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HORIZONT 1 XINFO ® The IT Information System HORIZONT Software for Datacenters Garmischer Str. 8 D- 80339 München Tel ++49(0)89 / 540 162 - 0

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1 HORIZONT 1 XINFO ® The IT Information System HORIZONT Software for Datacenters Garmischer Str. 8 D- 80339 München Tel ++49(0)89 / 540 162 - 0 XINFO DS (Distributed Systems)

2 HORIZONT 2 XINFO ® XINFO - Basics People working in distributed production systems often have questions that cannot be answered easily without special expertise: Which scripts are calling FTP? How much cpu resource has a job needed ? Which programs and processes where active at 12:00 ? I need to upgrade my scheduler, is all the required software installed on the machine? Is there enough free disc space to install the software?

3 HORIZONT 3 XINFO ® XINFO - Basics XINFO is an information centre for anybody who needs to know something about production XINFO analyses UNIX and Windows data: Volumes, files, hardware, software, services, daemons, run times, scheduler definitions, java sources, SAP… XINFO analyses z/OS data: JCL, runtimes, program sources etc. (simply ignore that if you don't know anything about z/OS) XINFO loads the result into one single database XINFO has dialogs to query and visualize the data

4 HORIZONT 4 XINFO ® XINFO – Architecture z/OS, Unix, Windows zOS, UNIX, Windows UNIX, Windowsz/OS JCL etc. Scheduler JCL Scanner other scanners Scheduler Scanner XINFO Database (DB2, ORACLE or MS-SQL) Dialogs Inventory File- system Jobs z/OS, Unix, Windows SAP Inventory Scanner Space Scanner Process- Scanner SAP Scanner

5 HORIZONT 5 XINFO ® This Presentation - Table of Content Scheduler File System - Volumes and Files Inventory - Hardware, Software and Services/Daemons Process History SAP R3 Java Eclipse XINFO's own infrastructure This presentation explains basic concepts of XINFO by using dialog examples

6 HORIZONT 6 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Scheduler Control-M TWS Distributed UC4 Cron

7 HORIZONT 7 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Scheduler Scheduler tables are designed to guarantee maximal throughput, security etc., but such a design doesn’t always match a user's needs Complex queries against the scheduler's own tables may have an impact to the performance of the scheduler Scheduler has no flowcharts at all, or they limited in quality Scheduler's own runtime history (if available) isn't available long enough No way to run queries over more than one single scheduling system The native dialog systems are too complex for all users, e.g. developers Distributed schedulers normally work with relational databases, so queries and reports should be no problem. But:

8 HORIZONT 8 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Scheduler XINFO DS is an add-on to schedulers which has following advantages: The tables are designed for reports and queries No impact to scheduler's performance XINFO's graphics are complete and easy to read The job runtime history can be kept as long as you need it Multiple subsystems can be loaded into a single XINFO database No additional costs for additional users

9 HORIZONT 9 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Scheduler TWS UC4 Control-M Cron Following (distributed) schedulers are supported by XINFO:

10 HORIZONT 10 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Scheduler Advantage 1: Easy access to all queries Advantage 2: User oriented table structure Advantage 3: “Easy to read” netplans

11 HORIZONT 11 XINFO ® XINFO DS – Other Displays Now let’s take a look at other data…

12 HORIZONT 12 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Files Current and historical information for all platforms UNIX specific file info Windows specific file info Contents of files, e.g. scripts

13 HORIZONT 13 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Files “99” operator for OR selection criteria For example: List all files belonging to the XINFO project List all files called “*xinfo*” OR “*xxr*”

14 HORIZONT 14 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Files The result: All “XINFO" files

15 HORIZONT 15 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Files Use “Group” to get a list of all servers with XINFO files… group by “IP-Address” The Result: All servers with XINFO files - ”Count” shows the quantity of files

16 HORIZONT 16 XINFO ® XINFO DS – File History Easy access to historical data When was a file used?

17 HORIZONT 17 XINFO ® XINFO DS – Files Content “File Content” allows you to search for strings in dedicated files, e.g. the word “FTP” in all scrips. Search for all scripts that contain the word FTP… …but not in comments, echos, labels etc.

18 HORIZONT 18 XINFO ® XINFO DS – Files Content Here are the scripts that call FTPs… You prefer “grep”? Do you really want to “grep” all servers? And what about the windows boxes?

19 HORIZONT 19 XINFO ® XINFO DS – Files Content Now let’s take a look to the selected script The script – without any need to have access to the original machine

20 HORIZONT 20 XINFO ® XINFO DS – Files Configuration Configuration files allow the administrator easily to specify exactly which files and/or directories should be analysed

21 HORIZONT 21 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Volumes List all volumes…

22 HORIZONT 22 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Volumes Fast view on all volumes

23 HORIZONT 23 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Volumes Another question: How much free space do we have in total on our boxes? XINFO's integrated statistic function gives you a fast and accurate answer

24 HORIZONT 24 XINFO ® XINFO DS – Volumes History History is available for all displays – use it to analyze the past or to show trends

25 HORIZONT 25 XINFO ® XINFO DS – Volumes History Typical situation – free space is getting less In this case around 5% within one month – Now you can easily calculate when it'll be time for an upgrade

26 HORIZONT 26 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Services and Daemons List all active services (Windows) or daemons (UNIX)

27 HORIZONT 27 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Services and Daemons UNIX daemons Windows services Detailed information

28 HORIZONT 28 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Installed Software XINFO answers questions like “which database versions are installed?” Installed Software

29 HORIZONT 29 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Installed Software No version? Detailed information helps… Seems to be 8.1.7…

30 HORIZONT 30 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Hardware You need an overview about the hard disks that are installed on your machines?

31 HORIZONT 31 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Hardware Machine 1 Disk 1 Machine 1 Disk 2 Machine 2 Disk 1 Machine 2 Disk 2 Machine 2 Disk 3 Machine 3…

32 HORIZONT 32 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Processes Need to know where and when a certain process was active yesterday?

33 HORIZONT 33 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Processes Found processes… detailed information…

34 HORIZONT 34 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Processes Do you want to display yesterday's workload graphically?

35 HORIZONT 35 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Processes Graphical presentation of the run times. Total number of processes

36 HORIZONT 36 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Processes Do you need an overview about system utilisation?

37 HORIZONT 37 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Processes Workload in %......exported to EXCEL – Simply use XINFO’s export function to create various file types, e.g. txt, csv, html, jpegs etc.

38 HORIZONT 38 XINFO ® XINFO DS - SAP XINFO allows you to easily review SAP's basic production data

39 HORIZONT 39 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Java The XINFO java scanner delivers a full repository especially designed for developers

40 HORIZONT 40 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Eclipse XINFO's PC Client was used to create the screenshots previously shown in this presentation. In addition to the client XINFO has an Eclipse- Plugin, which is especially designed for developers

41 HORIZONT 41 XINFO ® XINFO DS Infrastructure XINFO has a task manager to "trigger" XINFO scanners. Run days, intervals or start times can be configured. XINFO has collectors to transfer the data created by the scanner programs to the server. XINFO supports incremental update, which reduces the amount of data to be transferred. Data is loaded directly into DB2 or Oracle. XINFO DS includes it's own infrastructure:

42 HORIZONT 42 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Admin Admin dialog to maintain distributed XINFO scanners

43 HORIZONT 43 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Admin Integrated “scheduler”…

44 HORIZONT 44 XINFO ® XINFO DS - Admin Integrated log viewer

45 HORIZONT 45 XINFO ® FTP as an alternative ? FTP (or similar) and scheduling services (trackers, FTA, E2E etc.) are available on the machines to be scanned. If you do not want to implement the complete infrastructure, data can be loaded into the XINFO database by using standard FTP (or similar) and load utilities. The only requirement:

46 HORIZONT 46 XINFO ® Summary One dialog for all data One database for all data Easy access to all kind of information Many additional features like graphics, export, eclips-plugin Scanners are available for AIX, HPUX, Solaris and Windows Major benefits of XINFO DS:

47 HORIZONT 47 XINFO ® Many thanks for your attention HORIZONT Software for Datacenters Garmischer Str. 8 D- 80339 München Tel ++49(0)89 / 540 162 - 0 XINFO The IT Information System

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