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Mike Newton CEO and Founder AD Group. What you may know about Dedicated Micros already ​ ?  Video specialists who created the first commercially viable.

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1 Mike Newton CEO and Founder AD Group

2 What you may know about Dedicated Micros already ​ ?  Video specialists who created the first commercially viable video multiplexer 1984  First fully digital transmission and storage solutions – DVST – in 1991  Evolved into the worlds biggest selling desktop digital recorder line  Worldwide reputation, No1 DVR manufacturer  Dedicated Micros only sells it's products through Distribution....?

3 What you may not know about Dedicated Micros?  DM has been selling high end server technology for over 10 years into UK, EU and Australasia  Full offering including cameras, IP cameras and real time D1 recording and management  Design, develop and own all hardware and software technology including the DSP  The same core architecture sits at the heart of all AD Group systems, including those certified for Aerospace applications

4 Why have Dedicated Micros CCTV systems proliferated?  UK is the CCTV Capital of the World  Terrorist threats endemic e.g. IRA bomb attacks since 70's  Landmark case for Town Centre CCTV, Jamie Bulger in the 90's  Public acceptance is high despite over 4.5 million cameras  Over 1000 DM systems within the square mile of London alone  Landmark case for CCTV, London bombings, 1000's of hours of footage analysed in 2007  Police issued images to the media, helping to prevent a second attack

5 Where and how we operate...Global footprint  Part of AD Group, UK Corporate Headquarters  Offices worldwide: UK, Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia and Australia  550 employees around the world  In-house manufacturing facilities: Malta, UK, USA  In-house hardware and software development facilities: Group HQ  In-house DSP development: Boston

6 Our Mission

7 In the early '90's our mission statement for our ISO 9001 approval stands to this day : “Use maximum innovation to provide products and services which meet or exceed our user expectations and provide them with exceptional ROI”

8 How do we create ROI for our users?

9 Our Own Silicon  Our own ChipWrights DSP core  Programmable architecture  Provides key building blocks for all products  Puts Dedicated Micros in control, not restricted to the latest fixed codec architecture, but also allowing additional flexible processing, such as Analytics and Image Processing.

10 IP / Analogue Hybrid Solutions  Much of the claimed ROI for solely IP based systems has not been delivered.  IP only systems can require expensive network upgrade  Current Economic forces may not allow for wholesale replacement of large legacy population of analogue cameras and control equipment  A hybrid model which allows the user to grow their systems seamlessly, is more cost effective, and deliverable within reduced available budgets.

11 Distributed Servers  Distributed server architecture capability  Remove mandatory need for a costly high speed backbone  Pure IP / NVR solutions are totally network dependent and reliant  Solutions which operate over a wide geographical area are only as strong as the weakest link  Distributed allows fail safe continuous recording with on-demand access to all parts of the system

12 Legacy Interface  Fulfils the requirement to interface with existing analogue matrix and other systems  Either analogue or IP products from any manufacturer can be seamlessly integrated  Utilises the video encoding core capability for the ChipWrights DSP

13 Single Uniform GUI  Common operation paradigms across all control devices, reducing training costs and cost of ownership, enables all operators to operate in any facet of the system  Embedded console is a standard component of all new high end systems, and creates a built-in virtual matrix  PC, Virtual matrix client & Control Centre software  Also a hand held, wireless, remote client on PDA or Phone  Complete interoperability with NetVu Connected compatibility between fixed, transportation and even airborne solutions

14 Video Analytics  Dedicated Micros established the principle of embedded Analytics in the late 80's when we built VMD into our early multiplexer products  'Near Side' add on Analytic servers increase cost of ownership and ongoing support  New DM Analytics Capable products provide embedded processing 'off the shelf', rather than additional costly, poorly integrated near side servers  DM introduces a concept of Analytic Components, such as Object Left and Tripwire, which can be combined to provide tailored Analytic Solutions, enabled by the revolutionary PowerScript  AD Group high performance analytics spans many years, in particular with Video Smoke and Flame detection from D-Tec.

15 Fish eye / immersive vision  Immersive vision capability and Electronic PTZ in all devices because of the ChipWrights DSP  Just add the appropriate lens to a high definition IP Camera, or even analogue camera  Panamorphic images are recorded like other images  The embedded display architecture will automatically de-warp the images on the fly  No need for disparate products which are not integrated, or at extra cost

16 Emergency Messaging and Media Display  Exciting new capability to create Media and Emergency Messaging solutions, for little or no extra cost  Maximum return on investment from NetVu Connected architecture  Even revenue generation opportunities through media sales  Rules and Geo data based architecture fulfils the needs of any defined Disaster Management plan, created using industry standard web authoring tools  Works seamlessly delivering rich media content across all NetVu Connected Static or Mobile Devices, even over minimal resilient links

17 Is Dedicated Micros just the leading desktop DVR provider available through distribution? Or are we your future partner for any scale of integrated solution?

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