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Waves Rowena D. Olicia CTP-LEAPPhilippines 4 th Year.

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1 Waves Rowena D. Olicia CTP-LEAPPhilippines 4 th Year

2 TARGETS At the end of the lesson, 75% of the students should be able to:  Define waves.  Identify the characteristics of wave.  Solve problems on waves.

3 WAVES  are disturbances that propagate through space  are also called energy carriers  transfer energy from one point to another  do not carry the particle of matter  only cause particle of matter to vibrate / move back and forth

4 Parts of Waves Wavelength Amplitude A distance time wave crest wave trough wavelength amplitude

5 Examples of Waves  Water surface waves  Sound  Electromagnetic Waves (EM Waves) - radio/TV waves, microwave, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, X-rays, gamma  Seismic waves

6 Wave Characteristics

7 Characteristics of Waves Frequency f (inverse of period T) number of cycles per second (Hertz) f = c / T = 1 / f T

8 Wavelength ( λ ) Wavelength ( λ )  distance between successive identical parts of a wave  distance the wave has traveled in one complete cycle

9 EM Spectrum

10 Amplitude  Maximum displacement from the equilibrium (midpoint) position  Measure of how much energy the wave has

11 Frequency (f)  number of waves that pass a given point per unit of time Unit: hertz (Hz)

12 Period (T)  time for a wave to complete a cycle  reciprocal of frequency  T= 1/f Wave Speed (v)  speed with which waves pass a particular point  Wave speed = wavelength / period  v = λ / T or v = λ f

13 Sample Problems 1) A vibration of frequency 5Hz sends a wave of 0.8m down a rope. What is the speed of the wave? 2) A wave of wavelength 1.5m travels down a rope at a speed of 6m/s. What is the frequency of the wave?

14 Solutions 1) Given: frequency (f) = 5Hz wavelength ( λ ) =0.8m speed (v) =? Formula:V =f x V = 5 Hz x 0.8m V = 4.0 m/s

15 2) Given: velocity (v) = 6m/s wavelength( λ )= 1.5m frequency (f) = ? Formula: f= v/ f= 6m/s 1.5m f= 4Hz

16 SUMMARY I. Waves  disturbances in space/matter  energy carriers II. Kinds  Mechanical Waves (need a medium) a. longitudinal (propagation parallel to motion) ex. sound b. transverse (propagation perpendicular to motion) ex. String wave  EM Waves (do not need a medium) ex. Radio/TV waves, microwave, visible light, UV, X-rays

17 SUMMARY III. Wave Characteristics  Wavelength (crest-crest; trough-trough)  Frequency (no. of waves per second)  Amplitude (maximum displacement)  Period (time to complete one cycle)  Wave speed(wavelength over period)



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