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John F Kennedy Inaugural Address 1961

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1 John F Kennedy Inaugural Address 1961

2 Speaker John F Kennedy Youngest and 1st Catholic President
Had a large position he had to pull during the Cold War

3 Purpose Improve relations with Soviet Union
Stop the development of nuclear war Stop the spread of communism (secretively) Gain the respect and support of the nation

4 Audience USSR (stop the development of nuclear war)
US at the Capitol (red scare) The world (stop the spread of communism)

5 Medium Shown over television Heard over the radio
Millions of people heard the speech even from other nations Due to government restrictions within the Soviet Union those in USSR did not view it

6 Rhetorical Appeals Ethos ( credibility of speaker) Page1
JFK respectfully acknowledges all the prominent and average citizens at his inauguration. (paragraph 1) Kennedy speaks of the oath he took as well as our forefather. (paragraph 2)

7 Promises the world that he will do whatever it takes to help each nation a high level of freedom. (paragraph 5 and 6) Pathos (emotional appeal) Page 1 Our hands have the power of great destruction and the ability to solve problems. (paragraph 3)

8 “Heir of that first nation”…
“Heir of that first nation”….”Let the word go forth from this time a place” (paragraph 4) Page 2 Soviet Union and US are wasting money and time on making weapons to destroy all life. (paragraph 5) Page 3 Now we as Americans have a call to service and our nations final success and failures lies within our generations. (paragraph 1)

9 Protect our nation from war and battle all common struggles
Protect our nation from war and battle all common struggles. (paragraph 2) Not many other generations have the opportunity to serve their nation in its greatest time of need. (paragraph 4) Logos (reason) Page 1 We will preserve freedom by having all the free nations unite. (paragraph 7 and 8)

10 Page 2 Not just going to provide freedom to these new developing nations in order to prevent the spread of communism. (paragraph 1 and 2) Message to the Soviet Union saying that we need to pursue peace. (paragraph 4)

11 JFK shows negotiating as civilized progress towards our goals instead of a weakness. (paragraph 7)
JFK speaks of how we must not look at our differences but instead learn to solve the common problems that are present in our societies. Nuclear regulatory committees Freedom throughout the world for every single individual. (paragraph 8-12)

12 Rhetorical Devices Anaphora Antimetabole Hyperbole Kenning
Rhetorical Questions Allusion Asyndeton Polysyndeton

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