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[мое] свободное пространство [my] secure space. The product line.

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1 [мое] свободное пространство [my] secure space

2 The product line

3 All you need to neutralize Internet threats Dr.Web Security Space 5.0 Dr.Web anti- virus for Windows 5.0 Viruses ++ Spyware, Trojans, key loggers, password stealers, backdoors ++ Rootkits ++ Riskware ++ Mail worms ++ Hack tools ++ Spam, phishing and farming messages, scams and bounces + Cyber-crimes targeting children +

4 New features Dr.Web Security Space Dr.Web anti-virus for Windows Anti-virus New! HTTP monitorAnti-rootkit Anti-spy New! Dr.Web LiveCD Anti-spam New! Parental control New! Dr.Web LiveCD Widest range of features!Industry classic!

5 Widest range of supported OS Dr.Web Security Space Dr.Web anti-virus for Windows Windows Vista Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows NT 4.0 Windows ME Windows 98 Windows 95 Narrower range of OS with greater number of features Works on any windows PC but the number of available features is smaller

6 Widest range of supported OS and lower use of disk space Dr.Web Security Space 5.0 Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 Norton Internet Security 2009 ESET Smart Security 3.0 Supported OS Vista\XP\20 00XP/Vista 2000/XP/Vista Disk space 50 МБ120 МB160 MB75 МB Dr.Web anti-virus for Windows 5.0 Kaspersky antivirus 2009 Norton AntiVirus 2009 ESET NOD32 Supported OS Vista/2000 /XP/ME/N T 4.0/98/95 XP/Vista 2000/XP/Vista Disk space 25 MB50 MB150 MB78 MB

7 New but still recognizable interface

8 Improved technologies New features of Dr.Web 5.0

9 CURES viruses Best-of-breed at curing active infections Installation in an infected system The unique self-protection component Dr.Web SelfPROtect Dr.Web is an absolute leader in detection and neutralization of such complex viruses as MaosBoot, Rustock.C, Sector. Dr.Web is the only anti-virus that can scan archived files at any nesting level. Special RAM scanning technologies allow blocking an active virus before it copies itself to a hard drive. Dr.Web Shield™ helps protect the system against viruses featuring rootkit technologies and hiding their presence in the system. Origins Tracing™ is a non-signature detection technology that allows Dr.Web to detect even unknown viruses.

10 Cures viruses Dr.Web 5.0Kaspersky 2009Norton 2009Eset NOD32 Curing active infections Industry leader.GoodPoor Anti-rootkitIndustry leader Good. Poor Detection of unique viruses Industry leaderNot supported Detection of unknown viruses Origins TracingNo equivalent Installation in an infected system Possible almost in any case Sometimes the anti- virus won’t install in a system Possible but not efficient Number of supported archivers and packers Huge Small

11 Guaranteed detection of spam and protection from phishing attacks Real-time filtering of spam, phishing and pharming messages, bounces and scams Record-low number of false positives Language independent filter Doesn't depend on a mail client No need to configure Training is not necessary Filtered messages are never deleted Detection of spam-bots The stand-alone anti-spam doesn't use web-traffic

12 Guaranteed detection of spam and protection from phishing attacks Dr.WebKasperskyNortonEset Training and/or configuration Not required Required No training but configuration is necessary Configuratio n is required Filtering speedVery high High SlowHigh Language-dependentNoYes No. Connection to a server during analysisNoYesN\a False positives Very rare Frequent

13 Clean web-content Scans incoming and outgoing HTTP-traffic – protection against threats emerging from the Internet Filtering of all types of data received from the Internet – files, applets, scripts. SpIDer Gate™ HTTP monitor

14 Clean content Benefits compatible with any browser filtering doesn’t affect the performance of the system, connection speed or amount of used traffic no tuning or setting is required

15 Parental control Block of access to web-sites arranged by topic: 1. Adult content 2. Drugs 3. Violence 4. Abusive language 5. Weapons 6. Gambling 7. Chats 8. E-mail 9. Social networking 10. Terrorism.

16 Parental control Disabling use of removable data-storage devices (flash- drives, USB-disks), networking devices and blocking access to certain files and directories – protection of personal information against deletion or stealing. No analogues!

17 Conclusions: Exceptional detection and curing capabilities Full range of protection components A wide range of supported OS Minimal system requirements User-friendly interface

18 New image

19 Strong boost of sales

20 Boxed Dr.Web products are versatile! New purchase and renewal Home and business Every PC user – your customer!

21 Low-cost upgrade Dr.Web for Windows. Anti-virus&Anti-spam – Dr.Web Security Space free Dr.Web anti-virus for Windows –Dr.Web Security Space at a price of renewal

22 ОЕМ-version of Dr.Web

23 Promotion Banners for web-sites Recommended descriptions Products fact-sheets Presentations P.O.S.-materials

24 Doctor Web 3d street Yamskogo polya 2-12А, Moscow, Russia, 125124 Phone +7(495) 789-45-87

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