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1 /46. 2 /46 DT Trainer Background Created to help my own son Karl Started AES to help other Children like my son and be able to focus on this topic Karl.

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1 1 /46

2 2 /46 DT Trainer Background Created to help my own son Karl Started AES to help other Children like my son and be able to focus on this topic Karl was early tester Had Good Feedback from Autism Conferences School Districts –Positive Results from Testing –Purchasing DT Trainer –Using DT Trainer with Autism, TMD, EMD, and top end of PMD students

3 3 /46 DT Trainer Evolution Being Evolved by our Users & Others Strong Emphasis on Incorporating Feedback Parents, Teachers, School Psy., SLPs, University Behaviorists & ABA specialists User community is wealth of information A Work in Progress Just a Beginning

4 4 /46 The Mission Goals Develop Technology that improve outcomes Robust effective tools (engines) What teachers need and want Make a Difference for individuals with autism and other learning disabilities

5 5 /46 DT Trainer Engine that Plays –Educational Content Programs –Commands & Praises –Multimedia Reinforcers

6 6 /46 Target Students Individuals With –Autism –Other Learning or Retention Disorders Students Developmentally 2-9 Years –Range is expanding as we expand content

7 7 /46 Target Students –Easily overloaded - shutdown Not well self directed Need significant repetition –Do same thing over and over –Limited ability to follow instructions Need extra motivation Students are “all over the map”

8 8 /46 DT Trainer Teaches Receptive Language + Used in a Complete Educational Program Does not replace teacher Students tend to like computer Tool for Teacher or Therapist –Shift teacher’s time From Building “Seed” Knowledge To Making Knowledge Functional

9 9 /46 DT Trainer Based Discrete Trial Teaching –A Behavioral Teaching Method Data Driven –Advancement is Based on Performance –Captures Data on Trial Responses –Provides Reports on Performance Administrator make Training Adjustments

10 10 /46 DT Trainer Simple enough for low functioning students Leads the Student Highly configurable Does not tire of doing the same drill for as many times as the student needs

11 11 /46 DT Trainer A Simple Training Screen Breaks Learning into Small Simple Steps –High Chance of Success –Clean (almost boring) –Non-Distracting (focus is on task)

12 12 /46 DT Trainer Student response Designed for Multi-Student Use –Can be used with Single Students –Touch Screen –Mouse –Single & Double Switch

13 13 /46 The Training Screen

14 14 /46 Target Item The Correct Choice for the Trial

15 15 /46 Distracter An item used to provide the student with an incorrect alternative to the Target Item

16 16 /46 Rows 3-2-1 ROW 3 ROW 2 ROW 1

17 17 /46 Prompts Prompts are visual clues of position or size

18 18 /46 Prompt Level 0 Easiest Level

19 19 /46 Prompt Level 3 Easy Level

20 20 /46 Getting Harder Prompt Level 2

21 21 /46 Hardest To Determine Prompt Level 1

22 22 /46 Train Mode DT Trainer Modes Random Mode Maintenance Mode

23 23 /46 Train Mode High Intensity Repetitive Drilling 13 Steps - Levels of Difficulty –Number of Distracting Images –Student Familiarity –Prompt Level

24 24 /46 Random Mode Item Is “Familiar” Advancement = Basic Knowledge Less Intensive Item Advanced From Train Mode Presents Item Randomly –But Not Completely Learned

25 25 /46 Maintenance Mode Low Intensity –Continuation of Training Advancement = Knowledge Retention Item is Generally Known Presented Infrequently

26 26 /46 Programs Three Functions Currently over 145 Programs –Receptive Language –Early Academics –Life Skills –Matching, Identification, Counting, Classifying, Phonics, Math, Money, Sequencing, Spatial, Time, Word Analysis, Wh-Questions, Word Recognition

27 27 /46 Identification Programs Body Parts Colors Colors and Shapes Dots 1 to 10 Farm Animals Letters Lower Case Letters Mixed Case Letters Upper Case Money-U.S. Numbers 0 to 100 Numbers 0 to 20 Numbers Tens 10-90 Objects 1 and 2 Prepositions 1 Shapes Wild Animals Word Programs –Adjectives 1 –Adverbs 1 –Articles, Conjunctives, and Misc. –Days of Week –Family Members –Months of Years –Objects 1 and 2 –Pronouns –Survival –Verbs 1

28 28 /46 Ident-Objects I Ball Block Crayon Teddybear Doll Book Cup Bowl Plate Spoon Fork Knife Shoe Baby Bird Bottle Car Cat Dog House Tree Water Banana Pillow Blanket Towel

29 29 /46 Ident-Objects 1

30 30 /46 Functional Programs –WhQ-What-Action-BodyPart –WhQ-What-Action-Item? –Before: Days Of Week, Months, Numbers 1 – 10 –After: Days Of Week, Months, Numbers 0 – 9 –Analog Time –Money –Addition Item and Function Association

31 31 /46 WhQ-What-Action-Item Color-Crayon Cut-Scissors Paint-Paintbrush Brush Teeth-Toothbrush Eat-Spoon Write-Pencil Brush Hair-Hair Brush Wash-Soap Comb Hair-Comb Drink-Cup Sweep-Broom Blow Nose-Tissue Clean Carpet-Vacuum Dry-Towel Cook-Stove Build-Blocks Hit Ball-Bat Catch-Glove

32 32 /46 WhQ-What-Action-Item

33 33 /46 SD Mode Verbal Text Both Command telling the student what to do

34 34 /46 Verbal

35 35 /46 Text

36 36 /46 Both Verbal and Text

37 37 /46 Launching the Training

38 38 /46 Auto Run Normal Training Sequence Trains All Programs and Program Modes Randomly Selects Programs and Modes Program and Mode Run for Specified Number of Trials Trials Extended to End on Success Next Session Continues From Last Session

39 39 /46 Reinforcers Rewards One Or More Correct Responses Skill Builders Smart-Configurable Reinforcers

40 40 /46 Reinforcers Developmental Sequence Level 1, 2, 3 Selection Screen Pieces –Student Picks Reinforcer Choice Making Skills –Progression

41 41 /46 Reinforcer Categories Activities Non-Interactive Sounds Videos User

42 42 /46 DT Trainer Demonstration

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