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Newspapers Expanding Delivery News and Information: Getting Personal.

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1 Newspapers Expanding Delivery News and Information: Getting Personal

2 Fitch Group Exec. – Fitch Ratings “In 2009 and 2010, all the two-newspaper markets will become one-newspaper markets... And you will start to see one-newspaper market become no-newspaper markets.”

3 “Concepts about what the public should know, when they should know it and who should decide what the public needs to know.” News

4 Newspapers 1690 – 1920 – Only mass news media available.

5 Newspapers Today Part of large media companies rather than family run- operations Primarily depend on advertising Newsstand sale subscriptions Experiencing staff cuts - newspapers have declined since the 1970’s, especially among youth. 1990s - Newspapers offer Internet editions Use syndicates - Associated Press, Reuters Regional editions Computers

6 Government Restrictions

7 Non- Independent Independent Press 1690 - Publick Occurrences –America’s First Newspaper. “Published by Authority” – approval by the British Government 1721 - James Franklin started New England Courant, first independent Press 1733 – John Zenger from the New York Weekly Journal – arrested & jailed for attacking governor.

8 Early Newspapers Publick Occurrences The New-England Courant

9 Early Newspapers

10 1734 - Freedom of the Press Precedent Seditious Language – language that authorities believe could insight rebellion against the government. Libelous – False statement that damages a person by questioning their character or reputation.

11 1798 – Alien and Sedition Laws Anyone who, “shall write, print, or publish... False, scandalous, and malicious writing or writings against the government of the U.S. or either house of the Congress of the U.S., or the President of the U.S.” could be fined up to $2,000 and jailed for two years.” Lasted two years. Read p. 51

12 Newspaper Expansion

13 Newspaper Expansion-19 th century technology – cheaper newsprint, mechanized printing, telegraph, railroad Frontier Journalism Ethnic Newspapers 1827 – John B. Russworm & Samuel Cornish, 1 st African American paper, Freedom’s Journal – 1829 1847 - Fredrick Douglass’s North Star 1828 – Elias Boudinot, 1 st Native American Newspaper, Cherokee Phoenix – 183 Protest Revival in 1960’s Vietnam War, Civil Rights Movement, Gay Rights Movement

14 Cheap Press Penny Press in 1833 Sensationalism, Gossip, Giveaways, color press, comics, color comics Mid 1850’s - Unionization & Professionalism, Code of Ethics, Coincides with the War (Photos) Tabloids in 1920’s

15 Photos in Press Civil War – Mathew Brady First News Photographer


17 Listen to this report Special bulletin about the first bombing of London, 1000 dead, 2000 injured. P. 257

18 Other Media Emerges in Popularity 1920’s - Radio (1899) - WWII Read p. 57 Television - 1950’s (1907) Add graphics and vivid color Internet -


20 Today’s News, p. 263 1980 - Ted Turner’s - CNN MSNBC

21 Internet - Blogs & Social Media, p. 267 Blogs Twitter YouTube

22 How do Newspapers Survive?

23 Challenges Facing Newspapers The challenge facing newspaper owners today is how to make money with something people can get for free? How to make a profit in a world of excess information? National advertisers buy much more television time than printed newspaper space, but small community businesses still need local newspapers to advertise their products and services.

24 Today’s Internet Editions More popular than paper editions Chat rooms Archived stories

25 Adjustments Made All-platform journalists “one man band”– write the story, take pictures, shoot video and edit Digital Journalists – report live with laptops, cell phones cameras.

26 How can Newspapers Maintain Their Existence in the Digital Media Age? Content? Teen Sections – Wall Street Journal H.S. classroom Daycare Beat – Charlotte Observer Women’s Sports Expansion Audience? Producing Spanish Language Editions for Newspapers – Language Translators Internet Components? Make More Interactive Components How to make money from internet Page 267-268

27 Chris Anderson, Editor & Chief of Wired Newspaper Discussion

28 The End

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