient energy and environmental business trends? 23 © 2014 g-bit, LLC Review these topic descriptions to make your selection Click the links to open a 2-page, action-oriented market insight (next slide)

24 4. Analysis: Executive Briefings 24 © 2014 g-bit, LLC Highlights a salient market data point (above) Lists the trusted source and date of the trend (middle) Provides a brief interpretation for what the data point may mean for businesses in a variety of sectors (left)

25 4. Analysis: Executive Briefings 25 © 2014 g-bit, LLC TAKEAWAY: A 10-minute read, 2x a month, helps busy executives create new ideas to enhance revenue, reduce costs, manage risks and strengthen brand Includes 2-4 questions crafted to catalyze action on the trend (left) Offers 2-4 trusted resources for further reading (below) Encourages subscribers to answer the questions above and stimulate action by their teams

26 5. Analysis: Monthly Trends Report USE CASE #5: How can I do an 80/20 review of monthly trends in many energy and environmental sectors, while reading less not more, and get ideas for action? 26 © 2014 g-bit, LLC Pick a Monthly Trends Report from this list (above) It will show up in the pane below (next slide)

27 5. Analysis: Monthly Trends Report 27 © 2014 g-bit, LLC With one report, get up to speed on the major trends each month with ultra-distilled market data and succinct, action-oriented commentary Find out what new content and features have been added to g-bit, and save money or create income by spreading the word about g-bit

28 5. Analysis: Monthly Trends Report TAKEAWAY: A 20-minute read, 1x a month, helps busy executives create more new ideas to enhance revenue, reduce costs, manage risks and strengthen brand 28 © 2014 g-bit, LLC Each “Trend to Watch” is supported by 4 data points from the month, with blue hyperlinks to the original article online In this “So What?” section (below), 2 short paragraphs help subscribers interpret and act on 2 significant trends each month

29 6. Team Research USE CASE #6: How can I share saved research and related annotations with my team to enhance collaboration and save time? TAKEAWAY: Teams conduct market research faster with fewer redundancies and produce better client presentations and reports 29 © 2014 g-bit, LLC Search among “My Notes” (the annotations your team made on saved research), “My Tags” or “My Ratings” Click on links to find the saved data that your team is after, all organized in one place (the containers below)

30 Calculate Time + Cost Savings Input your variables here See your estimated benefits here This calculator is at the bottom of the g-bit landing page 30 © 2014 g-bit, LLC

31 Pricing These prices are negotiable for early adopters. g-bit should deliver a benefit-to-cost ratio greater than 3x (e.g., internal cost savings vs. license fee) 31 © 2014 g-bit, LLC

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