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Visual Journals. Born in 1452 in Vinci Leonardo da Vinci.

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1 Visual Journals

2 Born in 1452 in Vinci

3 Leonardo da Vinci

4 When Leonardo was growing up, he liked to draw! Plants Plants Flowers Flowers Birds Birds Insects Insects Animals Animals

5 When he grew up, he became… A sculptor A sculptor An architect An architect A musician A musician A scientist A scientist An inventor An inventor A mathematician A mathematician A GREAT painter! A GREAT painter!

6 But to help him do all this…

7 He sketched and drew and wrote!

8 Some Sites to Visit… To see some of Leonardo da Vinci’s ideas… cs/davincinotes.pdf cs/davincinotes.pdf cs/davincinotes.pdf cs/davincinotes.pdf To see how famous he has become… code/louvre-mona-lisa.html code/louvre-mona-lisa.html code/louvre-mona-lisa.html code/louvre-mona-lisa.html

9 Visual Journals… Artists throughout history have used them! s/sketchbk/welbunn.htm s/sketchbk/welbunn.htm s/sketchbk/welbunn.htm s/sketchbk/welbunn.htm Today, visual journals have become art! nalpgs.html nalpgs.html

10 A page from another person’s notebook or ‘visual journal’… Can you guess what this person was sketching, planning, imagining…? Alexander Graham Bell (1876) -sketches of first telephone!

11 You can store ideas for anything in your visual journal…

12 Visual Journals can include… WordsImagesDoodles PicturesThoughtsSketches SentencesPhotographsPlans IdeasWord WebsDescriptions PoetryReflectionsImaginings TextOpinionsPossibilities PracticeRecountsDreams…

13 10 Great Reasons to use a Visual Journal: 1. You get to be creative! 2. You get to show your own style! 3. You get to include your favourite things! (subjects, topics…) 4. You get better at drawing! 5. You get to do more than just draw! 6. You get to experiment and try different things! 7. You can practice every day! 8. You get a record of your progress! 9. You can share your work with others! 10.You can take your visual journal anywhere!

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