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France, Britain, Eastern Europe, Art

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1 France, Britain, Eastern Europe, Art
in the 1920s France, Britain, Eastern Europe, Art

2 Europe in 1919

3 Collective Security

4 League of Nations Members

5 Washington Naval Conference [1921-1922]
U. S Britain Japan France Italy

6 Kellogg-Briand Pact: 1928 15 nations committed to outlawing aggression and war for settling disputes. Problem  no way of enforcement.

7 France

8 Raymond Poincaré & the Conservative Right
He sent French troops into the Ruhr in 1923. Pushed for large-scale infrastructure reconstruction programs [counting on German reparations to pay for them]. After : New taxes & tightened tax collections. Drastic decline in govt. spending that stabilized the franc [the threat of runaway inflation was avoided!]

9 cost of building defenses against Germany
Problems in Interwar France Severe economic problems inflation war debt cost of building defenses against Germany

10 The Maginot Line

11 Austin Chamberlain (Br.)
Locarno Pact: 1925 Austin Chamberlain (Br.) Gustave Stresemann (Ger.) Aristide Briand (Fr.) Guaranteed the common boundaries of Belgium, France, and Germany as specified in the Treaty of Versailles of 1919. Germany signed treaties with Poland and Czechoslovakia, agreeing to change the eastern borders of Germany by arbitration only.

12 Locarno Pact: 1925

13 France Tries to Encircle Germany in Defensive Alliances
Czechoslovakia Poland Romania Yugoslavia Russia

14 Losing Confidence in French Gov’t due to the Great Depression
Leon Blum Popular Front Partial nationalization *gov’t attempting to control economy *unions gain political strength

15 England

16 Ramsay MacDonald: 1924, 1929 Labour Party

17 Stanley Baldwin Conservative Party

18 1926 General Strike Trades Disputes Act (1927):
All general or sympathy strikes were illegal. It forbade unions from raising money for political purposes.

19 Irish Questions Easter Rising 1916 Michael Collins -Irish nationalist
Sinn Fein - Irish nationalist party. Their military branch was the Irish Republican Army (IRA) 1922 Irish Free State - Northern Protestant counties remain w England. - Catholic Southern counties become Republic of Ireland Many still want one united country

20 Eastern Europe

21 Eastern Europe Before World War II

22 Art in the 1920s

23 George Grosz Grey Day (1921) DaDa

24 The Pillars of Society (1926)
George Grosz The Pillars of Society (1926) DaDa

25 Picasso  Studio with Plaster Head [1925]

26 Guernica by Pablo Picasso 1937
This monumental work has eclipsed the bounds of a single time and place, becoming a perpetual reminder of the tragedies of war, an anti-war symbol, and an embodiment of peace.

27 Georges Braque  Still Life LeJeur [1929]

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