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Dealing With Emotions To Resolve Cancer & Other Chronic Diseases

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1 Dealing With Emotions To Resolve Cancer & Other Chronic Diseases
Presented June 2014 by William Lee Cowden, MD, MD(H) Chairman of Scientific Board of ACIM And Consultant to Nutramedix For More Info: Copyright W.L.Cowden

2 Emotion & Cancer Studies
Y Gidron & A Ronson, “Psychosocial factors, biological mediators &cancer prognosis: a new look at an old story,” Current Opinion in Oncology, 20 (2008): J Courtney et al., “Stressful life events and the risk of colorectal cancer,” Epidemiology, 4 (1993): K Lillberg et al., “Stressful life events and risk of breast cancer in 10,808 women, a cohort study,” Am.Journal of Epidemiology, 157 (2003): S Sephton, R Sapolsky, H Kraemer, and D Spiegel, “Diurnal cortisol rhythm as a predictor of breast cancer survival,” Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 92 (2001): L Thornton, B Andersen and W Carson, “Immune, endocrine, and behavioral precursors to breast cancer recurrence: a case-control analysis,” Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy, 57 (2008): E Reiche et al., “Stress and Depression-induced immune dysfunction: implications for the development and progression of cancer,” International Review of Psychiatry, 17 (2005): E Reiche et al., “Stress, Depression, the Immune system & Cancer,” Lancet, 5 (2004): Copyright W.L.Cowden Thanks to Brenda Stockdale

3 Chronic Stress Effects
Increases proinflammatory cytokines Shrinks Hippocampus Lowers antioxidant levels Reduces Natural Killer cells Shrinks telomeres Negatively affects insulin sensitivity Increases platelet aggregation Adversely affects endothelium Reduces Nitric Oxide levels Degrades bone Adversely impacts genetic expression Copyright W.L.Cowden Thanks to Brenda Stockdale

4 Emotional Risk Factors For Cancer
Chronic exposure to stress hormones (produces proinflammatory cytokines) Adverse Childhood Experience (The ACE Study) Lack of control Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Depression Alexithymia (inability to express one’s emotions) Lack of meaningful connections/ Social isolation Copyright W.L.Cowden Thanks to Brenda Stockdale

5 Adverse Childhood Experiences
ACE study: Felitti, V., Anda, R., et al. (1998). Relationship of childhood abuse and household dysfunction to many of the leading causes of death in adults. The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study,” American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 14, Brown DW, Anda RA, Felitti VJ, Edwards VJ, Malarcher AM, Croft JB, Giles WH. Adverse childhood experiences are associated with the risk of lung cancer: a prospective cohort study. BMC Public Health 2010; 10: Copyright W.L.Cowden Thanks to Brenda Stockdale

6 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
26% of cancer survivors exhibited criteria for current or lifetime diagnoses of PTSD: Stukas, A., et al. (1999) PTSD in Heart Transplant Recipients and Their Primary Family Caregivers. Psychosomatics, 40, ALEXITHYMIA (Inability to Express One’s Emotions) De Timary, P., Roy E., Luminet O., Fillee C. & Mikolajczak, M. (2008). Relationship between alexithymia, alexithymia factors and salivary cortisol in men exposed to a social stress test. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 33, Guilbaud, O., Corcos, M., Hjalmarsson, L., Loas, G. & Jeammet, P. (2003). Is there a psychoneuroimmunological pathway between alexithymia and immunity? Immune and physiological correlates of alexithymia. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, 57, Copyright W.L.Cowden Thanks to Brenda Stockdale

7 Emotions Affect Immunity & Disease
Left-prefrontal brain activity (happy brain) associated with best immunity (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, DOI: / pnas ) Women who believed that they were prone to heart disease were nearly four times as likely to die as women with similar risk factors who didn't hold such fatalistic views (Voelker, Rebecca. "Nocebos Contribute to a Host of Ills" JAMA 275 no. 5 (1996): ) Dr.Cowden finds people who think they are going to die from cancer are more likely to do so (nocebo) Copyright W.L.Cowden Thanks to Brenda Stockdale

8 Emotional Effects on Cancer
D Spiegel et al. “Effect of Psychosocial Treatment on Survival of Patients with Metastatic Breast Cancer”Lancet.1989,2:888-91 Breast cancer patients who entered support groups (along with oncology care) lived two times longer than those who did not attend a support group Patients who received oncology care, but did not attend a support group were dead within five years Speaking in a support group often causes some “Ah-Haa” moments that result in a “recall healing” B Andersen, et al., “Distress reduction from a psychological intervention contributes to improved health for cancer patients,” Brain, Behavior and Immunity, 21 (2007): F Fawzy et al., “Malignant Melanoma: Effects of an Early Structured Psychiatric Intervention, Coping and Affective State on Recurrence and Survival 6 Years Later, “ Archives of General Psychiatry, 50 (1993): Copyright W.L.Cowden Thanks to Brenda Stockdale

9 “Evidence-Based Medicine”
Sackett D, et al. British Med J 1996,312:71-72 3 Essential Components: 1. Scientific Evidence (non-individualized & often refuted by later research) 2. Clinical Experience (ie. Cardiomyopathy) 3. Patient Values (ie. Jehovah’s Witness) Copyright W.L.Cowden

10 Highly Cited Studies- How Reliable
Highly Cited Studies- How Reliable? Ioannidis JPA, JAMA 2005; 294(2): Study Design: All original clinical research studies published in 3 major general clinical journals or high-impact specialty journals in and cited more than 1000 times in the literature Results: Of 49 highly cited original clinical research studies, 45 claimed that the intervention was effective. Of these 45 studies, 7 (16%) were contradicted by subsequent equal-or-better-controlled studies, 7 others (16%) had found effects that were stronger than later studies, 20 (only 44%) were replicated, and 11 studies (24%) remained largely unchallenged. Nine of 39 (23%) highly cited randomized controlled studies were later contradicted or had found stronger effects than later studies (P=.008) vs 5 of 6 (83%) nonrandomized trials Copyright W.L.Cowden

11 Emotion Release To Resolve Disease
Observations by Dr. Cowden & doctors in China: The body holds onto physical toxins in specific areas because of specific toxic emotions & associated beliefs trapped there (anger in GB, fear in UB+Ki, worry in ST) Releasing toxic emotions will cause release of physical toxins from specific areas of the body (24hr.urine metals) Releasing physical toxins from organs will start a physical healing of the organ When toxins are released from an organ, microbes no longer grow there easily and inflammation, pain & disease there will resolve Therefore, resolving emotions, often quickly resolves a severe illness, even cancer (Ryke Hamer, C.Sabbah, G.Renaud) Copyright W.L.Cowden

12 Health is like a Bathtub
“Dirty-water” faucets = Nutrient depleted foods, Electromagnetic fields, Radiation pollution, Toxic relationships*, Toxic emotions*, Heavy metals, Polluted air, Antibiotics, Pesticides, Biotoxins, Allergens. “Clean-water” faucets = Healthy foods & nutrients, *Purpose & will to live, Sunshine & exercise, *Good relationships, *Peace, joy & love, *Great attitude, Restful sleep, Pure water, Fresh air “Drains”= Bowel Liver Kidneys Lymphatics Disease is a Bathtub full of Dirty Water = Hi Total Load Copyright W.L.Cowden

13 Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS)
In the 1950s, Rheinhold Voll, MD developed electronic instruments to identify acupuncture points and their relative conductance (EDS) He discovered that a very high conductance correlated with inflammation of the associated organ and very low conductance with organ degeneration (compared blood tests, x-rays, etc.) He discovered that placing a vial of the correct homeopathic on the patient would normalize a high or low conductance of acupuncture points Giving the patient that correct homeopathic would then often resolve the patient’s illness ElectroDermal Screening is like quantum lie detector Copyright W.L.Cowden

14 30 EDS References 1) Baker DW: An introduction to the theory and practice of German electroacupuncture and accompanying medications. Am J Acupunct 1984, 12(4): ) Chen KG. The Science of Acupuncture—Theory and Practice: II. Electrical Properties of Meridians, With an Overview of the Electrodermal Screening Test. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine, 1996; 15(3); ) Chen KG. The Science of Acupuncture—Theory and Practice: III. Applying Quantum Interference to EDST Medicine Testing. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine, 1996; 15(3); ) Jingyu F, Shiyuan X, Zhe L, Zhemei W: The role of gap junctions in determining skin conductance and their possible relationship to acupuncture points and meridians. Am J Acupunct, 18: , ) Kenyon JN: Modern Techniques of Acupuncture, a practical scientific guide to electroacupuncture, vol. I, II and III. New York: Thorsons Publishers Inc., ) Khoe WH: Homeopathic detoxification combined with electroacupuncture according to Voll. Am J Acupunct, 9: , ) Lam Jr. F, Tsuei JJ, Zhao Z: Studies in bioenergetic correlations—bioenergetic regulatory measurement instruments and devices, Am J Acupunct, 1988; 16(4): ) Lam Jr. F, Tsuei JJ, Zhao Z: Studies in bioenergetic measurement of acupuncture points for determination of correct dosage of allopathic or homeopathic medicine in the treatment of diabetes mellitus, Am J Acupunct, 18: , ) Lam Jr. F, Tsuei JJ: Case findings from a family practitioner’s office using electroacupuncture according to Voll, Am J Acupunct, 1983; 11(1): ) Milburn MP: Emerging Relationships Between the Paradigm of Oriental Medicine and the Frontiers of Western Biological Science. Am J Acupunct 1994; 22(2): Copyright W.L.Cowden

15 Page 2- Additional EDS References
11) Motoyama H: Before polarization current and the acupuncture meridians. J Holistic Med 1986; 8(1&2): ) Royal FF, Royal DF: A review of the history and scientific bases of electrodiagnosis and its relationship to homeopathy and acupuncture. Am J Acupunct 1991; 19(2): ) Royal FF, Royal DF: Homeopathy and EDT: Upheld by Modern Science – With Case Histories. Am J Acupunct 1992; 20(1): ) Schuldt H: The application of nosodes in electroacupuncture according to Voll. Am J Acupunct 1981; 9: ) Schuldt H. Bioenergetics in Acupuncture. Am J Acupunct 1978; 6(1); ) Thompson J: Energetic remote effects of odontons on organs measured by electroacupuncture. Am J Acupunct 1981; 9: ) Tiller WA: Explanation of electrodermal diagnostic and treatment instruments, part I: electrical behavior of human skin. J Holistic Med 1982; 4(2): ) Tiller WA: On the evolution of electrodermal diagnostic treatment instruments. J of Advancement in Med 1988; 1(1): ) Tiller WA: What do electrodermal diagnostic acupuncture instruments really measure. AJA March 1987; 15(1): ) Tsuei JJ, Chung C, Lam Jr. F, Mi M: Studies of bioenergy in healthy subjects. Am J Acupunct 1988; 16(2): ) Tsuei JJ, Lam Jr F, Mi M, Zhao Z. Studies in bioenergetic correlation—study on bioenergy in diabetes mellitus patients. Am J Acupunct 1989;17(1):31-8 Copyright W.L.Cowden

16 Page 3- Additional EDS References
22) Tsuei JJ, Lam Jr FMK,Chou P. The Science of Acupuncture—Theory Practice:IV, Clinical Applications of the EDST, With an Investigation of the Organ-Meridian Relationship. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine 1996;15(3):67-75. 23) Tsuei JJ,Lehman CW,Lam F,Jr,Zhu D. A food allergy study utilizing the EVA acupuncture technique. Am J Acupunct 1984;12(2) 24) Tsuei JJ. The Past, Present, and Future of the Electrodemal Screening System (EDSS). Journal of Advancement in Medicine 1995;8(4): 25) Tsuei JJ. The Science of Acupuncture—Theory and Practice: I. Introduction. IEEE Engineering in Medicine AND Biology Magazine 1996;15(3):52-57. 26) Reichmans M., Marino A. and Becker R. Electrical Correlates of Acupuncture Points. IEEE transactions, 1975; 27) Sullivan S: Evoked electrical conductivity on the lung acupuncture points in healthy individuals and confirmed lung cancer patients. Am J Acupunct 1985; 13:261-6 28) Voll R: The phenomenon of medicine testing in elecroacpuncture according to Voll. Am J Acupunct 1980; 8(2): 29) Voll R: Twenty years of electroacupuncture diagnosis in Germany: a progressive report. Am J Acupunct 1975; 3(1):7-17 30) Voll R: {Collection of Articles} Special EAV Issue, Am J Acupunct , 1989. Copyright W.L.Cowden

17 Quantitative Semi-automated Electro-Dermal Screening (QS-EDS)
QS-EDS delivers 3 frequency challenges per second & measures galvanic skin response after each QS-EDS testing done on 200 Chinese patients on the same day as they had many blood tests, X-rays, etc. demonstrated 87% correlation (John Diamond, MD - unpublished) Testing for the toxins, allergens, nutrients, microbes and emotions can each be done in <10 minutes using the QS-EDS device Technician can learn device operation in <1 hr Doctor can learn the “basics” about how to interpret & implement into practice in about 2-3 days Copyright W.L.Cowden

18 Relation Between Teeth, Joints, Tissues & Emotions
Jaw Area Vertebrae Joints Organs Glands Tissues Primary Emotions Lower Incisors C1,2;L2,3; S2,3,4,5;Co Knee,AnkleSacrum Kidney,Blad der,Genitals Adrenal Pharyng. Tonsil Fear, Fright Lower Canines C1,2; T8,9,10 Hip,Knee, Ankle Liver, Gall- Bladder Gonads Palatine TonsilEye Anger LowerPre- molars C1,2; T11,12;L1 Hip,Jaw, Ankle Spleen,Pan- creas,Stom. BreastTonsil Lymph Worry, Sadness Molars, lower1&2 C1,2,5,6,7; T2,3,4 L4,5 Should,Foot Hand,Elbow Lung,Colon Bronchi Parathyroid,Thyroid TonsilVeinArteryBrst Grief,Fear of Death Lower3rd Molar C1,2,7; T1,5,6,7; S1,2,3 Shoulder Elbow,Hand Sacro-iliac Small intest Heart Anterior Pituitary Ling.tonsilperipheralnerves Inade-quacy LowerRetromolar C1,2; T11,12; L1 Hip,Ankle, Knee,Jaw Hypothal-mus SkinBrest Circulat’n All Emotions I have found Truth in the work of Westin Price & George Meinig Modified from J.Gleditsch, D.Klinghardt & TCM Copyright W.L.Cowden

19 Relation Between Teeth, Joints, Tissues & Emotions
Dental Vertebrae Joints Organs Glands Tissues Primary Emotions Upper Incisors C1,2;L2,3; S2,3,4,5;Co KneeAnkleSacrum Bladder,Kidney,Genitals Pineal Pharyng. Tonsil Fear, Fright Upper Canines C1,2; T8,9,10 Hip,Knee, Ankle Liver, Gall- Bladder Pituitary Mid.Lobe Palatine TonsilEye Anger UpperPre- molars C1,2,5,6,7;L4,5;T2,3,4 Foot,BigToe RadialHand Lung,Colon Bronchi Thymus, Post.Pituit Tubal tonsil Grief,Fear of Death Molars, upper1&2 C1,2; T11,12;L1 Lateral knee Spleen,Pan- creas,Stom. Parathyroid,Thyroid Laryng.TonsilBreast Worry, Sadness Upper 3rd Molar C1,2,7; T1,5,6,7; S1,2,3 Shoulder Elbow,Hand Sacro-iliac Small intest Heart Anterior Pituitary Ling.tonsilBrain Inade-quacy UpperRetromolar C1,2; T11,12; L1 Hip,Ankle, Knee,Jaw Hypothal-mus Skin,CNS Circulat’n All Emotions Consider Cavitat or Conebeam CT scan of Maxillae & Mandibles Modified from J.Gleditsch, D.Klinghardt & TCM Copyright W.L.Cowden

20 Dealing With Emotions- Overview
1) Develop goals & positive attitude(dwell on positives) 2) Visualize great health daily & replace old bad beliefs 3) Forgive self & others (after visualizing & shouting) 4) Let go of guilt & feelings of worthlessness 5) Use meditative prayer, Emotional Freedom Technique, REMAP, Evox, Journaling ; Either the patient does these or their parent does if the patient is a child 6) Do Recall Healing - Name it, claim it & dump it (Do Recall Healing with adult patients or parents of an ill child) 7) Avoid negative thoughts/words esp. from doctors 8) Choose not to take on a victim mentality 9) Never say or think “healing is not possible” Copyright W.L.Cowden

21 Develop Long-Term Goals & Dwell On Positives
Meditate often on your vision of your own future so that vision can pull you forward into a better place Take the steps each day to realize the future vision Look for the positives in every situation If you catch yourself dwelling on a negative, stop immediately & think of a positive to dwell on If Life deals you lemons, make lemonade At bedtime journal: Write negatives on a piece of paper, then destroy it; next write the blessings of that day in your Good Dairy to keep & re-read forever Copyright W.L.Cowden

22 Visualize Great Health & Replace Old Bad Beliefs
Daily “visualize” yourself healthy physically, mentally, emotionally,relationally,spiritually(doing your calling) When we experience an emotional trauma, we often develop a bad decision/belief (“I will never…”) The emotional trauma & its bitter-root decision gets trapped in an organ or tissue & attracts physical toxins Physical toxins in organ/tissue stimulate “bug”growth Microbes attract white cells, which cause inflammation Identifying & resolving old traumas & assoc. beliefs causes physical toxins to release from organs/tissues Then microbes leave & inflammation/disease resolves Copyright W.L.Cowden

23 Forgive Self & Others The most destructive emotion is anger toward self This causes autoimmune disease & eventually cancer If you are ill because you are angry with yourself, decide to stop punishing yourself, forgive yourself & release the pathologic guilt you hold onto Anger toward anyone causes disease of gall bladder & liver bile ducts, neck pain, headaches, eye trouble Protracted anger causes hard-heartedness & heart dz. Easier to forgive others if we shout at them first Visualization-raging is best choice, ending with self If a person that causes anger is still in your life, you should read “Boundaries*” & establish boundaries Copyright W.L.Cowden *by Townsend & Cloud

24 Release Feelings Of Worthlessness/Inadequacy
Second most destructive emotion after self-anger Causes heart disease, cancer & many other diseases These feelings can start because of hypercritical parent Can also start because of parent who fails to praise their child Most often starts because of parent praising the wrong way NEVER praise this way: “I am so proud of you because you…. (did something well).” Praise this way: “Good job, excellent, good choice…” Wait until the child is doing nothing that deserves praise & say, “I am so proud of you because you are my child…because of who you are.” Copyright W.L.Cowden

25 Nightly Journaling The average child hears 1 YES for every 100 NO’s
Most people enter adulthood very negative At bedtime, write on a piece of paper all things that happened that day you never want to think of again Then tear the paper in tiny pieces or put in shredder In a bound blank notebook labeled “Good Diary”, write everything good that happened that day You must write at least one good thing each day On bad days, read previous entries to be uplifted In this journaling, you dump the NO’s & focus on the YES’s (out with the bad & in with the good memories) Copyright W.L.Cowden

26 Flower Remedies & Imprinted Remedies
Homeopathic flowers work in animals, kids & adults (not placebo) Bach Flower Remedies can resolve many emotions Australian Bush Flower Remedies resolve others North American & South American Flower Remedies resolve still other emotions Some quantum-imprinted remedies are very helpful as well Dosage is usually 5-8 drops once or twice daily in adults Some flower or quantum-imprinted remedies taken at bedtime appear to cause subconscious emotions/beliefs to resolve during the dreams Copyright W.L.Cowden

27 Emotional-Freedom-Technique/REMAP
Roger Callahan, PhD tapped with his fingertips on acupuncture points while patient spoke affirmations (Thought-Field-Therapy) Callahan’s TFT more effective than pharmaceutical or cognitive-behavioral therapy in a study in Argentina Gary Craig,PhD had clients tap acupuncture points while speaking positive affirmations (Emotional Freedom Technique) Reed-Eye-Movement-Acupressure-Psychotherapy includes EMDR & tapping entire paired meridians while patient speaks positive affirmations These work best for fear (UB & Ki meridians), worry (ST meridian) and inadequacy (Ht & SI meridians) Copyright W.L.Cowden

28 Promising Treatments for Post- Traumatic Stress disorder
Tx Method TIR NLP EMDR TFT REMAP Distress 1-10 Before Tx 6.5 4.75 5.0 6.3 9.4 After Tx 3.4 5.25 2.0 3.0 1.2 Distress Reduction 3.1 -0.5 3.3 8.2 % Better 47.7% -10.5% 60% 52.4% 87.2% Tx Time 254 min 113 min 173 min 63 min 77.5 min TIR = Traumatic Incident Reduction Therapy NLP = Neuro-Linguistic Programming (or Visual / Kinesthetic Dissociation) EMDR = Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing TFT = Thought Field Therapy REMAP = Reed Eye Movement Acupressure Psychotherapy J.Carbonell,C.Figley; Promising PTSD Treatment; Traumatology 5:1Article4,1999 Copyright W.L.Cowden

29 REMAP Case Example 53 yo female practitioner made bad business decisions & developed suicidal depression & severe panic attack She did not want to be admitted b/o requirement to report to her licensing board & have license restricted Gave her 30 drops of stress-reducing imprint, deep breathing & TKM Next did REMAP on UB meridian and Ki meridian EMDR showed eye-skipping & blinking in RUQ=dad Gave her Lizyme Forte & drainage/detox remedies every 30 minutes Then did REMAP on PA, SP, GB, SI In 2 hours, panic gone & no longer suicidal ; anxiety & depression both decreased by 80-90%; hospitalization avoided Copyright W.L.Cowden

30 Evox Voice Therapy Patient speaks in microphone any word(s) repeatedly while remembering a person or an event Microphone records voice frequencies that correspond to specific emotions & beliefs about that person/event Computer then displays those emotions & beliefs Patient, seeing on computer what was subconscious, starts an emotional healing (awareness) Computer makes the patient’s voice frequencies into homeopathic- like harmonics that are delivered back to patient’s hand electrode while relaxing music plays The voice harmonics shake loose cellular memory Patient experiences emotional & physical healing Copyright W.L.Cowden

31 Evox Voice Therapy Continued
Releases emotions & associated beliefs quickly Changes attitudes about people & events Can quickly resolve anger, phobias, grief, etc. even if acquired while in mother’s womb Most patients should start Evox with a session for each parent/parent substitute & their parents Most impact on cancer & other chronic diseases if quantum voice therapy is guided by Recall Healing principles Evox is most effective if client is pre-treated with the appropriate flower or quantum-imprinted remedy Copyright W.L.Cowden

32 Breast Cancer in 44 yr.old Patient refused surgery for large biopsy-proven intraductal CA Treatment for 2 months guided by ElectroDermal Screening Moved bed off geopathic & resolved EM radiation Took enzymes 30 min. before meals (vegetarian diet) Took Vit.C, Chinese herbs, homeopathics, etc. Did LED, frequency therapy for miasms & EVOX Re-eval. on the EDS showed cancer gone End of 2nd month, she went back to surgeon who intimidated her into doing bilateral mastectomy On pathology, no cancer cells in either breast Severe post-op infection threatened her life Copyright W.L.Cowden

33 Recall Healing Ryke Hamer, a German MD discovered in 1978 that cancers & most dz brought on by specific emotional conflicts & cancer resolved by resolving the conflict 92% of cancer pts alive 5 yrs after conflict resolved Gilbert Renaud, PhD has expanded the Hamer concept & that of Claude Sabbah into Recall Healing Asking a patient the right questions will cause release of specific toxic emotions & beliefs Releasing toxic emotions will cause release of physical toxins from specific organs & organ healing Copyright W.L.Cowden

34 Avoid Negative Thoughts
Negative words from doctors, if believed, can kill If the doctor is not God, then he or she does not know how long the patient will live or be ill Family & friends can also speak death over a patient Word curses are best “cast out” like demons Never say or think that healing is not possible “..take every thought captive …” read Battlefield of Mind* 4 sources of thought: a)others, b)self from sequential thought, c)self spontaneous- God, d)self spontaneous- devil After rejecting negative thought, pick positive to dwell on Reject all ideas of being a victim; become a victor *by Joyce Meyer Copyright W.L.Cowden

35 Summary Stress and various specific emotions have a huge impact on development & progression of cancer & other chronic diseases Support-group involvement, reducing stress and resolving childhood emotional conflicts, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and alexthymia appear to improve disease outcome EDS, Evox & Recall Healing appear to help identify emotions causing cancer & other chronic diseases REMAP, Recall Healing & Evox therapy appear to be efficient tools to resolve disease-causing emotions Forgiving, nightly journaling, daily visualizing plus avoiding negative thoughts & the nocebo effect improve prognosis Copyright W.L.Cowden

36 Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine Scientific advisory board
Connealy Gordon Cowden Contreras Brose California Arizona Panama Mexico Portugal Klinghardt Renaud Mercola Perez-Leon Pop Thomson Germany Canada Illinois Spain Austria Canada Copyright W.L.Cowden Please talk to me or go to the website to learn more & join:

37 Thank You For Your Attention !
Copyright W.L.Cowden

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