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FlexJobs Members How to Get Started Using Your FlexJobs Account Learn more at

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1 FlexJobs Members How to Get Started Using Your FlexJobs Account Learn more at

2 How to Get Started Using Your FlexJobs Account Presenters: Jeremy Anderson, Director of Client Services Jess Vyvial-Larson, Client Services Support & Writer Host: Brie Reynolds, Director of Content & Social Media What we’ll cover today: Setting Up Your Resume Profile  How to do it and why it matters Advanced Search Options  Targeting your search and best practices Learn more at

3 Setting Up Your FlexJobs Resume Profile Purpose of Your Resume Profile  To help automate your job search  To alert you of new jobs which match your career interests  To allow you to apply for positions with FlexJobs Featured Employers  To create your resume and give you a PDF copy Learn more at

4 2 Types of Employers on FlexJobs FlexJobs Featured Employers  Employers have come directly to FlexJobs  Screened and approved by our staff  Post their jobs to FlexJobs  Browse job seekers’ resume profiles to select potential candidates External Employers  Our job researchers find these employers through outside websites  Screened and verified for legitimacy  Do not post their jobs directly to FlexJobs  Cannot browse job seekers’ resume profiles Learn more at

5 Tips for Setting Up Resume Profiles Create more than one  Interested in multiple types of jobs? Create profiles for each type  Use clear, precise, and catchy titles for each profile Fill out as much info as possible  Set Profile Privacy Status  Most Important: Job Category & Job Details Learn more at

6 Video for Job Search Profile Creation 10 minute thorough walk-thru  On right-side menu when viewing resume profile  See each step  Watch anytime & refer back for tips  Learn more at

7 Advanced Search Options  Search Jobs by Keyword: To search for a specific term used in your field or for general searching  Exclude these Words: Filter positions without certain keywords or terms by entering them into this field  Category: Fastest, easiest way to search - Each job assigned up to 5 categories  Job Type: Choose if you are looking to work as a freelancer, full-time, or part-time employment  Type of Job Flexibility: Choose from telecommuting, part- time, a freelancing contract, or flexible schedule  Level of Telecommuting: Choose 100%, Mostly, Some, or Option to telecommute  Location: Select your state. Can also choose “and available anywhere”  Select Country: Default = U.S., but you can choose other countries to search in Learn more at

8 Tips for Advanced Searching More is not always better  Choosing too many at once can limit search results Keywords: Mix ‘Em Up  Try variations  Must be exact match Not getting enough results?  Select Job Category, Level of Telecommuting, and Location Gives broad search results in your field and location Doesn’t limit search by keyword Learn more at

9 Learn more at Questions?

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