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IISc quiz club Sports quiz The first thematic quiz Claudy Shyam.

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1 IISc quiz club Sports quiz The first thematic quiz Claudy Shyam

2 The world wide leader in sports 1.By purchasing cricinfo, scrum and soccernet, this Disney owned company have signaled its intent to be the world wide leader in sport. Expand ESPN.

3 Entertainment and Sports Programming Network

4 2.In 2002, in recognition of his achievements with the club, a life- size statue of Robson was unveiled opposite the Cobbold Stand of 's ground Portman Road. Identify the club.

5 Ipswich Town

6 3. What is common among the following footballers? Cristiano Ronaldo Robinho Hernan Crespo Mario Gomez Nicholas Anelka Miralem Sulejmani Danny Alves

7 They are the most expensive players in different leagues across Europe PlayerLeagueFromToTransfer (million) RonaldoSpainMan UtdReal Madrid BNP 80 RobinhoEnglandReal MadridMan CityBNP 32 CrespoItalyParmaLazioBNP 35 AnelkaFranceReal MadridPSGBNP 20 SulejmaniHollandHeerenveenAjaxEuro 16.25 GomezGermanyStuttgartBayern Munich Euro 30 DannyRussiaDynamo MoscowZenitEuro 30

8 4. What do they have in common?

9 Last home player to win the grand slam Mark Edmondson – Australian Open Yannick Noah – French Open Fred Perry – Wimbledon Andy Roddick – US Open

10 5.This right-hand bat and slow left-arm bowler had an outstanding Test record, averaging nearly 60 with the bat and under 17 with the ball. Identify the player?

11 Enid Bakewell (born 16 December 1940) played for the English Women’s cricket team in 12 Tests between 1968 and 1979, and in 23 ODIs.

12 6. This record in test cricket was set at 1001 in 2007 and looks to stand for a while. What is this record?

13 Number of wickets taken by a pair of bowlers in tests they played in together. Warne 709 wkts Mcgrath 563 wkts

14 7. This is the image of the Polish athlete Anna Rogowska. She won the gold at her event in the recent London grand prix. But her achievement was over shadowed by something else. Who over shadowed her achievement and how?

15 Isinbayeva beaten in pole vault at London GP (AP) – Jul 24, 2009 LONDON — Olympic pole vault champion Yelena Isinbayeva has experienced a rare defeat at the London Grand Prix, ending a six- year winning streak at Crystal Palace. The 27-year-old Russian was beaten by Anna Rogowska of Poland at Crystal Palace stadium on Friday. The loss comes ahead of next month's world championships in Berlin. Isinbayeva says she was not in form Friday but remains confident about performing well at worlds.

16 8. Whenever an athlete succeeds through nothing more than dumb luck, it’s now called “pulling a Bradbury.” The phrase was coined based on which incident?

17 Skating’s luckiest man Venue: 2002 Winter Olympics, Salt Lake city Event: Men’s 1000m skating

18 9.The match was a dramatic clash in the brilliant sunshine, made more spectacular by 's flamboyant style. His massive serve sent balls scorching across the net. He scored 21 aces to Curren's 19. also has a habit of flinging himself around the court, diving headlong for volleys and baseline shots. For half a set he played with his shirt caked in dirt after one particularly spectacular fall. The final result was 6-3, 6-7, 7-6, 6-4. This result shook the tennis world. Identify the player, the event and its significance.

19 Boris Becker Won Wimbledon aged 17 years and seven months First unseeded player in history to win Wimbledon Youngest Winner at Wimbledon

20 10. Which is this team and what is it doing?

21 Team: All Blacks, the international union rugby team of New Zealand Performance: Haka, the traditional Maori dance Performed prior to international matches to intimidate the opposition to motivate the team

22 11. Name both the personalities. [No half marks]

23 Miguel Angelo Nadal Rafael Nadal

24 12.Who wears the maglia rosa or the pink jersey?

25 The pink jersey is awarded to the winner of General Classification at the Giro d’Italia. The jersey reflects the paper colour of the sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello sport which sponsors the event

26 13.Identify the only former European Cup champions who are currently playing outside the top flight of their domestic league.

27 Nottingham Forest. Won European Cup continuously in 1979 and 1980. Now playing in the English Second Division.

28 14.Complete the list Nottingham Forest Aston Villa ****** Manchester United Liverpool

29 Celtic The five British clubs to win the Champions League

30 15. Connect

31 Bob Massie and Narendra Hirwani Maximum wickets (Sixteen) on debut

32 16.David Beckham’s jersey number was seven at Manchester United. When he joined Real Madrid, he could not get seven because it was used by Madridista’s own Raul. Beckham therefore chose the number 23. What was the motivation behind it?

33 Beckham is a Michael Jordan fan and Jordan’s jersey number was 23

34 17. How are the following five counties different from the remaining thirteen Kent Durham Surrey Somerset Glamorgan

35 Apart from these five counties, the rest of them ends with either -shire like Hampshire, Lancashire etc or -sex like Middlesex, Sussex etc

36 18.Identify the player in the picture who played as a striker for Scunthorpe United. [Hint: He was a multi-sportsman and he got his fame not through football]

37 Sir Ian Terrence Botham

38 19. In sports, derby means a rivalry between two sides. For e.g., Liverpool derby is played between Liverpool and Everton. Then, Tyne-Wear derby is played between Newcastle and **********? [Hint: The club is managed by a Man Utd legend who amazingly did not win a single England cap]

39 Sunderland

40 20. The Lancashire cricket club is located next to a football club (both are located 0.5 kms apart) and the home of both the clubs are known by the same name. Identify the place and the football club.

41 Old Trafford & Manchester United

42 Roy Keane Played for Nottingham Forest, Machester United and Celtic. Managed Sunderland. Current manager of Ipswich Town. Wore the now legendary No.16 at Man Utd

43 21. Recently the book titled Shadows across the playing field : 60 Years of India- Pakistan Cricket got released. Name the authors?

44 Shashi Tharoor & Shaharyar Khan

45 22.Name the youngest grand slam champion of all time? [For both men and women and in all events]

46 In 1996, Martina Hingis became the youngest Grand Slam champion of all time, when she teamed with Helena Sukova at Wimbledon to win the women's doubles title at age 15 years and 9 months.

47 23.Usain Bolt won the 100 m gold at Beijing Olympics. Who won it at the Athens Olympics?

48 Justin Gatlin

49 24. In the 2002 world cup, the football federation of a country wanted to retire the Number 10 jersey of the national team permanently to honour its famous former player. The FIFA rule prevented it from doing so. Finally, another player nicknamed “the little donkey” was awarded the Number 10 jersey. Identify both the players.

50 Diego Maradona & Ariel Ortega

51 25. Identify the photo. [Name the athletes, venue, setting and the controversy]

52 All the players have been banned after testing positive in the dope test

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