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Toyota Tsusho Green Metals

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1 Toyota Tsusho Green Metals
Green Metals Plastic Recycling Project

2 Before Waste Reduction and Recycling Project Implementation
Customer Were: -Landfilling 73% of Waste -Paying excessive costs for sending this waste to landfill -Receiving limited revenue for recyclables

3 Method: Example Wheelie Bin Labelling

4 Magna Barton Under Needwood
Before After No defined vehicle pedestrian area Trailer Loading Standards No visual control on bins Walkways and pedestrian control Trailer Loading Standards maximised Visual control on bins

5 After Waste Reduction and Recycling Project Implementation
Magna Barton Are: - Recycling 81% of waste as it directly leaves site - Receiving valuable revenue for recyclables - General Waste (Compactor) Reduced by more than 19% - Waste no longer goes directly to landfill but for recovery - A ZERO WASTE DIRECT TO LANDFILL COMPANY 81% Recycled (Direct) 19% Mixed waste sent for recovery

6 Kaizen: Continued Value Added Activity
Monthly KPI report showing costs and benefits (Waste Summary Report). This tracks: Separate Waste Stream Volumes (daily & monthly) Volume Trends Monthly and Cumulative Costs vs. Income Percentage of Waste Segregated from Compactor (Quality) 1 Year Kaizen Activity Plan. Some examples of planned activity: Hazardous Waste Reduction Hazardous Waste Cost Down Office Waste Segregation Paint Sludge Disposal (Cost Down) Standardised Work improvement Health and Safety improvement

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