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8 November 2009 Ulka Kelkar Siddhartha Gadgil. What is the subject of this Google logo, used on 6 June 2009? 1.

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1 8 November 2009 Ulka Kelkar Siddhartha Gadgil

2 What is the subject of this Google logo, used on 6 June 2009? 1


4 25 th anniversary of Tetris

5 What is common among Bjorn Borg Pat Cash Stefan Edberg Roger Federer 2


7 Only Wimbledon Boys’ Champions to also win the Wimbledon Men’s Singles title.

8 How is Joseph Alois Ratzinger, born 16 April 1927, better known? 3


10 Pope Benedict XVI

11 The most traded commodity, by value, in the world is crude oil. Which is the second most traded commodity? 4


13 Coffee

14 Which English expression owes its origin to the use of mercury in the manufacture of felt (during the 18 th and 19 th centuries)? 5


16 Mad as a hatter

17 He was a lecturer and newspaper editor before being elected MP of Birmingham East. He was the Minister of Administrative Affairs during the 1980s. Who are we talking about? 6


19 Rt. Hon. James Hacker, M.P. in Yes Minister

20 “Two whatevers” “Three represents” “Four olds” “Eight dos and donts” What are these examples of? 7


22 Chinese (numbered) policies

23 Long hours of monotonous work resulted in acts of random violence committed by members of a certain profession. Which English expression did this give rise to? 8


25 Going postal

26 “It's true that by blundering about we stumbled on gold, but the fact remains that we were looking for gold.” Who said this and about what? 9


28 Francis Crick about the discovery of the double helix structure of DNA

29 Of what are “standard”, “medium”, “miniature”, “toy”, and “teacup” categories? 10


31 Poodles

32 Identify this sport 11


34 Muggle quidditch

35 Japanese food commonly includes sushi and sashimi. We often use the word sushi to mean raw fish, but that is actually sashimi. What exactly is sushi, or what is its main ingredient? 12


37 Rice

38 What is the subject of this cartoon, published in the last week of October? 13


40 On 21 October 2009, Northwest Airlines Flight 188 to Minneapolis overshot its destination by 150 miles (and the flight was out of contact with air traffic control for more than 90 minutes) because the pilots were busy on their personal laptops and lost track of time and place.

41 Connect 14


43 Film adaptations of Jane Austen’s novels Emma Sense and Sensibility Pride and Prejudice

44 What is unique about this cloth, which went on display at the American Museum of Natural History in September 2009? 15


46 It is the only large piece of cloth made from natural spider silk. The silk was extracted from more than 1 million golden orb spiders in Madagascar.

47 Which beverage brand, which gets its special flavour from the oil of a type of orange, is named after the British Prime Minister during 1830-34? 16



50 In Frances Burnett’s 1886 children’s novel, a boy from a poor American family turns out to be the heir to an irritable old English Earl. It created a major fashion trend for a type of boys’ suit. It is also the middle name of a famous duck. Name the novel / title character. 17


52 Little Lord Fauntleroy

53 Which breed of dog is named after the largest state in Mexico? 18


55 Chihuahua

56 The terms “red pill” and “blue pill” have come to refer to painful reality and blissful ignorance, respectively. Which movie popularized this usage? 19


58 The Matrix In the movie, Redpill refers to a person who has been freed from the computer-generated world, the Matrix. Bluepill is a person still connected to the Matrix.

59 On a visit to Burma in 1930, the founder of this company saw that restless elephants were fed a root Rauwolfia serpentina to pacify them. From this he developed the anti-hypertensive drug Serpina. Name the company. 20


61 Himalaya Drug Company

62 For which food item is Mohammad Sarwar, British Labour MP, trying to get EU Protected Designation of Origin status for Glasgow city? 21


64 Chicken tikka masala

65 Connect 22


67 Only Booker Prize-winning novels made into Oscar Best Picture nominees. Schindler’s List won in 1993 The English Patient won in 1996 The Remains of the Day was nominated in 1993

68 Connect Sudha Murthy’s recent sale of Infosys shares The captain of the Indian cricket team Gold coins in Harry Potter 23


70 Catamaran Dhoni Galleon Junk Types of boats / ships

71 In May 1954, Life magazine published a report on illiteracy among American school children. Apparently, children were not learning to read because their books were boring. Theodor Geisel’s publisher gave him a list of 400 words that children learn in school, and told him to write an engaging book. In nine months, Geisel wrote ____________________ in anapestic tetrameter, using 236 distinct words. More than 10 million copies of this book have been printed. It has been translated into several languages, including the Latin Cattus Petasatus. Identify this work. 24



74 Rules: You may make multiple attempts. You lose 5 points for each wrong attempt. For a close enough answer (quizmaster’s judgment) the negative points are waived.

75 30 points

76 25 points

77 20 points

78 15 points

79 10 points

80 5 points


82 Five Little PigsThe Adventure of the Christmas Pudding The Labours of Hercules Cat Among the Pigeons Murder on the Orient ExpressThe Mousetrap Agatha Christie

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