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Hilaire Enterprises Helping you Put the Pieces Together.

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1 Hilaire Enterprises Helping you Put the Pieces Together

2 The Hilaire Difference We understand that managing money is a chore which can be time consuming and confusing How do I start saving? When do I start saving for retirement? How much should I keep in my checking vs savings or CD accounts? How do I know if what I am doing is working? Can you afford it? How do I make and follow a budget Who we are & what we do

3 The single most important part of your financial stability is knowing what you have and where it is We believe everyone can increase their wealth through financial literacy Personal Wealth Management Courses Individual one on one consultation Tax Planning Small business development Cost realization and cost management Profitability maximization Payroll management Tax preparation and planning throughout the year What we do… Individual & Small Business

4 Rising Costs Steady Income Diminished quality of life The Problem Missing pieces

5 One on One Assessment No more late payments

6 Understand what is an asset and how to increase asset value Identify current costs and future liabilities How to start investing to build worth. Value vs. Worth

7 Help target opportunities for increased revenues Identify costs and cost cutting techniques Closing the Gap from the beginning of the year to the end From Beginning to End

8 How we do what we do for you

9 Hilaire Financial Services Will help you get that missing piece of the puzzle you have been searching for.

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