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User Reference Guide

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1 User Reference Guide

2 Log-in Directions (external site only)
Log-in using the address and password

3 Contents Equities Fixed Income Publication map for Fixed Income Manage My Subscriptions

4 Equity Home Page Advanced document search
Equities information available under ‘Equities’ tab Click on ‘More’ for research pieces published earlier Filter research by region Top stories Latest research Quick search by company, ticker and analyst. Browse by numbers and alphabets

5 Equity Home Page - Company List
Click ‘Company Name’ to go to company page Select Company list by first letter

6 Equities Menu Use the Equities menu to focus on: Regions Analysts
Sectors/Industries Countries Recommendations Strategies Convertibles eDerivatives Independent Research Website Options in Equities Strategies: Investment Advisory Group Equity Market Strategy Corporate Governance Capital Structure Analysis CROCI Running the Numbers Equity Focus

7 Company Page Company Financials, CSA, Corporate Governance, eDerivatives Click on ‘Also mentioned in…’ for other research pieces where the name of this company is mentioned. Click on ‘More’ for further information on respective tabs. Click on analyst’s name to get all research by the analyst Investment thesis & company details Disclosures

8 Regions and Countries List
Quick search using ticker/company/analyst DB Estimates Advanced search Search by countries and regions Independent Research

9 Complete RtN financials
DB Estimates Screen Use the DB Estimates Screen for quick access to Company data and estimates. RTN Company Comparables Company Overview Complete RtN financials

10 Document Search Screen
Use the Document Search to find any Equity Research document published over the past five years

11 Analyst List Filter Analyst List by Region/ DB Sector, GICS Search
Click Analyst Name to go to Analyst Page Select Analyst List by First Letter

12 Analyst Page Analyst contact information Click to go to Sector page Analyst Bio Full team contact info Click envelope to send research documents Analyst Coverage (Click RtN for full RtN page)

13 Sector List Sort by DB Sectors or by GICS Sectors
Click sector to go to Sector page

14 Sector Page Sort by Region, Sub-sector, or Market Cap
Click for more Documents Click for more Key Changes Click for sector-specific Analyst, Sub-Sector, Company, and Recommendations lists CROCI RtN Sector Valuation Table Click for Company Page for each company in the Sector

15 Recommendations Page View ‘ALL Recommendations’, or filter ‘Buys’, ‘Holds’, or ‘Sells’ View by Region or by GICS Sector Click for Company Page

16 Global Markets Home Page > Home
Global Markets Product Home page is the first page that opens up when we log on to The most recent issues of the Featured Publications are listed under the Featured Stories section in their chronological order The whole website navigation can be done with the help of cascaded mouse over menus on different tabs shown above. The following table explains the different options under the Home tab Research Ticker page shows the latest equity research from all the regions and the list can be filtered by regions The clients can manage their Equities and Fixed Income research subscriptions and re-set GMR website password with the help of the Manage My Subscriptions option The option Investment Advisory Group launches the DB IAG research website Just like the ‘Investment Advisory Group’, DBIQ, DataQuant, CreditQuant and QuantEM options are links to the respective Quant websites Market Risk Monitor page shows the Market Risk table as per the previous day closing and is updated daily Sales & Trading section is dedicated to sales & trading and provides links to various DB tools and trading platforms All the research admin and distribution related tools are gathered within the Research Admin section. These tools include the Client Management System, Periodical Approval, Upload tools etc. Access to these tools are provided by the GM research subscription team with approval from management and / or concerned heads Tools & Applications section for different tools related pages and links to websites like CSA Home page. The ‘Running the Numbers’ page inside the Tools & Applications section provides facility to search RtN by Ticker / Company name and this page also shows the ‘Weekly Financial Data’ publication ordered by date Trading Platform section is composed of links to different DB trading websites

17 Economics Page (c) UK Economics page shows all the UK Economic research report including UK Economic Topic, UK Economic Focus, The UK Month Ahead and data releases etc. This page also shows the UK Economics Featured Chart, UK Economics Presentation and options for browsing research by Topic All the Japanese English documents are listed on the Japan Economics page. It also has the Thematic Reports and GDP Forecast sheet and DB Leading Indices chart Dollar Bloc Economics page shows mainly the research reports from Australia and New Zealand. In addition to that, it also shows some other Global and North American Publications like One-stop Weekly, IMM Commitment of Traders, FX Strategy Weekly and Commodities Weekly etc. On the right hand side, there are also links to filter research by country names and external links and DB regional research contacts Asia Economics is the economics research home page of the Asian countries. It has links to browse Asian country pages, Asia Economics Presentations and Research Insights (Text only) Economics Calendar page is the Bond Auction calendar which can be filtered according to City names Bretton Woods II features special economics reports published in the last ten years DB Alarm Clock – This is the dedicated page for DB Alarm Clock Monthly Economics Home page is for Fixed Income Economics research. All the dailies, data releases, publications, presentations and the forecast calendar are available on this page Global Economics page shows the four major global publications: Global Economic Perspectives, Global Macro Issues, World Outlook and DB Daily. The most recent issue appears on the page and is archived accordingly US Economics page contains all the US Economics research and four global publications: Global Economic Perspectives, Global Macro Issues, the World Outlook and Economic Special Report. This page also lists the video recording of GM Monthly Employment Call and Data & Events Calendar European Economics section has all the European research pieces and is further divided into three pages (a) Euroland Economics page is the page for the Euroland zone data releases, daily comments, publications, data calendar, forecast sheet and Euroland presentation. This page also has links to browse research by topic and countries (b) Scandinavia/Switzerland Economics is the country specific page for Switzerland and Scandinavian countries.

18 FX Page FX – Clicking on the FX option (not on any of the options of the mouse over menu) opens the FX Home page. This page contains: 1. DB FX Sales Quick View, 2. Speed Dialer and 3. Today’s Calendar. DB FX Sales Quick View table is a live market rates table and can be filtered by currency. Speed- dialer – is a table of shortcuts to Research pieces, some tools like Market Rates Analyser and Training Modules etc. Today’s Calendar the Bond Auction calendar categorised by region FX Research page shows the FX research reports categorised according to the report type. This page also contains a link to the FX Asset Class page and some Economics research reports DB FX Indices is the page for Trade Weighted Currency Indices (TWIs). Deutsche Bank FX Indices (DBFXIs) are designed around this concept and provide an extremely convenient vehicle to directly express currency strength or weakness. FX Trading Models page has two tools Forward Bias Strategy Index and Deutsche Bank Dynamic Carry Index where the user can set the Base currency dynamically and re-generate the charts The FX Select and Managers pages are restricted access pages The page Educational Info* is FX Select Internal Sales Library where one can some latest DB produced and Externally produced presentations and brochures

19 Commodities Page All the commodities dailies, weekly, monthly and quarterly publications can be found on the Commodities Home page. This page also contains the recent most Commodities Special reports and Strategy reports and Audio recording of weekly commodities conference call Commodities Indices page lists the Deutsche Bank Liquid Commodity Index reports, DBLCI weight charts and Products Traded list. In addition to the English language documents, some German and Japanese language documents are also available on the page Agriculture, Emissions, Industrial Metals, Oil & Gas and Precious Metals pages are commodities sector pages where the sector specific commodities research reports are listed. Commodities Analyzer Lite (Full) and Commodities Analyzer Lite are two links to launch the Commodities Analyser tool. User Guides for this application is also available for download

20 Fixed Income - Rates The Fixed Income tab includes all the pages for Fixed Income Relative Value, Credit and Securitization research reports. The pages are further listed according to their product types The Rates page is almost similar to the FX Home page. It has the Live Market rates table with the facility to generate charts, Daily Economic Comments, Trade Ideas, Special Reports, Bond Auction Calendar and a Speed Dialer pad with shortcuts to Research Reports categorised by their periodicity and some Tools and external links The Fixed Income/ Relative Value Research page contains all the Daily Analytics, Daily reports, other regular Publications, Trade Ideas and Quantitative Strategy reports. It also displays a regional Bond Auction Calendar The Fixed Income Relative Value section is further divided into three pages: Publications, Analytical reports and Bond Market Guides. Publications page shows only the standard Fixed Income Publications while the Analytical Reports page shows the Analytics by Region and by Product; and this also has the Quantative Models and the Swaption Volatility Analyzer* tools. The Bond Markets Guides page displays the three Guide Books: Analytic Guides, Bond Market Guides and GSS Country Guides Inflation page contains some Fixed Income Publications, Economic Special report on the topic Inflation and the Inflation Forecast chart Fixed Income by Region provides a graphical map where the users can browse Fixed Income Research by regions actually by clicking on that particular region

21 Fixed Income - Credit In the Credit tab we can find all high grade credit publications for countries like Japan, Europe, Latin America, North America etc. We can also find company specific High Grade reports through this tab. This is further divided in to six pages (a) The Fundamental Credit Strategy page contains some daily publications like CDS Navigator, Early Morning Reid and DB Credit Express. A monthly report like Thought of Jim Reid and special report like Fundamental Credit Special can be found here. (b) The Quantitative Credit Strategy page lists monthly and some special reports on Quantitative Credit Strategy. Apart from these it has some daily and weekly analytic reports like EUR IG Credit Summary Report and US IG Credit Summary Report. (c) The High Yield Research page gives you reports on High Yield product area like One stop weekly,and European High Yield – Onestop. It also contains High Yield strategy reports. This is again sub divided into two pages. (1) US High Yield Research page provides reports on High yield publications for United States only such as One stop weekly, One stop Financial Summaries, One stop Outlook. We can also find research reports on various sectors like energy , media, retail etc. This page contains some Newsflash articles also. (2) European High Yield Research page contains High Yield reports of European countries and provides you the research reports on various sectors. It also has links to Global High Yield Research Publications. (d) The Convertibles tab will open up the home-page of (e) The Capital Structure Analysis tab will take you to the homepage of CSA website

22 Fixed Income – MBS The MBS tab contains daily, weekly , monthly as well as special reports on Mortgage securities like MBS Special Reports, Monthly RMBS Observer, Daily MBS Market Commentary etc. it also has the reports on insights i.e.. Prepayment Commentary , Non-Agency RMBS Insights like Non-Agency RMBS Trends, Non-Agency RMBS Opportunities etc and Non-Agency RMBS Insights. This is further divided in to two tabs: (a) The MBS Research page is same as of MBS page (b) The Mortgage Modeling page has reports on internal updates like Overall Planning, Model Release Notes , Performance Tracking, Risk Management etc. It also have some reports on External updates like Data, Definitions, Prepayment Projections, Prepayment Commentary etc.

23 Fixed Income – ABS & CMBS
The Asset Backed Securities research reports, presentations and charts from all the regions are listed in the ABS page. The main publications on the page includes Securitization Monthly, Home Equity Loan Monitor, Asset-Backed Barometer and Credit Card ABS Monitor etc. The ABS section is divided into four regional pages where the reports are displayed in their specific region pages. The region pages are: North America, Europe, Japan and Australia The European ABS page contains two Analytical tools ABS Quant and DBIO along with the research reports. This page also has an option for searching reports by Company name The CMBS Research page accommodates the Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities research reports. CMBS Weekly Market Monitor and Large Loan Surveillance are the main two reports on the page

24 Fixed Income – Emerging Markets
The Emerging Markets tab covers all the Emerging Markets dailies, Data Releases, Trade Ideas and EMFX Reports. The Emerging Markets Home page contains the Emerging Markets publications from all the regions and the page is divided into sections according to the report type. Emerging Markets Monthly is one of the most important publications on the page. This page also includes regional Bond Market Guides and links to some Analytical tools like Exchange Rate-Spread Regression Model, FX Forward Calculator etc. The Emerging Markets tab is divided into Region Specific sections and each section is further sub divided into Country pages. The users can generate charts dynamically by specifying the selecting the asset class and instruments from the pull down menu available on the page The Latin America and Central Europe country pages also contain a link to Chart Room which is a Local Market Analysis Tool. The users can generate charts dynamically by specifying the selecting the Asset Class and Instruments from the pull down menu available on the page DB Alarm Clock page is the dedicated page for the publication of the DB Alarm Clock Monthly. One interesting fact about this publication is that it is available in both PDF and HTML format on the page. The Quant Tools section has options to launch the various Quant tools as shown on the right Latin America Central Europe Quant Tools

25 Publication map for Fixed Income
With this excel file you can search the location of the document on GM Website Search for specific pages to know the publications on the page Select publication type or web page and hit search

26 Manage My Subscriptions
Deutsche Clients can manage their own subscriptions after logging in to the website. Deutsche Clients can manage Equities subscriptions by using “Manage My research subscriptions” and fixed income via “FI analytic report subscriptions”.

27 Manage My Subscriptions – Manage my research subscriptions
Client Login using their address and the temporary password given to him/her by you. Once they login the system will prompt to change the password. Once they change the password they will be redirected to the page shown below.

28 Manage My Subscriptions – Manage my research subscriptions
Click “Create” to assign yourself new subscriptions

29 Manage My Subscriptions – Manage my research subscriptions
Clients can assign research to themselves based on six criteria: Periodicals : For both Equities/Fixed Income newsletters. For e.g.: DBDaily, UK Daily, Fixed Income weekly, Latam Equities Daily etc. Analyst: to assign research based on the analyst name. Company: If they are interested in receiving research for a particular company only. Sector: If they are interested in receiving research for a particular Sector. Region/Country: If they are interested in receiving research for a particular Region/Country. Strategy: If they interested in Strategy research only,

30 Manage My Subscriptions – Manage my research subscriptions
When a client has filtered to the criteria that they want to subscribe to, they will be redirected to the next screen. In this example, the client has selected the Analyst button. Client will select the name of the Analyst from the list. Select the “Delivery mode selection” they will get the Hardcopy option only if the company they are working for is rated as RSL 1 or 2 with priority of Platinum or Gold. (Priority and level as decided based on revenue generated from the company. Client will have to select the format either as ‘URL’ or ‘PDF’ if they select the delivery mode as “ ”. After completing the selection the client will select the button to “verify”.

31 Manage My Subscriptions – Manage my research subscriptions
This screen shows client the summary of the research subscription that they are about to subscribe to. Upon clicking “Finish” the subscriptions will be assigned to the client and will be activated. If Client wants to make any changes the they need to click “Amend”.

32 Help: Login, Access and Subscription problems
Contact your Deutsche Bank Sales Contact or Representative if would like to: start receiving our research publications receive additional publications access our website receive access to a specific section within our website Contact your regional Research Services Team if you already have a user account and are experiencing the following problems: you have forgotten your password you are registered to receive our research publications, but are not receiving them you are unable to access certain parts of website For website password resets and subscriptions related queries please contact: (44) option 1 (available 24 * 6)

33 Technical Help and Suggestions
Research Help Desk  For all Technical Support related issues (apart from those already specified), you may: Contact our 24 hours Global Markets Research IT Hotline at Monday- Friday and partial coverage on weekends Support team directly with your questions or concerns at For additional suggestions and comments regarding the website, contact: Dan B Levine(Business Contact) at or Gavin Taylor (Technical Contact) at

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