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Belgian Fund for Food Security (BFFS) Innovative Financing Mechanism "Avant la lettre"

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1 Belgian Fund for Food Security (BFFS) Innovative Financing Mechanism "Avant la lettre"

2 Introduction (1) : The National Lottery and Financing for Development: 225,3 million € of subsidies (profit) to distribute (2010)

3 Introduction (2) : The National Lottery and Financing for Development: Distribution of subsidies for development cooperation (2010)

4 The history of the BFFS  Law of 3th October 1983 “ Survival Fund for the Third World “  Law of 9th February 1999: “Belgian Survival Fund”  Law of 19th January 2010: “Belgian Fund for Food Security”

5 Objectives of the BFFS (1) 1. Consider the 4 dimensions of food security Sufficient availability and production of food to fulfill the needs of the families; Financial and physical access to a quantitatively and qualitatively proper alimentation; Stability and safe access to food at any time and for everyone; Quality of food consumption (including access to potable water); food with a nutritional level suiting a healthy and active life. And fight the structural causes of food insecurity (basic social services, resilience capacities of population, institutional capacities)

6 Objectives of the BFFS (2) 2. Support the local development approach of the decentralized authorities and communities 3. Contribute to guarantee food security of populations through a local, fair and sustainable, economy, with consideration of social and ecological development 4. Align to policies, strategies and initiatives of the partner countries through:  the promotion of ownership of the recipients of aid  compliance with priorities of national and local governments and those of the civil society

7 Special Characteristics of the BFFS  Governed by a specific law  Multi-year, stable and predictable budget: 250 Mio € - donations of the National Lottery (17,3 Mio/year)  Large involvement of the Belgian Parliament with the monitoring and control of the Fund  Multidimensional approach  Execution through existing partners and channels (Belgian Technical Cooperation, Belgian NGO’s, UN- organizations) working together within the framework of a program coordinated under the authority of the partner country  Long-term programs: 5 years renewable The approach of the BFFS is specific to the Belgian cooperation: Pilot approach (laboratory)

8 Target groups of the BFFS The activities of the BFFS focus on:  food security for the most vulnerable people  in those areas with the largest food insecurity,  preferably in concentration countries of the Belgian cooperation in Sub-Saharan Africa

9 Countries BFFS is engaged in x - Country BFFS Concentration engaged X - X X - X

10 The BFFS in Mali  Program for the BFFS in preparation (to started by the end of 2011)  Program coordinated by the Commissariat à la sécurité alimentaire, in line with the NFSP (National Food Security Program)  Program will be implemented by a coalition of 7 organizations, including the UNCDF, the FAO (for the coordination) and 5 Belgian NGO’s  Program with a budget of 13 million €  Area of implementation of the program : the “cercles” of Nara and the Nioro.

11 Thank you for your attention Contact BFFS:

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