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Les Enfants du Dragon The Children of the Dragon 1 /

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1 Les Enfants du Dragon The Children of the Dragon 1 /

2 SUMMARY Introduction Presentation –Statutes –Organisation –Foster parents Main activities –Orphanages and shelters –Charity houses –Spirulina –Education –Health –Urgency –Foster children –Other Projects Conclusion – Q&A / 2

3 INTRODUCTION Les Enfants du Dragon is a French association, established on 15 February 2009 and recognised by the Vietnamese authorities on 30 March 2010. / 3

4 PRESENTATION Statutes Organisation Foster parents / 4

5 Statutes Form Goal Denomination Seat Duration Composition of the association Election as a member of the council Administration Finances / 5

6 Organisation / 6 PresidentDr. BUI Huy LanQuarouble (59)France Vice PresidentMr. Marc DE MUYNCKHo Chi Minh CityVietnam SecretaryMr. Yves LEFEBVRECondé Sur Escaut (59)France In charge of the foster childrenMrs. Marie-France BAILLEULValenciennes (59)France TreasurorMrs. Stéphany RAULTSaint Saulve (59)France CommunicationMrs. Marieke VAN DER PIJLHo Chi Minh CityVietnam WebmasterMr. Sylvain LORILLOUHo Chi Minh CityVietnam RepresentativeMr. Patrick et Francine FAYVoiron (38)France RepresentativeMr. Jean Claude HAYOTTEMoselle (57)France RepresentativeMr. PHAM Minh HaiLausanneSuisse RepresentativeMr. LE Duy TamThonexSuisse

7 Foster parents / 7 A composition of Rémi Bauchmann for the association Anh Đào Traxel Rémi Bauchmann

8 ACTIONS Orphanages and shelters Houses Spirulina Education Health Emergency Foster children Other / 8

9 Action radius Bô Na Ho Chi Minh City Gia Canh 240 km 140 km / 9

10 Orphanages and shelters 3 orphanages and shelters –100 children –Fostered: 38 children –Financial support –Educational projects –Animation –English and French language courses / 10

11 Charity house 1/2 Start in 2010 Two rooms (living and bed room) Sanitary parts (douche and toilet) Kitchen outside (traditional) Minimum price of a house is 35 millions VNĐ being 1.400€ (01/09/2012) Neighbours or family can add money Built till 01/09/2012: –5 houses in Sóc Trăng –15 houses in Gia Canh / 11

12 Charity house 2/2 / 12

13 Spirulina 1/2 The development has as a goal to combat malnutrition This "miracle algue" has been acknowledged by the WHO as one of the best super- alimentation on earth / 13

14 Spirulina 2/2 Several spirulina farms are actif in the Mekong Delta With a record budget we have achieved: –The construction of the installations –Start the culture –Training of 2 persons for (harvest, maintenance and transformation) –Transformation, then packaging of the product The production is meant for: –2/3 for the orphanages and centres we support –1/3 for selling / 14

15 Education In principle for the children of the orphanages and shelters we support Support of 200 children (school fees between 30-50€ for primary and secondary school) Support a school of 130 pupils (scholarships, renovation works and creation of a library) Support various professional training projects for the teachers Acquisition of bicycles for the pupils English and French courses given by volunteers / 15

16 Health Access to clean water for the poorest Problem: –The same water is used for drinking and cooking as well as washing of people and clothes –Pollution –Carrier of numerous deseases Constructions: –Water treatment station (5.000€) –Wells: 100 m deep + pump: (120€/unit, 50 m deep in granit: 2.500€) Period of constructions: 2010, 2011, 2012 Where: Đồng Nai and the Mekong Delta / 16

17 Foster children Support a child Means supporting also others Minimum 20 €/month Communication via the seat in France or via Skype Visit in Vietnam possible Collectif gifts preferred 38 children fostered (on 01/09/2012) Foster dads and moms from France, Switzerland, Vietnam, Spain and the Netherlands / 17

18 Emergency Financing of a bridge vital for the local population Avoid that the children need to make a big detour to go to school Bridge: length 23 m and height 8,5 m / 18

19 Other / 19 Walking sticks for poor people Clowns for sick children Trips with children of the orphanages and shelters Accompany visitors Accompany volunteers Gifts for the poor at Têt

20 PROJECTS Continue the long-term actions undertaken Our heart project / 20

21 Long-term projects / 21 Charity houses in Sóc Trăng and Đồng Nai Scholarships Fostering of children

22 Our heart project 1/2 Construction of a shelter in the region of Hồ Chí Minh For orphans and abandonned children Capacity: 100 children Goal: allow these children to become part of society According to the dynamics of / contact@lesenfantsdudragon.com22 "EDUCATION – SOLIDARITY – TRAINING – HEALTH"

23 Our heart project 2/2 / 23

24 CONCLUSION – Q&A Thank you for your attention. Additional information available on request or on our website: www. Email contact: Subscription to our newsletter: / 24

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