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Part of the National County Sports Partnership Network In partnership with 1) Search from over 12,000 listings to find your local sports.

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1 Part of the National County Sports Partnership Network In partnership with 1) Search from over 12,000 listings to find your local sports club for free. 2) See details of the sessions and clubs, get in touch and go! Increased information = Increased participation By Paul Cudmore

2 What is A free and easy-to-use online tool to help people find their local sports clubs and activities in London. Accredited by LOCOG. The largest and most comprehensive sports club database in London with over –12,500 listings –300+ different sports –4,000 activity providers Managed and funded by PRO-ACTIVE London, the London County Sports Partnership (who are primarily funded by Sport England to increase sport & activity participation). Data sources include Sport England, Local Authorities, sports clubs and the public. Non-profit making initiative and free to use by the public and the activity providers.

3 What does it do Makes connecting you to activity opportunities free and easy leading to increased participation. You can... Search for your sport in your location in just 2 clicks. Use the interactive map and click on the pin closest to your desired location and view all the details of that listing including facilities, access, cost, contact details and more. Refine your search by various criteria including all of the above as well as venue amenities, date & time or only affiliated or accredited clubs. See similar suggested sports which appear with your search results that you may like to choose instead. Email the activity provider through the Get Active London website to find out any other details you would like to know before attending a session or to book. Register for a free weekly e-alert letting you know about new clubs and activities that are listed matching your stated interests. Share your favourite listings with friends across social networks and/or save them for later in your profile.


5 The need is out there... The huge demand for this product represents a massive opportunity to not only positively change lives through physical activity but also to connect to a large market in a positive way. The situation 48% of Londoners are in-active. 33% of children in London are obese or overweight. Lack of information is one of the biggest barriers to sport participation. The potential 63% (5.1m) of Londoners are interested in doing more activity (huge potential market). There are over 250,000 Google searches every month relating to Sport in London (viable channel to target market) With over 12,000 listings and 4,000 registered providers, is the largest central resource for sports clubs and activities listings in London.

6 Our objectives and progress Objective for the project 1.Remove a lack of information as a barrier to any sport or activity participation by providing a free, easy-to-use central resource for all. 2.Sport for all regardless of gender, race, creed or disability. 3.Provide a lasting and tangible legacy for sport in London (awarded London 2012 Inspired accreditation from LOCOG) Our progress since launch in Jan 2011 170,000 site visits (currently 15,000+ per month and growing) 12,500+ listings comprising Clubs, Activities & Venues. 4,000+ registered activity providers. Partnerships with all 33 London Boroughs and other key partners. Strong links with key National Governing Bodies of Sport to provide data & promote. 66% of our users find what theyre looking for.* 47% pursue or are likely to pursue the activity as a result of finding it on our website*. *Independent research by London Business School 2012

7 Who uses our website While we see as a resource for all, like all brands we have a core demographic that we engage with the most. 47% Males and Females, 25 – 34, who take part in sport regularly and on a weekly basis. 30% Males and Females, 35 – 54, who take part in sport fairly regularly and on a weekly basis. 19% Males and females, 16 – 24, who take part in sport on a weekly to monthly basis. 4% Males and Females, over 55, who take part in sport on a weekly to monthly basis.

8 How we differ from is a project funded by Sport England and managed by UK Active (formerly the FIA). It is an attempt to be a national activity finder allowing users to find and book sessions through the site. Spogo is commercially driven and needs to generate income in order to continue. As of April 2013, Get Active London had roughly double the amount of London listings compared to Key differences about London only listings allow ability to build meaningful brand in London. Embedded across Local Authorities meaning greater market penetration with the benefit of a far larger administration team. Only our site offers Activity information down to time/date detail. 90% of customers want this level of detailed information. Very strong online presence by comparison with Spogo meaning greater market presence in London and solid platform upon which to build. Our non-profit status gives more room for better CSR opportunities and genuine ability to invest in growing participation rates. Benefit of London 2012 hype given the location. Although London based, the IT behind our system is easily replicable and scalable to other parts of the nation/continent

9 Opportunities for Your Brand

10 Benefits Fantastic and poignant CSR opportunity highlighting commitment to social improvement through physical activity. Great PR opportunities to showcase commitment to health, grassroots sport and elite performance development. Engage hard to reach 18 – 24 market through sport / physical activity. Build consumer relationships specific to London. Represent the only London based activity finder and maintain contact with individuals for years to come. Build an on-going relationship and association with PRO-ACTIVE London – the premier sports development agency in London responsible for getting millions of people into physical activity.

11 Some of our supporters & partners Anne Milton MP – Under Secretary of State, Department of Health I am delighted to lend my support to Get Active London. The resources provided by Get Active London will provide Londoners with the information they need to get active close to where they live or work. As London stages the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, there has never been a better time to promote the benefits of regular physical activity. Carol Isherwood OBE - Regional Manager National Game (London), The FA Group "Both in my role as London Regional Manager with the FA and as Chair of the London NGB forum, I see Get Active London as a crucial new resource when trying to engage and inform new and existing participants across London. The website is a great tool to have and gives all sports clubs and NGB's a platform to promote their opportunities to a new and increasingly online audience. With continued investment, I feel that Get Active London will play a key role in increasing sport participation in London particularly among those participants who previously may have struggled to find the relevant information to get them started. And...

12 Contact details Adrian Ledbury Director 07920 701 453 @GetActiveLDN Office locations: Hendon, Brunel, South Bank, Croydon, Stratford

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