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Vincotte International Algeria Ltd.

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1 Vincotte International Algeria Ltd

2 The Vincotte office at the beggining : Vincotte is an Belgian expertise office existing since over 100 years created by a metallurgical engineer named Robert Vinçotte and that at the request of the Belgian Government, following several fatal accidents on steam boilers in Belgium.

3 The worldwide structure of Vincotte North Africa: Algeria - Morocco Middle East: Oman U.A.E. Qatar Asia: India Japan North America Canada Europe: Belgium France Hungary Romania Italy Luxembourg Netherlands Switzerland Slovenia Multidisciplinary with its own offices in 16 countries in 4 continents

4 VINCOTTE International Presence in Algeria VINCOTTE International is present in Algeria since 1970 following the construction of the LNG sites located in Skikda and Arzew Its mission was to provide the necessary assistance to the point of view of quality to the company Sonatrach Train through companionship and a training course, a large number of inspectors from the company Sonatrach. VINCOTTE International participated in the renovation of all sites LNG Arzew and Skikda from 1992 to 2002

5 Creation of VINCOTTE International Algeria Agenda of VIAlgeria: Creating VIAlgeria and History Structures Organization Ministerial Approvals Principal interest Revenues by Product Lines The values VIAlgeria Customers and Activities Human Resources Materials Resources Objectives

6 Creating VIAlgeria VIAlgeria is a joint stock company Founded in February 2003 with a capital base of 5 200 200 DZ Capital increased to 15 184 000 DZ in 2005

7 Coordinates VIAlgeria VIALgeria Member of the VINÇOTTE Group Header office: Diamant Building Boulevard A Reyer 80-B-1030 Bruxelles VAT: BE 416988944 - RCB / HRB: 403443 Head Office: Résidence Belle Vue N°2 Mahelma (Alger) Tel 00213 (0) 21 323494/97 Fax 00213 (0) 21 323498 E mail : Site Web :

8 VIAlgeria Structure Conseil d’Administration Président A team of 83 people 15 administrative 54 Engineers and Technicians 09 auditors 5 managers General manager Quality Responsible AD 2X Lead Auditors Deputy manager Certification Management 2X Training 3X AD 3x Formers Environment and Risk Analysis 4X Engineers, Technicians Board president AD 5X Inspectors Financial Service Personal gestion and General means Administation Management Operations 5X

9 The Ministerial Approvals VIAlgeria is approved by the Algerian government : The inspections of APV / APG equipments For welding procedures For registrations of welders For lifting equipments For Electrical receptions For all NDT control ( RT; MT; VT; UT; PT)

10 The ALGERAC Accreditation. Accreditation in ISO/CEI 17021:2011 (Management systems ISO 9001;ISO14001;OHSAS 18001) Accreditation in ISO/CEI 17020:2012 (Inspection): - Steamer and gas pressure. - Lifting - Electric - Weding Procedure Specification WPS Qualification - Welder qualification. - NDT

11 Principaux Interests INSPECTION TRAINING CERTIFICATION All Algerian companies (small and medium business and large oil) Our main customers

12 Our incomes by product line

13 The VIAlgeria values The core values Vinçotte based on five pillars. Customers collaborators Innovations Integrity Technology 12345

14 1. Customers Customers ProactifQA/QC VINCOTTE is a global solution provider Identify new needs Provise quite spirit Due to its many implantation Around the word One stop shopping

15 PARTNERS The Employ the heart and brain Brain storming staff Training Good being Young Severity Innovant and specialized Melting pot of various competence 3000000 Euro Invested Preoccupation of vincotte 100 new people reach each year Main instruction

16 3. Innovation New marketNew product New market and new product Innovation research institutes in the change research needs of new market customer satisfaction New services new market

17 4. Integrity Integrity Partner Independence Following-up Honest friability External partner Pespected by the staff

18 5. Technology Technology Completely unique University expertise Avisions international authorities Investing for the advanced technology many of our teaching staff in universities

19 Activities Quality Through About the Vincotte Environment Safety Certification Training Inspection Control

20 safety en the work places, safety of the personnel in general Product certifications, systems and persons industrial installation inspection on construction industrial inspection exploitation. civil work inspection and buildings and steel structures environmental protection site measurement and tests Calibration, examination measurement in laboratory (mechanic, chemical, electrical) department in charge of training and information

21 Human Resources 5 Managers 15 Administrative 09 Senior Auditors ISO 9001.14001 and 18001 21 Metallurgical Engineers of all disciplines 33 technicians all qualified L2

22 Materiel Resources Materiel Resources RT Material: 13 Negatoscopes. 03 densitometers. 04 survey meters 05 RX Power 03 Gamma Ray TSI Ir192. 01 Container can hold 04 sources. UT Material: 21 measuring thickness with 02 DL 37 plus. 02 UT Post Epoch 4 with transducers and Test block. 06 UT Post Epoch 600 with transducers and Test block 01 poste automatic UT Omniscan MT Material: 03 AC magnetic position 02 DC magnetic position 01 permanant magnet.

23 Following: Electrical Material: 04 current clamps. 01 case of electrical equipment. 02 lux meter. 02 sono meter 03 isolation digital controller. 01 land measure. 01 Network analyzer Inspection Material: 04 durometer for control plates 3'‘ 02 infrared thermometers precision. 02 of measuring coating thicknesses. ELMED power brush 01 for control of the coating, 01 electric broom ELMED to control the paint, 01 digital endoscope (Video, photo, fault measurement by laser beam) 01 360 Camera system for inspection of all places inaccessible 01 vacuum pump with suction angle and flat 04 control equipment PMI (Positive Material Identification) 01 thermo hygrometer. 01 Feritscope FMP30 01 optical microscope 01 Ergometer Various small hardware control

24 Main objectives: Strengthening our expertise in bringing new technologies The recruitment of a high-level staff training exploration of new areas but first and foremost, continue to grow internationally with various partners

25 VIAlgeria created for all its customers a measurable and sustainable value in their management of risk. The company creates this value-added offering with full independence and neutrality of professional services and innovative in terms of certification, inspection and control. The services we provide must contribute to the quality, safety and sustainability of the company.

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