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Test Operations Management System

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1 Test Operations Management System

2 Lauren Hebert – ETS, Program Director
Presenters Lauren Hebert – ETS, Program Director Rebecca Rabin-Reed – ETS, Client Manager Lauren Lauren – Housekeeping

3 Key dates for Building Coordinators What’s new for 2014
Agenda Welcome What is TOMS? Key dates for Building Coordinators What’s new for 2014 User Roles and Responsibilities Review of TOMS functions Rebecca – Review

4 Test Operations Management System (TOMS)
What is TOMS? Test Operations Management System (TOMS) Houses student demographic data for the PAWS, SAWS, PAWS-ALT and SAWS-ALT assessments Houses and tracks test material orders and supplemental orders

5 Key TOMS Dates for Building Coordinators
2014 student demographic data available for review on November 26th, 2013 End of Day December 20th, 2013 updated screens/pages available in TOMS JANUARY 23rd, 2014 – all new students need to be added and any updated demographic information for existing students needs to be entered into TOMS in order to have Pre-ID labels for the student Data from the State Demographic Data File that has been sent to the WDE, is sent to TOMS for your review. November 26th is when all DC’s and BC’s will be able to view the student demographic data submitted to the WDE and therefore TOMS The Data will be presented in the Current productions TOMS site, which is the same as the 2013 system End of Day December 20thTOMS will be going through a system upgrade – Which we will be reviewing today. All Data will be transferred with the upgrade. January 23rd is when the TOMS demographic window will close. All new student that need to be added to your school, all students who need to be transferred and all edits to student demographics, need to be completed by this date.

6 Users – Roles/Responsibilities
District and Building Coordinators One DC per district ONE primary contact per Building Multiple Users for Building Coordinator Edit student demographic data Transfer students Track shipments Within the TOMS system there are different User Roles *District Coordinators – this is the view we will be using today to review the TOMS site. We need one primary contact for the Building, however you can have multiple BC users BC’s will be able Edit, Transfer, track

7 NEW FOR 2014 Supplemental Order process 2014
Call Wyoming Customer Support Hardware/Software Requirements IE 9 and above, Firefox 2.0 and above, Chrome 4.0 and above, Safari 3.0 and above, Android, iPad Safari New Changes to TOMS effective end of day December 20, 2013 What’s new in TOMS 2014? *the supplemental order process has been simplified! *Call a CSR if you need additional testing and or shipping materials after you inventory your materials * CSRs will place the supplemental order for you! And your done. *make sure your computer systems have the below software requirements to run TOMS *There are other new features to the TOMS site as of EOD. Dec. 20th, and we will review those here. Questions so far - ?

8 Log into TOMS TOMS Let’s log in!
I am logging in as the District Coordinator role, this way we can all see all the functions of TOMS, there are a few features which are limited to the DC role and we will point those out as we go along.

9 TOMS Dashboard Organization Profile
News & Announcements Order Status tab has also tracking back to ETS New Student Transfer tab Organization Profile View your schools Search tab Contacts changed to Users (can’t add contacts any more but DC and BC can still mark Primary User)

10 Confirm Shipping Address
TOMS Manage Organizations Confirm school information Confirm school contacts; primary contact Confirm Shipping Address No PO Boxes allowed

11 TOMS Search for Students Student Search Roster
Enrolled at my school(s) can see all students that have my school(s) as the accountable school Testing at my school(s) can see all students who have my school(s) as the testing location Testing at another school Can see all student who have my school as their accountable school but are testing somewhere else Download search results requires school and administration to be selected Special Forms added to search function

12 TOMS Manage Students Confirm students are in the correct Test Administration (all programs) Update any Student Demographic information Add or Transfer students as needed

13 View, Edit & Track Orders
TOMS View, Edit & Track Orders Track now has tracking information back to ETS *You can view when ETS receives your return shipment through TOMS! *Full ship to and return view.

14 Reports Report Types Download of Individual Student Reports (ISR) PDFs
DC view for reports. Once the DC creates the ISR PDF, the BC can go in and retrieve the documents.

15 Contacts ETS Wyoming Call Center 877-327-9415 8AM – 5PM
Dedicated Customer Service Representative to Wyoming WDE


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