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It’s always…. DUCK SEASON Here at… NSU Joe Evans Veteran Agent (954) 560-6000 Direct Line and.

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1 It’s always…


3 Here at… NSU

4 Joe Evans Veteran Agent (954) 560-6000 Direct Line and



7 Disability Income Plan Benefits: Selection of: –Monthly Benefit Amount $1,000 TO $6,000/Month –Elimination Periods of: 0/7,0/14, 0/30, 30/30, 60/60, 90/90 or 180/180 –Benefit Periods 3, 6, 12 & 24 Months Benefits paid regardless of any other insurance. Guaranteed-renewable to age 75. And, No Coordination of Benefits!!!

8 The Are Two Types of Disability… Accident Disability –Off-The-Job-Accident Disability income starts on 1 st day of an off-the-job- accident Sickness Disability –Disability income starts after the 7 th day of a sickness –Disability due to pregnancy and childbirth is payable to the same extend as a covered sickness (Giving birth within the first ten months of the effective date of this plan is not covered).

9 AFLAC’s SHORT-TERM DISABILITY 90 DAYS NSU’s LONG-TERM DISABILITY 65 MEDICARE AGE 64 3-MONTHS 6-MONTHS 1-YEAR 2-YEARS HOW AFLAC’s DISABILITY WORKS HAND-IN-HAND WITH NSU. But you can also choose a longer payout amount from: 6-months 12-months or 24-months.

10 Accident Indemnity 24/7 Coverage for you and or your family –Anywhere in the world! $120 Initial Treatment Follow-Up Treatments (6 Visits Max.) Physical Therapy (10 Visits Max.) Initial Hospitalization - $1,000 Daily Hospitalization Benefit $250 Accidental Death ($10K/$50K/$187,500) $60.00 Wellness Benefit A GREAT PLAN FOR ANYONE WITH KIDS OR A CLUMSY SPOUSE.

11 Let’s do the math… $9.69 semi-monthly deduction for Individual coverage. The $9.69 “Pre-Taxed” now feels like… $7.26 twenty-four times a year That’s $174/Year After 12 months on the plan you get back $60.00 (Wellness Benefit) If one minor accident claim is made…$120.00 comes your way. This plan will Net you a little over $5.00 for an entire year of coverage!!! AFLAC’S ACCIDENT PLAN

12 Hospital Protection Choose a $500 or a $1,000 Initial Hospital Confinement Benefit Daily Hospitalization Benefit –$400/Day – Days 1 – 5 for Sicknesses. –$500/Day – Days 1 – 5 for Accidents –$100/Day – Days 1 – 365 Surgical-Sum Benefit of: $50.00 to $1,000.00 $150 Medical Diagnostic Benefit $100 Invasive Diagnostic Benefit Waiver of premium benefit And a…$50.00 Wellness Benefit HELPS YOU PAY FOR THOSE DEDUCTIBLES & CO-PAYS WHEN HOSPITALIZED.

13 Cancer Indemnity $6,000 First-Occurrence Benefit Hospital Confinement Medical Imaging Radiation & Chemotherapy Immunotherapy 2 nd Opinion Benefit @ NCI $100.00 Cancer Screening Wellness Benefit/Covered Person per calendar year. OUR BEST CANCER PLAN EVER!!!

14 So, remember…

15 AFLAC Helps you pay for… D + +


17 CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT JOE EVANS – Veteran Agent (954) 560-6000


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