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CISCO IP PHONE Series 7941 & 7961.

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1 CISCO IP PHONE Series 7941 & 7961

2 Phone Screen Features Feature tabs Primary Phone line Phone tab
Icons for Programmable buttons Call activity area Status line Softkey labels

3 Feature Buttons and Menus

4 Message Button By pressing this button the phone offers direct access to voic . A light will show on the Handset when there is a message waiting.

5 Directories Button Missed Calls
List of people who called and didn’t leave a message Received calls List of all calls received Placed Calls List of calls that are made Corporate Directory

6 Settings Button User Preferences Network Configuration
Rings Background Images Contrast Network Configuration Device Configuration Security Configuration Model Information Status

7 Services The Cisco Unified IP Phone 7941G allows users to quickly access diverse information such as weather, stocks, quote of the day, or any Web-based information using XML to provide a portal to an ever-growing world of applications, features, and information.

8 Display The phone has a large, high-resolution, graphical 4-bit grayscale display (320 x 222). The convenient Volume Control button on the phone provides for easy, decibel-level adjustments for the speakerphone, handset, headset, and ringer. The handset is hearing aid-compatible (HAC).

9 Phone Features The phone offers high-quality speakerphone technology.
Speaker On/Off Microphone Mute Headset buttons These buttons are lit when active

10 Phone Features Volume button Speaker button Mute button Headset button
Navigation button

11 CM User CM User is an application, that users can implement to set their speed dials and forward their phone extension. User name: Enter your extension number- #### Password: the default password is 12345

12 From the Main Menu go to: -User Options -Device

13 To Forward calls go to: -Line Settings

14 Enter the extension that you would like to forward your calls.
** Note, forwarding your calls to a long distance number is not allowed.

15 To set Speed Dials go to: -Speed Dials

16 Enter the extension and description for your speed dial.

17 Reference Information



20 * Ext/ID & Pswd


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