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Wordlist 33 Pieces of a Puzzle: The Evidence for Pangaea.

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1 Wordlist 33 Pieces of a Puzzle: The Evidence for Pangaea

2 1. Accommodate (v.) Definition: to provide with a place to live or to be stored in Synonym: house, lodge Example: New students may be accommodated in halls of residence. Word Family: ac·com·mo·da·ble, adjective non·ac·com·mo·da·ble, adjective non·ac·com·mo·da·bly, adverb pre·ac·com·mo·date, verb (used with object), pre·ac·com·mo·dat·ed, pre·ac·com·mo·dat·ing. re·ac·com·mo·date, verb, re·ac·com·mo·dat·ed, re·ac·com·mo·dat·ing.

3 2. Aid (n.) Definition: help or support Synonym: assistance, support, help Example: He gets about with the aid of a walking stick. Word Family: aid·er, noun aid·ful, adjective aid·less, adjective un·aid·ed, adjective un·aid·ed·ly, adverb

4 3. Catastrophism (n.) Definition: the doctrine that certain vast geological changes in the earth's history were caused by catastrophes rather than gradual evolutionary processes. Synonym: Example: Word Family: ca·tas·tro·phist, noun

5 4. Community (n.) Definition: the people living in one particular area or people who are considered as a unit because of their common interests, social group, or nationality Synonym: population, people Example: He's well known in the local community. Word Family: com·mu·ni·tal, adjective pro·com·mu·nity, adjective

6 5. Comprehensive (adj.) Definition: complete and including everything that is necessary Synonym: inclusive, complete Example: We offer you a comprehensive training in all aspects of the business. Word Family: com·pre·hen·sive·ly, adverb com·pre·hen·sive·ness, noun non·com·pre·hen·sive, adjective non·com·pre·hen·sive·ly, adverb non·com·pre·hen·sive·ness, noun

7 6. Contend (v.) Definition: to assert or maintain earnestly Synonym: assert, maintain Example: He contended that taxes were too high. Word Family: con·tend·er, noun con·tend·ing·ly, adverb non·con·tend·ing, adjective pre·con·tend, verb (used without object) re·con·tend, verb (used without object)

8 7. Continents (n.) Definition: one of the seven large land masses on the Earth's surface, surrounded, or mainly surrounded, by sea and usually consisting of various countries Synonym: Example: the North American continent Word Family: un·con·ti·nent, adjective un·con·ti·nent·ly, adverb

9 8. Crust (n.) Definition: a hard outer covering of something Synonym: exterior, outer layer Example: the Earth's crust Word Family: crust·less, adjective in·ter·crust, verb (used with object) un·der·crust, noun

10 9. Deposit (n.) Definition: layer, vein Synonym: layer, vein Example: They discover a new copper deposit. Word Family: pre·de·pos·it, noun, verb re·de·pos·it, verb, noun sub·de·pos·it, noun su·per·de·pos·it, noun un·de·pos·it·ed, adjective

11 10. Displace (v.) Definition: to take the place of something or someone Synonym: replace, Example: Fuel crops must not displace food crops. Word Family: dis·place·a·ble, adjective pre·dis·place, verb (used with object), pre·dis·placed, pre·dis·plac·ing. un·dis·place·a·ble, adjective

12 11. Fluctuate (v.) Definition: to change, especially continuously and between one level or thing and another Synonym: vary, differ Example: Vegetable prices fluctuate according to the season. Word Family: non·fluc·tu·at·ing, adjective un·fluc·tu·at·ing, adjective

13 12. Gradually (adv.) Definition: slowly over a period of time or a distance Synonym: slowly, moderately Example: Gradually, she realized that he wasn't telling her the truth. Word Family: grad·u·al·ly, adverb grad·u·al·ness, noun un·grad·u·al, adjective un·grad·u·al·ly, adverb

14 13. Hump (n.) Definition: a large, round raised area or part Synonym: lump, projection Example: The car hit a hump in the road and swerved. Word Family: hump·er, noun hump·less, adjective

15 14. Integrate (v.) Definition: to combine two or more things in order to become more effective Synonym: merge, combine, unite Example: To get fitter you need to integrate exercise into your normal life. Word Family: non·in·te·grat·ed, adjective un·in·te·grat·ed, adjective well-in·te·grat·ed, adjective

16 15. Landmass (n.) Definition: a large area of land that is in one piece and not broken up by seas Synonym: Example: Word Family:

17 16. Mantle (n.) Definition: the portion of the earth, about 1800 miles (2900 km) thick, between the crust and the core. Synonym: Example: Word Family:

18 17. Molten (adj.) Definition: describes metal or rock that is in a liquid state because of great heat Synonym: melted, flowing Example: molten glass/lava/lead Word Family: mol·ten·ly, adverb su·per·mol·ten, adjective un·mol·ten, adjective

19 18. Nucleus (n.) Definition: a central part about which other parts are grouped or gathered Synonym: core Example: A few faithful friends formed the nucleus of the club. Word Family:

20 19. Restrain (v.) Definition: to hold back from action; keep in check or under control; repress Synonym: control, limit Example: to restrain one's temper. Word Family: re·strain·a·ble, adjective re·strain·a·bil·i·ty, noun re·strain·ing·ly, adverb o·ver·re·strain, verb (used with object) pre·re·strain, verb (used with object)

21 20. Rigid (adj.) Definition: stiff or fixed; not able to be bent or moved Synonym: stiff, firm Example: a rigid steel and concrete structure Word Family:

22 21. Transform (v.) Definition: to change completely the appearance or character of something or someone, especially so that they are improved Synonym: change, alter Example: The reorganization will transform the British entertainment industry. Word Family: trans·form·a·ble, adjective trans·form·a·tive, adjective in·ter·trans·form·a·ble, adjective non·trans·form·ing, adjective re·trans·form, verb (used with object)

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