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Welcome to the world of DRYAIR. DRYAIR Profile Founded in Canada in 1996; moving rapidly into the US market. Currently over 3000 systems in operation.

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1 Welcome to the world of DRYAIR

2 DRYAIR Profile Founded in Canada in 1996; moving rapidly into the US market. Currently over 3000 systems in operation with more than 200 distributor outlets. Our systems are currently used in over 1000 job sites to provide climate control on space exceeding 60 million square feet. DRYAIR supply major heating and drying systems throughout the Canadian Armed Forces as well as NATO forces.

3 Delivering Managed Heat Solutions to the construction & construction service industries Improving Time-scales Reducing Delays Thereby resulting in significant cost savings ECO Friendly Systems Providing Managed Solutions

4 Managed Solutions In the following fields: Construction Drying Flood Alleviation HR control of surfaces & materials for coatings Temporary Heating Construction & General heating Moisture control of air and materials Pathogen eradication Mould & fungal eradication Insect eradication

5 What is it that everyone involved in Construction requires? The answer a solution... Water ingress or flood Building materials drying slowly Temperature too low Condensation Slow curing of concrete Mould growth Heating failure General site delays Insect infestation Fungal growth Relative humidity (RH) too high RH in substrate too high Allows constant monitoring on & off site Solutions To problems caused by:

6 Whether it be a large commercial development, a civils project such as a bridge or tunnel. A flooded region or structure, home or commercial building infestations and pathogens, RH problems in floors prior to coatings, we can rapidly deploy regional teams of experts to RESOLVE your immediate situation. The use of the controlled & managed application of heat is DRYAIRS business, not only do we control the use of heat, but we let you see the results. With a system that is totally eco friendly - no naked flames no pressurised boilers – no air contaminants – no harmful gases & of course no comebacks. Our business is to raise the temperature on site & reduce it at management level. Solutions

7 Why Dryair Systems It is grossly unfair to make direct comparisons between the Dryair System & any form of Desiccant Drying. However what we can do is to define the many variances, and therefore limitations that a de-humidification system has by comparison. It is not our intention to criticise de-humidification, merely to offer a clear, defined & objective view of the choices that face you today. Leaving you with the correct information to form a professional opinion.

8 Desiccant Drying One must first remember that desiccant drying in all its forms was a specialised tool designed for a specific market, to control humidity in larger buildings. Its use in heavily saturated structures is not what it was intended for It has a restrictive temperature band 12c to 28c in which it best performs, outside these temperatures its performance is affected. It does not like high humidity, in excess of 80%. It does not have the ability to pressurise a structure, without bringing in additional equipment It needs to move air via ducts (pipes), once over 30 mtrs in length, it loses pressure and its effectiveness is compromised It cannot pressurise a building, resulting in a slower and less effective drying process Continued...

9 Desiccant Drying continued… The energy costs associated with drying of this nature are excessive to say the least It requires a considerable amount of equipment and support equipment all adding to time and cost The speed at which dryers of this nature perform is significantly less than the alternative on offer A 10,000 cfm de-humidifier has only 140,000 btu output, whereas our 600 unit (smaller system) has 600,000 btu output Heavy and cumbersome and requires power source and ancillary equipment Its ability to absorb moisture is limited by comparison Air distribution and volume capabilities are limited at best, de-humidifiers are what they say they are, and have no additional use or function in the market place

10 Direct Heat Systems Direct flame heaters move hot air through tubes into the structure, the downside is that heat is lost the minute transfer starts to take place. The heat delivered at first point of call is often no more than mid 70's centigrade, dropping off as distance comes into play, often being no more than 40c The hot air also contains up 33% moisture, this in itself reduces the drying potential & can encourage mould growth Air flow is not evenly distributed and they require additional air movers to assist the process along with a power supply Pressurization of the structure does not take place for obvious reasons & this type of heating produces a variety of differing temperatures within the building, thereby setting up unnecessary stresses in the structure, often resulting in cracking & distortion of host materials The lack of excess heat means there is no surplus energy that can be absorbed into the fabric of the building, to assist in the drying process Continued...

11 Desiccant Drying continued… Drying systems of this type have been about for many years & their limits are well understood and accepted in the industry As total control of the heat source and distribution are virtually impossible, linking drying systems of this type to an air management system is not possible, thereby leaving the inherent temperatures variances even more difficult to control Lack of excess heat rules out rapid drying potential, as well as the ability to be effective in other areas, such as:- mould control – Pathogen control – Insect Infestations & a whole host of market opportunities in general They do not have the ability to give controlled varying temperatures on a room by room basis, nor can they be programmed to exact temperatures or relative humidity requirements Equipment of this type has come a long way over the last 40 years. It is still however using long distance hot air as a drying medium, travelling over long distances or utilising additional equipment to compensate for its limitations As with everything in this modern world, technology moves ever forward and upwards, we are fortunate to be a part of this developing technology & therefore be at the forefront of drying today

12 The Dryair option The Worlds first managed drying system, allowing on & off site monitoring and control for users and client alike Individual temperature and RH control on a room by room basis if required, with remote control capability Up to 93c delivered at the point where you want it, how you want it Large volumes of pressurised air from 9,000 cm3 to 12,000cm3 per hour from 1 system, giving the system the only MOISTURE FLUSH PROCESS of its kind Rapid changes of air within a building Extremely hot air has the capacity to hold and move large volumes of moisture

13 Dryair benefits continued… Large volume air changes, increasing moisture removal The ability to heat up the fabric of the building, thereby speeding up capillary reaction Lightweight and versatile, essential when dealing with structures of varying design and complexity Having the ability to be connected to varying pipe configurations, allowing access to even the smallest area Independent Temperatures & RH settings available on a room by room basis all programmable giving total control of events as they happen Continued...

14 Moisture Flush Process

15 Moisture Flush Process continued…

16 Dryair RMS Management The Dryair System brings to the market the most advanced live time management and monitoring system of any drying-system operating today Giving total control and understanding of the effects of drying & moisture removal, paramount with such high temperature drying techniques Programmable by temperature, RH and time, on a room by room basis with varying options available if required Alarms & alerts can be set, so that all relevant targets and or restrictions can be monitored, with key individuals being sent texts or E-mails as directed

17 Temperature Graph

18 Relative Humidity Graph

19 RMS Management Continued… Providing if required direct client links to all operations on sites, thereby providing total transparency on all projects Permanent records of all projects undertaken, giving clients the details they require on all jobs Available in graph or spread sheet format, with project data linked to each job. Remote management or adjustment without visiting site The System has the ability to notify key personnel when set parameters have been reached Built in maintenance & management system giving our engineers greater flexibility in assisting with on site problems, should they occur Tracker system in each unit, allows for monitoring and viewing where knowledge of location is required, live viewing of system by Google Earth

20 Dryair & New Markets Mould Treatments Wherever water and dampness are present, there is always the potential for moulds to develop and grow. With such high air volumes and temperatures, Dryair systems have the unique ability to kill & eradicate all forms of mould contamination within structures and or materials. Pathogens Once again Dryair stands out above all other systems in its ability to treat pathogens in buildings, both rapidly and effectively. Creating new opportunities & markets in which to operate, such as, food & catering production, health services & other sensitive operations.

21 Heavy Mould Infestations

22 New Markets Continued… Construction Drying New Construction works are often delayed or set back by either temperature or moisture held within the structure, it costs time and money. Dryair provides a cost effective solution in this area, in fact no costs are involved, as the time and financial benefits far and above out way the costs of the drying process, making market penetration easier than ever. Insurance in Construction Major new works are often under- written by insurers, who often pay out substantial figures when projects fall behind. Once again Dryair can assist & reduce costs for all parties, to plan in a Dryair system into the projects costings, can save time and money for both the developer and insurer alike.

23 Construction Drying

24 Varying Insect Treatments Insects, like humans, contain water, removing that water by de-hydration kills all living things By providing the right temperature, for the right length of time in the right location, the Dryair system has no equals for heat fumigation Killing eggs, larvae and insect even within the matrix of a building Concentrated heat also affects the insects protein structure and its DNA, affecting its ability to breed Fast, clean and of course Eco-friendly, as the Dryair system has no gases, air contaminants or fumes No naked flames therefore safe to use in a whole range of varying situations With live data monitoring of all relevant conditions, the Dryair system shows clearly the criteria achieved on each job

25 Typical Insect Treatments

26 Heat & Mobility The flexibility and mobility of the Dryair system, opens many doors & indeed solves many problems for a whole range of clients After flooding in commercial buildings, quite often the first casualty is the boiler, with replacement delays inevitable, temporary heat is often the only solution Either operating independently or via the existing ducting, the Dryair system can be rapidly deployed to provide high volume, low cost heating until replacement systems are available Permanent heating in difficult situations, old factories, sports facilities with RH problems to consider, commercial buildings where cold spells result in their existing systems not being able to cope. The answer is a short term installation to boost their own capability Wherever temporary solutions are required, you have the ability to provide a solution that is Eco-friendly, safe & extremely cost effective, for whatever duration is necessary

27 Dryair Heating in Varying Situations

28 Fire & Flood A scenario you all know and understand well, remaining unchanged for many years in relation to technology & performance criteria The Dryair system over the last 18 months has brought about significant changes and benefits to all sectors of this industry, this we will come back to later on in this presentation Suffice to say that we dry faster & more efficiently, without collateral damage and with the knowledge that our systems are independently tested to demonstrate that the process of rapid drying does not affect the majority of building materials in use around the world No other company has invested more in improving the understanding and management of hot air, its functions and movement within structures Like no other system, we provide large volumes of hot air, where you want it, how you want it with the online ability to confirm all aspects of the process whilst drying is taking place For this reason alone, the industry is rapidly adopting with open arms the benefits Dryair has championed over the last 18 months

29 Fire & Flood Projects

30 Fire & Flood Continued…


32 Machinery & Equipment Drying Flexibility is the key in this sector & nothing is more flexible than the Dryair System Entire workshops or commercial rooms can be dried as a whole, such is the capacity of the systems Alternatively, sections can be dried on a one to one basis, with differing temperatures and RH set to suit equipment make up Up to 8 differing temperatures & RH settings from 1 system & time linked if so required For smaller individual units, each Heat Exchanger can be broken down into 4 x 150mm pipe units, giving up to 32 individual drying options at a time Fully documented and up to the minute reports in each sector, with data retained for reference should it be required Programmable off site, thereby reducing travelling & associated costs Mobile – Flexible – Manageable – Programmable - Recordable

33 Dryair Heat Fumigation With the demise of Methyl Bromide and all its restrictive practises, the industry has been searching for an effective alternative treatment Heat for sometime has been an option, however its lack of high temperatures and air volumes has often been its Achilles heel, as the low winter temperatures and poor insulation value of containers and many buildings, have made them extremely difficult to treat. The Dryair System has however overcome all of those obstacles & can provide all that is required to fulfil temperature and time requirements. Totally mobile and self sufficient, the systems only requirement is parking space. Dryair systems can work as single units or in multiple unit operations, resulting in the ability to treat single units or large scale buildings or installations of any configuration. Single or multiple containers, single or multiple silo operations, large or small industrial or production complexes can be treated effectively. Continued…

34 Fumigation Continued The Eco-friendly Dryair System can operate in any environment, being chemical and contaminant free in all areas. Benefiting from the RMS Management System (see RMS section) all parties can view temperatures and times in all areas of operation, taking the guess work out of eradication treatments once and for all. Containers, food storage & production, hotel & catering industries, transport facilities, medical environments, all can benefit from the rapid deployment and operating times of the system. In the storage & production environments, preparation and down-time for fumigation can often be halved, with its obvious cost benefits. Operating via existing industry skilled specialists, ensuring performance reliability. Approved under ISPM15 Heat Treatment No. 158, carried out in the Netherlands by SGS Testing Services Continued…

35 Heat Treatment ISPM 15

36 Effective Heat Treatment for S.P.Is The need for effective treatment for Stored Product Insects is growing rapidly as Governments, manufacturers & consumers alike are requiring evermore exacting standards and product quality. More importantly all are moving away from chemical treatments wherever possible, for a whole variety of reasons, not least the food chain itself. The Dryair System offers a truly viable alternative, that is not only highly effective in eradicating insects of all types, but in the main brings time & cost savings in a variety of areas, not least shut down periods. Highly mobile, operating as a single unit or multiple units for large scale projects, the system is a stand alone solution to a whole variety of infestation problems and pathogens alike. With live time monitoring, producing graphs of all temperatures achieved along with duration, on a location by location basis. Continued…

37 Typical S.P.I. Treatments

38 Marine & Corrosion Control Working in an environment where quality control is essential for success, contractors and specifiers alike, need to have control over both the temperature and relative humidity during the coating process. Other considerations such as dew point and limited access are all major contributory factors in the projects success. With time and costs playing an even more important role, the Dryair System provides the perfect solution to each and every one of these important issues. Fully mobile & self sufficient, rapidly deployed, rapid drying, heating or RH control, are all achievable with this system. With on & off site live time monitoring, programmable and variable levels of control over time, temperature, RH & dew point, The Dryair System also provides extremely low operational costs in comparison to other systems in use. With testimonials supporting all of the above from specialist contractors in the field, Dryair provides the perfect solution in:- Marine Coatings – Highway & Bridge Maintenance – Industry – Civil Engineering Projects – The Petro Chemical Sector – Offshore Works.

39 Corrosion Coatings Projects

40 Corrosion Coatings Continued

41 Why Dryair?


43 Loss Adjusters & Insurers G.A.B.Robbins Ashworth Mairs Cunningham Lindsey Crawford & Co Davies Carmichaels Thornton & Prtns Woodgate & Clarke Knowles Loss Adjusters Teceris Chubb International Lloyds TSB HBOS AXA/UKL R.S.A. Stirling Insurance BPH AXA/SERVITE Northumbria Water CAN Churchill Insurance Fusion Insurance

44 Dryair How Do We Differ? For many years prices related to drying have been falling, whilst other costs rose, some operators preferred this approach Results showed flood/fire remediation work was taking longer, with insurers and tenants suffering alike Delay upon delay resulted in distressed tenants, insurers losing repeat business and governments requiring change Dryair has benefited by being in the right place at the right time Having the technology & management system in place allowed us to demonstrate to the industry that not only was change possible, but it brought added benefits for many of the parties involved What are these benefits, how do they affect the players? How can we profit from change?

45 How We Moved The Goalposts The emphasis is now on the Drying aspects, both from a financial & performance perspective

46 Active Participant Marketing Your Dryair team is, on a daily basis, talking to potential clients in new and exciting markets, extending your potential partnership role Actively working with you to extend your penetration of existing markets, providing technical know how and training Looking at more efficient ways of drying, passing on knowledge and data obtained from its varying contracts and contacts throughout Europe & the World Developing new products to generate more income, through new and varied clients in a whole range of sectors. We do not only sell equipment; we participate fully in supporting our partners to achieve & surpass their goals.

47 Can we answer any questions to assist you further?

48 May I finally on behalf of Dryair and the support team here today, thank each and every one of you for both your patience and participation, it has been fully appreciated. We hope you have learnt a considerable amount about Dryair, its systems, and of course its client commitment. Let us hope we can move forward together, raising standards & expectations. THANK YOU ALL

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