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2 WHO’S LISTENING ? Sources: RAM Multi-media Establishment Survey 2013 JUST ABOUT EVERYONE! 79% of INDIANS across 89 cities


4 Radio & TV delivers equivalent REACH PEAK RADIO LISTENERSHIP IS ALMOST EQUAL TO PEAK TV REACH REACHING OUT 28 27 RADIO TV Source: TAM & RAM, TG: TV-CS 10+ & Radio – All 12+, Markets: 8 Metros, Period: Wk6-13’12 (In Millions)

5 Radio & TV enjoy similar demographics. SIMILAR AUDIENCES

6 SALIENCE RADIO ENSURES BRAND PRESENCE ACROSS DAYPARTS vis a vis COMPETITION Radio drives BRAND SALIENCE with a greater Share of Mind and higher spend efficiencies 6 Source: IRS % Audience Dispersion TVNewspaperRadioInternet Early Morning 533182 Breakfast to Lunch 6381821 Post Lunch 21232151 Evening to Dinner 3763124 After Dinner 321123

7 7 EFFICIENCIES Overcoming the Long Tail Radio stations have HIGHER REACH than several genres of TV Radio helps OVERCOME the FRAGMENTATION in a TV plan Radio reach in HINDI SPEAKING MARKETS beats Hindi News & Hini Music Sources: TAM CS15+ & IRS Q4’12 RADIO DELIVERS GREATER REACH THAN SEVERAL TV GENRES

8 8 BETTER CHOICE Vis a vis key TV genres Radio enables you to talk to more audiences in your Target Group Delivers equivalent reach compared to Hindi movies as a genre and between 1.5X TO 6X REACH compared to popular genres such as Sports, Eng GEC & News Sources: TAM CS15+ & IRS Q4’12 RADIO DELIVERS MULTIPLES OF REACH

9 Sample media plan of Rs 1 Crore for both mediums A 4 week plan in the 4 Metros Top 3 TV Channels from News, Music & English entertainment taken. Radio – Top 3 stations/city RADIO REACHES 31% OF THE UNIVERSE AT 3+ ACROSS THE 4 METROS AS COMPARED TO 7% REACHED BY TV REACH FREQUENCY COMPARISON REACH% OF THE UNIVERSE GREATER ADDRESSABILITY TG: 25-44 A MF, MKT: DELHI, MUMBAI, BANGALORE, KOLKATA, WEEK: 31-34

10 Sample media plan of Rs 1 Crore for both mediums A 4 week plan in the 4 Metros Top 3 TV Channels from News, Music & English entertainment taken. Radio – Top 3 stations/city THE AVERAGE FREQUENCY DELIVERED BY RADIO IS MORE THAN DOUBLE THAT OF TV REACH FREQUENCY COMPARISON AVG FREQUENCY HIGHER OPPORTUNITY TO SEE TG: 25-44 A MF, MKT: DELHI, MUMBAI, BANGALORE, KOLKATA, WEEK: 31-34

11 RETURN ON INVESTMENTS Better Bang for your Buck The top radio stations offer a 60-100% ADVANTAGE in Cost Per Thousand as compared to the top Hindi GECs 11 ADVANTAGE IN CPT TERMS Basis: Radio: 12 spots per day, 7 days a week, 30 second spots & market rates. TG12+ TV: Rs.50 lacs spent on the channels for 4 weeks campaign. TG MF15-44 SEC ABC Sources: TAM & IRS Q4’12

12 EFFECTIVENESS Radio ensures delivery against your planned SHARE OF VOICE Radio complements both the REACH & FREQUENCY objectives of any brand campaign With ADDED BENEFITS Control by Time of Day and/or Day of Week Reach people Out of Home Geo-Targeting Higher rotate on messages 12 RADIO FULFILLS MULTIPLE ROLES IN THE MARKETING PLAN Word of MouthSocial NetworkingAwarenessBrand EquityInteractivityPromotion AUDIENCE MASS REACH LOCAL APPEAL TIME SPENT


14 S.O.V ON RADIO BY CATEGORY 14 Sources: Adex Data FY12-13  The traditional advertisers are all here – leveraging Radio for varied objectives including but not limited to  FMCG for Top of mind, brand engagement  Service sector using radio for  Real estate for lead generation  Retail for driving sampling & foot falls  Telecom for information & engagement EVERYONES HERE…ARE YOU?


16  FMCG sector is the largest spender on Radio with brands across the product spectrum using it to meet their objectives. Some key advertisers -  Procter & Gamble  Hindustan Lever Ltd  Coca Cola India Ltd  Cadburys India Ltd  Pepsi Co India Holdings  ITC Ltd  Godrej Sara Lee Ltd  Raja Biscuits Industries Ltd  Johnson & Johnson Ltd  Reckitt Benckiser (India) Ltd Sources: Adex Data FY12-13 FMCG THE BIG SPENDERS

17 Sources: Adex Data FY12-13 RETAIL THE BIG SPENDERS  Pantaloons Retail India Ltd  Reliance Retail Ltd  Lifestyle  Rathna Fan House  RmKv Silks  Infiniti Retail Ltd  Vasanth & Co  Titan Industries Ltd  Pai Intl ORGANISED RETAIL HAS A GREATER SoV ON RADIO

18 SUMMING UP Radio as a medium helps ensure your marketing and brand objectives are met 18 SO WHY RADIO?  Reach and Frequency  Radio outstrips other media in terms of house-hold penetration  360 degree engagement  Performs multiple roles in your marketing plan – drives engagement with your audiences, can be used for targeted geographic/ audiences & gives Activations capabilities  Impact  Giving brand salience throughout day-parts therefore heightening long-term property associations  Cost efficiency  Delivers better CPT than a whole lot of other media vehicles


20 20

21 Operates FM Radio in 45 cities and reaches 1200 towns and 52,000 villages and over 200 million Indians Operates a bouquet of channels across the English Entertainment & Regional Ent space Creating IP Events & Content WHO ARE WE? 92.7 BIG FM Part of RBNL, India’s leading media conglomerate We are lead players in all markets that we operate Leader across Delhi, B’lore and Kolkata No.1or 2 in 29 markets

22 WHY US? Every 3 rd mass product consumer in the metros is OUR LISTENER UNBEATABLE REACH in the 4 key metros amongst the well settled and the well heeled We reach out to the maximum Hindi speaking consumers with our network of 45 stations across India 22

23 BIG ON PRESENCE Where it matters Our radio presence across the country helps EXTRACT THE BEST in terms of market weights in terms of REACH & GVTs BIG FM STATION PRESENCE COVERS FOR UPTO 84% OF TV UNIVERSE Base Universe:25.98Crs /Total GVTs 18089Mn GVTsSources: TAM Universe Data (4wk Average of Reach & GVTs)

24 BIG ON PERFORMANCE Leaders in RAM Markets BIG FM is a consistent performer across markets that carry the highest media weights Kolkata’s No.1 Bangalore’s No.1 Delhi’s No.1 Source :RAM WK28 Mon- Sun 12am-12am

25 BIG ON DELIVERY We truly deliver DELHI 4X reach compared to Mirchi at 5+ 1.5X reach compared to Fever at 5+ Consistently #1 at any reach frequency level 25 Source :RAM WK 22-25 12-34 Mon- Sun 12am-12am

26 Cume (‘000) Share Source :RAM, All 12 + Mon- Sun 12am-12am TSL BIG ON GROWTH Outpacing others in Delhi 2.5X growth in share BIG FM has made larger strides than any of its competitors in Delhi 48% increase in reach 66% increase in TSL Reaching the # 1 spot with a peak listenership of 79L during Wk28’13

27 BIG OVER COMPETITION BIG v/s MIRCHI 92.7 BIG FM delivers better against Mirchi across the RAM Markets 27 Delhi Kolkata Bangalore Mumbai Source :RAM WK28 Mon- Sun 12am-12am

28 BIG OVER COMPETITION BIG v/s MIRCHI …and in the IRS markets Wider presence & reach in the Hindi Speaking Markets 9921* 8635* Cumes Source IRS Q4 2012 *RAM MARKETS NOT INCLUDED

29 BIG ON RETURNS BIG v/s MIRCHI 92.7 BIG FM delivers BETTER CPTs across the key metros Mirchi CPTs are upto 5X higher as compared BIG in a key market like Delhi Sources: RAM & RS Q4 2012 Calculations at Estimated Market Rates 1 week campaign of 12 spots per day in metros 7 days a week, 30 second spots

30 BIG ON ODDS Power of 2 in PUNJAB Our combined TV & Radio presence in Punjab gives us the edge over options REACH (000)

31 BIG ON BENEFITS Unbeatable proposition One stop shop – service efficiencies for your brand Common properties across platforms – increase brand salience Get the multiplier effect – boost campaign effectiveness AMRITSAR LUDHIANA PATIALA CHANDIGARH JALANDHAR TV BROADCAST ACROSS THE STATE REACHING YOUR CONSUMERS ACROSS VILLAGES, CITIES AND TOWNS IN PUNJAB 12,700

32 Music Station formats that are designed to cater to the needs of the city Celebrity led shows, that set a benchmark BIG ON INNOVATION RJ KARIZMA KAPOOR On BIG MEMSAAB a one of its kind Radio magazine show, airing in the mid-afternoon across all HSM Markets featuring the Bollywood Diva Karizma Kapoor RJ ANNU KAPOOR Debuting at #1 in its time-band, SUHAANA SAFAR with Annu Kapoor adds a new dimension to music experience. Bringing “Filmy duniya ki kahi ankahi kahaniyan” alive in his inimitable style. RJ NEELESH MISRA A first ever on radio, YAADON KA IDIOT BOX, a radio show in a novella format takes the listener on a journey, with a musical story-telling format on love, separation, and relationships

33 BIG IMPACT Now in it’s 6 th Season The BIG Green Ganesha is one of our most talked, most appreciated and most awarded initiatives. Our effort to create a mass campaign to bring to fore an environmental issue has met phenomenal success. Some numbers: Over 11 TONNES of newspapers collected Touching 1.5CRORE people Collaborating with over 350 CIVIC BODIES 35 LAKH DEVOTEES 200 CELEBRITIES joined us in support 33

34 BIG SURROUND Impact Properties 92.7 BIG FM is the undisputed leader when it comes to offering brands INTEGRATED PLATFORM services that deliver LONG TERM VALUE With a successful lineage of having executed over 40 different properties ACROSS GENRES AND GEOGRAPHIES Entertainment Awards Music Awards Television Awards Talent Hunts 34

35 BIG ON EXECUTION Mass Engagement Brands repose their trust with us for executing larger than life ideas. The Safety Run was conceived as an idea for Total to establish their brand in India The run was held across 21 CITIES SIMULTANEOUSLY 35000 PEOPLE participated in the run Organized with over 500 ALLIANCES 35

36 To create buzz for Whirlpool’s new refrigerator(Neo I chill) and motivate Trade Dealers, BIG FM Delhi created a special property called “BIG GARMI KI CHUTTI” involving extensive on-air and on-ground elements designed to give Delhiites a chance to win a Refrigerators throughout the month and enjoy with BIG FM RJs at Dealer points. BIG GARMI KI CHUTTI WITH WHIRLPOOL To meet Mirosoft’s objective of engaging consumers across multiple platforms with an aim to showcase the best of Windows 8- UI, BIG FM created an extensive 360 degree plan which included on air and on ground and digital promotions. It resulted in more than 1.30 L demos over a period of 6 days. MICROSOFT WINDOWS 8 LAUNCH BIG ON ACTIVATIONS Activating Brand Ideas We help our client brands not just to reach their audiences but also ENGAGE with them With our CREATIVE SOLUTIONS we create compelling ideas that ensure the brands meet their desired objectives

37 SUMMING UP When it comes to radio in India, 92.7 BIG FM is the Largest FM network and your ideal choice – 45 stations reaching over 4.3Cr listeners across 1200+towns – #1 station in Delhi, Bangalore & Kolkata – Widest presence and reach in Hindi Speaking Markets – Offers a powerful combination along with its TV channels Spark Punjabi & BIG Magic – Better CPTs ensure great return on marketing investment 37


39 LUX BIG STAR A First Ever Integration This was the first time that the brand integrated into FM programming 39 To bring alive/refresh the LUX connect of being the BEAUTY SOAP of the STARS through the ages To engage listeners with the profiles of the LUX Beauties on BIG STAR a syndicated show across HSM on 92.7 BIG FM. STRATEGY OBJECTIVE Dedicated 1 hour show alotted only to LUX across 16 markets RJ Anirudh talks about LUX beauty queens to his female/male fans Each day featured 1 LUX BIG star 4 segments(2min each) in 1 hour EXECUTION Radio – Promos, RJ mentions, Contest played with fans Time checks,weather/Stock updates played in the form of shayaris

40 DOMEX GERMS KA THE END 40 To establish the relevance of germs and the diseases they spread Enhance the ToM and Salience of Domex as the solution to put an end to the menace of these germs To bring the germs alive on radio. Integrate the concept into regular and make them to cause disruption on the shows. Introduce “The End” song and create buzz STRATEGY OBJECTIVE A 2 phased approach was adopted Phase 1 Established the Germs as characters Make the germs wreak havoc on shows Phase 2 Enhanced recall with Pehchaan Kaun contest Integration with Aktor calling Aktor Teasers for song Unleash song in Bhappi Lahiri’s voice at High dB EXECUTION Radio – Promos, RJ mentions, Contest played with fans Digital- The Domex song viralled on Social Media MEDIA VEHICLE USED Bringing the brand promise ALIVE Legendary music composer Bhappi Lahiri sang the specially composed song

41 Wheel Muskurahatein A 3 month plan that worked so well that it was extended by another 3 months! ACTIVE WHEEL 41 To establish the brand amongst young middle class couples by becoming a part of their daily lives and engaging with them. An AFP “Active Wheel Muskurahatein” was created. A 30 min show with a focus on UP/Jharkhand markets STRATEGY OBJECTIVE The show had 4 segments created to bring alive core brand attributes with an engagement with the TG wherein couples come on air and participate The segments: Khushi Ki Bahaar, Baat Humaari Tumhaari, Farmaahish Aap ki, Sawaal Jawaab on Wheel EXECUTION Radio – Promos, RJ mentions, Contest played with fans

42 EXECUTION CLOSE UP ANTAKSHARI 42 To strengthen the brand association with it’s long term property in its focus market. To engage with the core TG of the brand i.e. Youth Bring alive the traditional game of Antakshari on radio by riding on the competitive nature of the game. Engage users across by getting cities to compete against each other STRATEGY OBJECTIVE The multi-phase activity saw participation through on-ground activation in malls, colleges etc. The selections were held in 9 cities across UP wherein 20 participants were selected, with top 2 being selected for each city The grand finale with 18 participants was conducted on Radio over 9 weeks Radio – Promos, RJ mentions, Contest played with fans TV- Extensively promoted on BIG MAGIC with a special finale episode MEDIA VEHICLES USED Popular Bhojpuri star MANOJ TIWARI played host to Antakshari that pitted participants from 9 CITIES ACROSS UP

43 Create awareness and traction for Harpic-Toilet cleaner in Central India BIG FM proposed an association with its Flagship property BIG Memsaab – an initiative that gives housewives an opportunity to showcase their hidden talents – giving Harpic a platform to directly engage with its consumers – the women of the household STRATEGY OBJECTIVE The activity was organized in different phases. The initial phase consisted of on-air promotion, teasers and calling for entries and RWA activation followed by city finales and Mega Finale to get Big Memsaab Bihar, Big Memsaab Jharkhand & Big Memsaab MP. Two Big Memsaab got shortlisted from each state and made their entry to Grand Finale. EXECUTION Radio: Promos and teaser phase, RJ Mentions, Ad spots, Entry spots, Live OB Links Off-air activation: RWA Activations, City, Mega & Grand Finales, SMS Blast, Print Ads, OOH MEDIA VEHICLE USED HARPIC BIG MEMSAAB

44 To promote Parle G for building Mental Ability and Physical Stamina. BIG FM conceived RJ Marathon to promote Parle G’s core proposition of mental ability and physical stamina. Radio’s potential was maximized with the non-stop RJing concept as it tested RJs mental and physical stamia STRATEGY OBJECTIVE RJs targeted at 92.7 hours of non stop marathon, Chennai’s RJ Dheena who targeted 168 hours (7 days) to break Guinness record of 138 hours. RJ Marathon was executed on- air through brand integration in show elements, Parle G Olympic Genius Contest, Parle G Energy Breaks for ad breaks and Parle G Energy Songs EXECUTION Radio: Content integration, RJ hosting show for at least 92.7 hrs and promos. On ground activation in malls and RWAs. PR in print, television and social marketing MEDIA VEHICLE USED PARLE-G RJ MARATHON ON BIG FM

45 To create a platform for the Hindi heartland that mixed entertainment with local flavour thereby resonated with both audiences in urban & rural regions and in turn exciting marketers Creation of Mele Ka BIG Star, a platform covering the biggest melas of the Hindi heartland providing a unique opportunity to regional talent to go beyond the local mela and showcase their skills which to the entire country. STRATEGY OBJECTIVE The publicity phase covered more than 200 towns & villages and subsequently the on ground auditions were conducted at 10 melas across UP, MP & Bihar and identifying talent from these places for a reality television series. Special engagement zones were created in the Mela grounds with sponsor branding. The TV series was broadcasted on BIG Magic EXECUTION Promotion through RJ mentions, spots etc on BIG FM, promos on BIG Magic, On ground promotions included branded zones with special canters, signages in the mela grounds. MEDIA VEHICLE USED HORLICKS MELE KA BIG STAR

46 #SunoSunao 46 The Best of Our Programming Is Just a CLICK away!

47 Sources: Adex Data FY12-13 Q1 - AMJ CATEGORY S.O.V

48 Sources: Adex Data FY12-13 Q1 -AMJ FMCG SPENDERS  Cadburys India Ltd  Coca Cola India Ltd  Pepsi Co India Holdings  ITC Ltd  Hindustan Lever Ltd  K P Pan Foods Pvt Ltd  Kolkata Pan Masala  Reckitt Benckiser (India) Ltd  Nestle India Limited  Godrej Sara Lee Ltd

49 Sources: Adex Data FY12-13 Q3 - OND CATEGORY SOV

50 Sources: Adex Data FY12-13 Q3 -OND FMCG SPENDERS  Hindustan Lever Ltd  Procter & Gamble  Raja Biscuits Industries Ltd  Dhariwal Tobacco Products  Pepsi Co India Holding  Coca Cola India Ltd  Godrej Sara Lee Ltd  Paras Pharmaceuticals Ltd  Ponds India  Pailan Food Ltd


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