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Office of Postsecondary Education

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1 Office of Postsecondary Education
Staff: Gregory Meeropol, Mike Andrews, Chloe Woodward-Magrane, Michael Longaro, Tiffany DeJesus, Melissa McKnight

2 Division Overview: DC-TAG Mayor’s Scholars AVID SAT Administration and Prep Dual Enrollment OSSE Scholars College Conversations 2014 College Expo Middle Grades Initiatives C3N and Counselor Professional Development College Application Week Upcoming Programs and Initiatives Postsecondary Contacts

3 District of Columbia Tuition Assistance Grant DC-TAG
Since DC-TAG awarded the first student in 2000, the program has helped 19,664 students enroll in college; awarded $ million to over 600 institutions; and celebrated 6,264 students’ college graduation. DC TAG Award amounts: Up to $10,000 per year ($5,000 per semester) at public institutions. Maximum of $50, 000. Awards are limited to a maximum of six years. Up to $2500 per year ($1250 per semester) at private HBCUs nationwide, and private institutions in the DC metro area. Lifetime maximum- $12,500 and six years. Up to $2500 per year ($1250 per semester) at public two year community colleges. Lifetime maximum -$10,000 and four years. DC-TAG’s: overall graduation rate is 55.5%; six year graduation rate is 48.5% Ward enrollment with the highest DC TAG participation : 4, 5, 7, & 8

4 Mayor’s Scholars Undergraduate Fund (MSUF)
Local version of DC-TAG which provides financial assistance for students attending local universities Need-based grant Eligible students from the District of Columbia Obtaining their first undergraduate degree Up to $10,000 per year (tuition only) Can be used with DC-TAG funding

5 Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)
College readiness system (K-12 potential) Targeting students in the “academic middle” Accelerates student learning, Uses research based methods of effective instruction, Provides meaningful and motivational professional learning, and Acts as a catalyst for systemic reform and change. Currently at Ballou & Woodson HS, and Johnson MS. Coming to Cardozo Education Campus and Roosevelt HS AVID District Directors How to become an AVID school?

6 SAT Administration and Prep
Beginning in early 2013, OSSE administers the in-school SAT Day – October (seniors) and February 26, 2014 (juniors) As a pilot, OSSE is working closely with DCPS to assist with in-school SAT Preparation: Partnership with Bell Curves Fall 2013 start w/ OSSE Scholars Targeting 11th graders w/ in-school coursework Ballou, Coolidge, Roosevelt, Woodson HS Beginning in 3rd quarter

7 Dual Enrollment OSSE provides financial support (books/fees) for students enrolled in the city’s Dual Enrollment programs High School/College Internship Program (HISCIP) offered through DCPS, The Early College Program, a partnership between The George Washington University and School Without Walls, and The CARE Program (College Access and Readiness for Everyone), sponsored by the UDCCC How to create Dual Enrollment partnership

8 OSSE Scholars The OSSE Scholars program was created in spring of 2012 as an enrichment opportunity for high-achieving, low-income District of Columbia high school students. Program Facts: Funded through the Department of Education College Access Challenge Grant. Open to high school sophomores and juniors in public high schools and charter schools. Students must possess a 3.0 GPA and demonstrate leadership skills. All students submit an application, including a transcript, extra-curricular activities, and a short essay, and complete an interview. OSSE staff conducts all interviews and makes the final selections. Once students have been accepted as OSSE Scholars, they apply directly to university programs. OSSE funds all program costs, as well as travel to and from each student’s selected program as well as escorts students to campus. Accepted students and their parents attend at least one informational session prior to attending their program. Benefits: SAT Prep, essay writing and college/career counseling assistance.

9 OSSE Scholars Year-by-year comparison Summer 2012: First year of the program, recruitment done through counselor nominations Applied: 65 Accepted: 14 Summer 2013: Students applied directly online, instead of being nominated Applied: 231 Accepted: 56 Attending: 51 Summer 2014 Applied: 355 Accepted: 60 Application opens in early September

10 College Conversations
College Conversations invites the top seniors at District public and charter schools to meet admissions representatives from the nation’s top schools. Invited students are: Top 2 seniors from each high school, OSSE Scholars, and select dual enrollment participants. Now entering its second year, College Conversations occurs in October. Students attend panels to learn more about participating schools as well as small group sessions to discuss admissions. Last year’s attending schools included  Barnard, Boston University, Bowdoin, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Davidson, Duke, Emory, Georgetown, Georgia Tech, Harvard, Haverford, Howard, Smith, Stanford, Syracuse, University of Maryland-College Park, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, University of Wisconsin-Madison, William and Mary.

11 2014 College Expo College & Career Expo
(Tentative) April 12, 2014 (Howard Theater) Targeted to 7th – 11th grade students Smart College/Career Choices Offering diverse list of 2 & 4 year colleges, career & certificate programs Scholarship Center Career Navigator “VIP” booths (one-on-one counseling)

12 Middle Grades Initiatives
   Needs Assessment in Fall 2013: 31 schools serving middle grades students Outcomes: need for greater connection to college and career exposure, career guidance curriculum, and family engagement Spring 2014: Initiatives to support these challenge areas in target middle schools Spring 2014: middle school level professional development for counselors and other educators  Increased networking and information sharing among OSSE and middle schools in the District

13 The College and Credential Completion Network (C3N)
C3N brings together over 100 local college access programs (CAPs), government agencies, philanthropic foundations, institutions of higher learning, community-based organizations (CBOs), corporations, and non-profits, who strive collectively to improve the District’s level of college and credential attainment. C3N is a change network of Raise DC. Our members collaborate on a variety of programs, such as data-sharing among CAPs, professional development for high school counselors, and exploring best practices through monthly roundtables. Among the first of its kind in the nation, the ambitious Data Sharing Initiative aims to create a comprehensive map of college access program (CAP) services across the District, thereby allowing C3N to uncover service gaps and overlaps. Participating organizations receive extensive student-level data from OSSE and National Student Clearinghouse through this initiative.

14 C3N and Counselor Professional Development
Through the College Access Challenge Grant (CACG), OSSE and C3N are providing comprehensive college and career access, awareness and readiness professional development for Washington, DC public and public charter high school education professionals. In order to provide the most helpful resources, best practices and knowledge to counselors, advisors and other staff, OSSE is working with a wide variety of organizations to aid in the presentation of training sessions on the following subjects: Smart College Choice Advising and Retaining Special Populations Managing the College Application Process Career Programs Standardized Testing Preparation Non-Traditional Standardized Testing Admissions and Retention Via Comprehensive Financial Aid Support Understanding and Requesting OSSE Data

15 College Application Week
College Application Week (CAW) is part of the American College Application Campaign, led by the American Council on Education. The American College Application Campaign (ACAC) is a national effort to increase the number of first-generation and low-income students pursuing a college degree or other higher education credential. The District participated on a pilot basis in 2012 with five public schools and two charter schools was first year that all high schools were invited to participate, with 13 ultimately participating. The 10 schools for which we have data submitted 2,282 applications for 605 students. That is 3.77 applications per student. DC College Application Week was November 12-15, CAW 2014 will be held in November, with the exact week to be determined this summer. You will be able to register your school via Eventbrite in Summer Please contact Michael Longaro for more information.

16 Upcoming Programs and Initiatives
AP Exam and SAT II Process – In addition to managing the AP Test Fee grant from the Department of Education, OSSE is working on policies related to AP exam schedules and fee assistance in order to ensure all students have equal access to AP classes and exams. OSSE is also looking into creating formal policies around SAT II or Subject Exams. Adult College Completion Initiative – Encouraging adults with some college credit to return and complete two or four-year degree. School Counselor Networking – OSSE is exploring ways to further connect school counselors for sharing of best practices and leadership development.

17 Postsecondary Staff Contacts
For information on DC-TAG or Mayor’s Scholars, contact Terry Albert at For information on Adult College Completion Initiative, SAT Administration, AP Administration, College Conversations, and OSSE Scholars, contact Melissa McKnight at For information on AVID, Dual Enrollment or the 2014 College Expo, contact Mike Andrews at For information on the OSSE Middle School Initiative, contact Chloe Woodward-Magrane at For information on C3N, College Application Week and Counselor Professional Development, contact Michael Longaro at

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