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Findel Direct System Consolidation using Infosphere MDM Server for PIM.

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1 Findel Direct System Consolidation using Infosphere MDM Server for PIM

2 Agenda Background Objectives Issues / Challenges The Project Lessons learnt Q & A

3 About Findel Direct Based in the UK – Offices in 6 locations £100m turnover – Internet, Catalogues, Retail Stores Part of a £650m PLC – Findel PLC Five Well Known Catalogue / Internet Trading Brands – Kitbag, Cotswold, Letterbox, Iwoot, Confetti Disparate Back Office Platforms – Java, Open source, FoxPro,.Net, Priam & Outsourced Disparate Web Technologies – Perl, PHP, ASP, Java, Open Source,

4 Objective To provide a consistent, top class customer experience across all brands and enable future growth and stability – Needed to re-platform – Underwritten by Consistent Master Product Data Complex Product model – Many options / different product types Cross Sell across multiple platforms – Inform the customer Sell across multiple channels Sell through multiple brands Fulfil from multiple warehouse locations Buy and forecast consistently and accurately

5 Issues and challenges Size & Colour optionsDetailed SpecificationsCross Sell from other Brands Personalisation Product Associations Time-Triggered

6 The Project Objectives Scope Planning Implementation Expected benefits

7 MDM Objectives / Scope A stable, best practice master data management solution to underpin new systems architecture Able to manage different and complex product models Consistent repository of master data across all brands Real Time integration to website and call centre Business able to manage independently of IT Scaleable deployment able to manage business peaks

8 Planning & Implementation Letterbox chosen as lead brand for Findel Direct – Experienced e-tail & Catalogue brand – 50:50 split between catalogue and online orders – Project to re-platform the brand Started in January 2008 Infosphere MDM server for PIM – Product Management Websphere Commerce Website – E-commerce Websphere Commerce Sales Centre – Call Centre MQ / MQ Broker – Messaging Hub Aptos Financials / New WMS Live in September 2008

9 Systems Architecture Infosphere MDM Server for PIM Websphere MQ / Broker Websphere Commerce Websphere Sales Center Warehouse Management System Merchandise Forecasting Financial System By Brand Buyers add / enhance Product Information using workflow Data is validated and exported via a single XML export To all other systems requiring product information Management Information

10 Development Process Data Model – Model covered core product data for ALL brands Workflow – Iterative and Collaborative with end users Considerable additional information requirements – Legacy data model poor and incomplete Keywords, refinement options, size / colour, personalisation rules, item weights / dimensions etc – Major data cleansing operation Emphasis on accurate data early on in NPI process

11 Expected Benefits Product data held once, used many times – Eliminate re-keying & duplication – Ensure accuracy and quality of data Consistent product information across all channels Better information to support the buying decision Improve Sales by Up- & Cross-Sell via automated merchandise associations Greater Collaboration between brands

12 Actual Benefits Product Returns due to mis-picks / mis- information reduced to almost nil Goods in warehouse staff reduced from 11 to 4 – (though increase of 1 in Buying Admin) Cross – Sells / Up-sells increased

13 Key Lessons Spend time on Modelling – Core Data Model meets requirements of all data consumers – Agree Metadata definitions across business Collaborate with end users – Iterative development process – Workflow & validation reflect best practice across all brands Pay attention to legacy data – Cleansing, enhancing and creating data takes time & effort

14 Next Steps Product MDM project considered a strategic proof of technology success within the Group Roll-out of the solution to other, larger businesses Include Customer master data management solution in strategic home shopping application modernisation program

15 Thank You

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