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RI Citation & DG Citation Rtn Arun Chaudhari District Secretary 2012-13 PP Rotary Club of Mumbai West Coast.

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1 RI Citation & DG Citation Rtn Arun Chaudhari District Secretary 2012-13 PP Rotary Club of Mumbai West Coast

2 Presidential Citation


4 Why Citations at all? Clubs need to contribute to Rotary’s organisational goals, RIPs and DGs vision Citations help help/guide Rotary clubs for achieving an array of accomplishments help them become stronger, deliver more effective service enhance their public image


6 Dates -Deadlines Activities to be completed between 01/07/2012 and 31/03/2013 Fill form before 31/03/2013 and send to DG not to RI (applicable to RI citation) DG to report names of Qualifying clubs through member Access not later than 15/04/2013.

7 2012-13 Presidential Challenge Mandatory …. A Must Must Criteria To conduct a Club or Community peace forum, or a service project focused on Peace.


9 RIP wants us to work in following areas Strengthen Club Adopt a 3 year strategic plan for the club, identifying specific annual and long tern goals Increase Service Participate in sustainable service project related to atleasr one of Rotary's area of Focus Enhance Clubs Public Image Undertake a significant public image campaign in your community to communicate what Rotary is & does by using RIs Humanity in motion or “This Close” advertisements To qualify for RI citation completion of each of this activity is required

10 Strengthen Club 1.Conduct Club assessment/Visioning activity and initiate changes( Committee restructuring,meeting times, and meeting procedures) based on feedbacks. 2.Innovative approach to attracting and retaining member and achieve a net gain of atleast1 member between 01/07/2012 to 31/03/2013 3.Encourage member engagement by ensuring that every member participates in atleast 1 service activity or 1 club social activity 4.Diversity of Club membership recruiting atleast 2 new members to demographic group that is unrepresented in club

11 Strengthen Club…….contd 5.Initiate a New member welcome and m,entoring program 6.Initiate an Outreach and Communicaion program for Club Alumini or recruit1 alumni age 40 or younger in the club 7.Adopt a program for Leadership development of all members or ensure that each member of club is assigneda specific role in club any of 3 above

12 Increase Our Service. Rotary’s Areas of FOCUS 1.Peace & Conflict preven/resolutiuon 2.Disease prevention & Rx 3.Water & Sanitation 4.Maternal & Child health 5.Basic Education & Literacy 6.Economnic & Community development

13 Increase Our Service. … contd 1.Support Polio eradication thro public awareness 2.Attain 100% participation in RF Annual Program Fund (every active member to contribute) 3.Attain min 100$ contribution to TRF Annual program fund from each member 4.Conduct a Community needs assesment andf establish a NEW community service project 5.Support New Generations program by acheving on of the following –Sponsor New Rotaract or Interact club or Actively support an existing one –Assign Mentors to Rotarctors –Conduct Joint project with Rotarctors or Interactors –Sponsor aparticipant in RYLA –Invitean Alumni to attend or speak at a meeting –Host a netwoking event for Alumni –Sponsor Youth exchange/Ambasadorial Scholar/ Rot peace fellow –Assist another club in support of Youth exchange/Ambasadorial Scholar/ Rot peace fellow

14 Increase Our Service. … contd 6.Collaborate with an organisation in community or atleast One Community service project 7.Involve Family members or non rotarian community in a service project 8.Sponsor a new RCC or support an existing one 9.Work with Rotary Club in another country on an international service project as host or sponsor. any 3 of above

15 Sustainable Community Service project

16 Enhance Clubs Public Image 1.Have a PR professional to review clubs outreach program to see if they are actually appealing and relevant 2.Gain media coverage of action oriented club project 3.Establish Club website 4.Start E Newsletter and publicise to Non Rotarians/ local media 5.Use Social Networking sites


18 Enhance Clubs Public Image …contd 6.Emphasise Vocational Service by achieving one of following Start Careear counselling/ Vocational traing program Organise discussion or group workshop on maintaing high ethical standards in workplace Organise atleast one professional networking event Sponsor a career day 7.Hold atleast one fellowship/networking or event open to public 8. Define clubs signature activity Any 3 of the above

19 DG Citation 12-13 Championship Points

20 Dates Based on Membership based on dues paid till 31/3/2013 Last date of completion for DG citation 30/04/2013 Certification by AGs required

21 Championship Points 1.Membership (max 15 pts) 2.Digital Rotary (max 15 pts) 3.PR effort (max 15 pts) 4.Vocational Placements (max 15 pts) 5.Member Involement (max 15 pts) 6.District Thrust areas (max 15 pts) + some additional points

22 Vocational Placements VP of atleast one needy youth5 VP of atleast 3 needy youth10 VP of atleast 5 needy youth15 or Organising JOB FAIR or Well Advertised E-JOB FAIR

23 Member Involvement in Service A) Active involvement of atleast 15% club members is any one old or new Longterm project of the club And/or B) Utilising atleast 5 classifications in your club for service projects or within your club 5 points

24 Member Involvement in Service….contd C) 15 – 30 % Members involvement + 1B above 10 points D) >30 % and 1B 15 points

25 District Thrust Areas Atleast 6 projects – with minimum 1 in each Thrust area 10 points Atleast 2 projects under each thrust areas 15 points

26 Membership 85% Retention &/or Net Growth 5% or 3 members whichever is less (Atleast 1 Lady member & 1 Young member < 40 yrs of Age) Or Assisting growth of Promising Clubs by adding atleast 1 member 5 points

27 Membership Net Growth 10% or 7 members whichever is less 10 points Net Growth 15% or 10 members whichever is less OR Sponsoring a New Club 15 points

28 DIGITAL ROTARY Club Website with E bulletin Or E-OCV book 5Points

29 DIGITAL ROTARY Active Club Website with E bulletin and E bulletin sent to atleast 10 important Non Rotarians in community Or Uploading data through Member Access or Uploading Club project on “Project Link” inviting International participation 10 points

30 DIGITAL ROTARY.. contd Above 10 points + active presence on Social networking sites 15 points

31 PR Effort 1 Hoarding or 10 Banners ( Same day or multiple days) Highlighting Clubs achievements in Community with Contact numbers of relevant Club authorities.) 5Points >1 Hoarding or > 10 Banners 10 points

32 PR Effort Press/Media Coverage 3 in local media Or 1 in State or National media 15 points

33 Championship Points…. contd Additional Points Active Participation in Service 12 (Max 5 pts) Principal Host 5 pts Co Hosting 3 pts RI citation application 5 points Hosting District Seminar (max 5 pts) Main host 2 pts One pt per seminar OR Undertaking 3 projects in each thrust areas 5 pts extra

34 The Award 45 to 60 pts GOLDEN CLUB 61 TO 75 pts PLATINUM CLUB 76 TO 90 pts SUPER ACHIEVER CLUB > 90 pts CHAMPION CLUB

35 Is there more for us? Our DG has special awards for membership to be clubs after 1 ½ yrs to be awarded to clubs DG wants every club to be a Champion Club So here’s an upgradation oppurtunity

36 For 1 st time – a New Concept to permit even smaller clubs to reciev higher awards--- Upgrade your points Based on TRF……..!!!

37 Golden to Platinum Platinum to Superachiever Superachiev er to CHAMPION Small Club 10 to 40 members TRF 100 $ pc & / or 1 new PHS member TRF 100$ pc Or 100% EREY/ PHSM club Or 2 new PHS member TRF 150$ pc Or 100% PHF club Or 3 new PHS members Or 1 Major donor

38 Golden to Platinum Platinum to Superachiever Superachiever to CHAMPION Medium Club 41 to 80 members TRF 100 $ pc Or 100% EREY club or 1 new PHS member One of two below TRF 150$ pc Or 00% PHSM or PHF Or 2 new PHS 1 OR Major donor Or 10000$ Annual giving One of two below TRF 200$ pc Or 100% PHF Or 3 new PHS 1 OR 20000$ Annual giving Or 1 Endowment donation of 25000$

39 Golden to Platinum Platinum to Superachiever Superachiever to CHAMPION Large Club > 80 members TRF 100 $ pc Or 100% EREY club or 2 new PHS member AND 1 major donor Or 10000$ Annual giving TRF 150$ pc Or 100% PHSM or PHF Or 3 new PHS members AND 1 Major donor Or 15000$ Annual giving TRF 200$ pc Or 100% PHF Or 5 new PHS members AND 2 Major donors Or 25000$ Annual giving Or 1 Endowment donation of 25000$

40 Enjoy your year 12-13 So Dear Champions,Go for it

41 Be a Champion


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