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Welcome to Stagetracker FX seminar2012. John Skjelstad R&D / Founder About us.

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1 Welcome to Stagetracker FX seminar2012

2 John Skjelstad R&D / Founder About us

3 About TTA TTA R&D and production are located in Trondheim, Norway

4 Established in 2004 following extensive research in areas such as RF, acoustics, software algorithms since 1999. All parts developed and manufactured in Norway. All R&D, software development, system assembly and testing are carried out in-house at TTA in Norway. TTA Background

5 About TTA Laboratory and Factory Trondheim Norway

6 Acknowledgements Product of the month: LiveDesign Magazine, US. May 2007

7 Why Stagetracker FX ?

8 Amplified Theatre Audio The challenges: Amplified theatre audio leaves audiences feeling less connected to a performance. Voices of the actors do not originate from the performers themselves but from a detached place above or beside the stage. Difficult to tell which actor is actually speaking with many actors on the stage.

9 Amplified Theatre Audio

10 Amplified Theatre Audio... For many years, creative sound technicians have been striving to achieve audio localization to give the audience a more immersive, realistic experience.

11 Expectations of audiences have increased Full multi-channel surround sound is now commonplace in movie theatres and even widely adopted in people’s own living rooms. A standard audio system is simply not acceptable anymore. As the line array and digital mixing revolutions are getting behind us, we are convinced that localised, natural sound will become one of the next “big things” in audio. We aim for Stagetracker FX to be at the forefront.

12 Theatres Operahouses Houses of worship Music venues Churches Corporate Rental Users

13 R&D Achievement 1: Tracking People on Stage 2006: First time ever, a commercially available tracking system is launched. Taken into use with great success almost from day one on well known shows round Europe.

14 R&D Achievements 2: Smoothmove™ algorithm Matrix needed to be able to change delays in realtime without any audible artifacts. Smoothmove™: Proprietary algorithms developed to overcome problems inherent in moving audio sources ”transparently”.

15 R&D Achievement 3: PanBetweenPoint™ algorithm All audio localisation systems have been set up using a similar principle: Divide the stage area into defined areas or "zones" and then time align all the speakers in the house to the centres of each of these zones. Demands complex calculations. Take days to complete and often resulting in unnatural sounding audio.

16 R&D Achievement 3: PanBetweenPoint™ algorithm As soon as the performer crosses the border into an adjacent zone, the result is a large and sudden shift in the position of the audio even though the performer only took one step! Listeners may experience speakers suddenly increasing or decreasing in level – or even being turned on or off! Audio perceived to be constantly either behind or ahead of the performer’s actual position.

17 R&D Achievement 3: PanBetweenPoint™ algorithm Goal 1: To move audio smoothly, naturally, continously. Goal 2: Achieve effective audio localisation quickly. PbP: A new concept. Traditionally, audio has been panned between speakers. The V4 Tracking Engine pans between Points. May be as simple or as complex as the user requires. (e.g. the Width Control). Keeps complete coverage.

18 R&D Achievement 4: Automatic Mode Take this technology out of the hands of specialists and make it viable for use by sound technicians and touring productions everywhere. Using V4 Automatic Mode, a few simple distance values are all that is required in order to achieve amazing audio localisation.

19 R&D Achievement 4: Automatic Mode On-stage Points, depth delay calculations and upstage audio level attenuation are all calculated and entered automatically by the software. Front fills, out fills or balcony delays may be added to the system as required and V4 will automatically tune the necessary level and delay values relating to the upstage Points for these speakers.


21 Stagetracker FX Three main functions of Stagetracker FX 1. Tracking of performers and moving objects 2. Editing and playback of sound effects 3 Localisation of the audio (Automatic via tracking or pre-programmed) - on the stage or into the auditorium

22 Stagetracker FX Hardware 1. Tags 2. RadioEye 3. Audio Matrix

23 Stagetracker Tags Lightweight Maintenance free Dual antenna design High output, 40 packet pulses per second TCU – Tag Control Unit: Syncronises tag data transmission with time slots: Avoid packets being jammed or lost.

24 Stagetracker RadioEye™

25 Stagetracker RadioEye Intelligent device Ninety degree conical coverage pattern Only one unit necessary for system operation No calibration required Up to X units may be used together to cover an area up to 5000 sq. metres.* *FXR software required

26 Stagetracker Matrix

27 AES/EBU, MADI, Dante +++ Ethernet control interface Level & delay on every crosspoint Parametric EQ on every output Smoothmove™ algorithms Computer based Easily upgradable

28 System Diagram

29 Stagetracker FX Required hardware (not supplied) 1. One or two computers (PC or Mac) 2. Network switch 3. CAT 5 cables

30 Stagetracker FX Software Two software engines: 1. 2.

31 Stagetracker FX

32 Tags and audio assignment Filters for optimal tracking response Selection of matrix operating mode Allocation and creation of Audio Points Monitor real time tracking/Tag signal strength Monitor input and output audio levels via VU metres Log tracking data

33 Pan between points Mode For ultra-fast set-up For use with long throw, wide coverage speaker systems (e.g. line array) Requires no measurements or calibration Touring Quick technology demonstration “Points” may contain one or a time-aligned group of many speakers No specialist set-up required Localisation not as precise as Zone mode

34 Zone Mode For precise audio localisation For use with distributed sound systems For use on long-running productions or installations Specialist set-up required Set-up can be time-consuming

35 QLab Show control Recently integrated with the industry standard Qlab show control software from Figure 53 QLab is now the sound effects playback and control component in Stagetracker FX. The way we’re doing this is with a new cue in QLab: The Stagetracker Cue.

36 QLab Show control

37 QLab Show control What does this mean? - This means that you can localize sound effects very fast and easy. Draw a path of where you want the sound to go, and it will go there! - Controlling one audio input in the Stagetracker Matrix, the new Stagetracker Cue can take a sound effect and fly it around onstage or anywhere else in the auditorium, using the Stagetracker Matrix for stunning localization effect. - In addition, the Stagetracker Cue also opens up options for controlling live audio inputs, making it easy to localize live audio from wireless microphones in QLab. At any time, Stagetracker Cues can be fired from QLab to control performers' localization on stage.

38 Latest development: The V4s Stand still detection - The Tag incorporates movement sensors (3 x accellerator sensors). - As soon as a performer on stage is coming to standstill, the Stagetracker FX software locks the position, and moves into a state of just fine adjustments of the position. - Threshold for stand still can be set individually to cover any type of show (and type of actors!).

39 Latest development: The V4s

40 Stagetracker references Royal Albert Hall, London La Boheme - Show Boat - Madame Butterfly

41 Stagetracker references Norwegian Opera, Oslo Stagetracker FXR16

42 Stagetracker references

43 Les Miserables, Trøndelag Teater  Huge success, and became known for its sound.  136 shows, 66100 tickets sold.

44 Stagetracker references Royal Danish Theatre, Copenhagen Stagetracker FX32 Tracking system

45 Stagetracker references Svenska Teatern, Helsinki Finland Stagetracker FX16

46 Stagetracker references Kolarac Concert Hall Belgrade, Hungary Stagetracker FX16XR

47 Stagetracker references Schlossfestspiel, Schwerin Germany Stagetracker FX32 Tracking system

48 Stagetracker references Promessi Sposi in San Siro Italy Stagetracker FX32 Tracking system

49 Stagetracker references Fela! Musical European tour 2011 Stagetracker FX16 Tracking system

50 Stagetracker references Würms Festspiele 2011 Germany Stagetracker FX16 Tracking system

51 Stagetracker references Malmo Opera Sweden Stagetracker FX16 Tracking system

52 Stagetracker references Luleå Sweden: Stagetracker FX8

53 Stagetracker references Luleå Sweden: Stagetracker FX8

54 Stagetracker references St. Galler Festspiele Switzerland Stagetracker FXR16 Tracking system

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