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EnviRRRo: Our School’s Journey in Environmental Education St Anthony’s Primary School.

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1 EnviRRRo: Our School’s Journey in Environmental Education St Anthony’s Primary School

2 Sharing Details Aim of EnviRRRoAim of EnviRRRo Framework of EnviRRRoFramework of EnviRRRo Corporate PartnersCorporate Partners Future PlansFuture Plans

3 Aim of EnviRRRo To integrate our environmental education into the school curriculum by providing the infrastructure the curricular activities the content knowledge for the teachers to effectively nurture a sense of care for the environment in our pupils.

4 What is EnviRRRo? Our school’s vision of Caring Hearts, Inquiring Minds and Passionate Learners lend credence to the need to nurture care for the environment to our pupils starting at a young age.

5 EnviRRRo Framework

6 Teacher Preparation Curricular Elements School Infrastructures Teacher Leader Teacher Training Co-curricular Activities Everyday Lessons School Events School

7 School Programme Since embarking on the programme, the school has rolled out green initiatives both in the curriculum and in its everyday activities. Water consumption has dropped up to 54% since 2006 and we were recognized as a water efficient building in 2008. Environmental Education has been part of the curriculum since 2006

8 School Infrastructure Water Wheel powered by Solar Energy Compost Making using Bacteria as Catalysts

9 Explanation of our Drip Irrigation System

10 Engaging Pupils with Various Pedagogies Anthonians participating in the skit in the canteen during recess An interactive skit was put up help pupils understand more on water conservation.

11 Teacher Preparation Reef Walk Adventure Trail for Staff Learning Journey to East Spring Primary School Our aim is to heighten environmental awareness and education amongst the teaching and non-teaching staff.

12 Outside Partnerships Government Organisations Non- Governmental organisations Corporate Partners Partnerships

13 NEA (Seashore Life Programme) Our pupils examining the quality of sea water using dataloggers. Government Organisations

14 NEA (Recycling Day 2009) Our pupils participating in the event. Government Organisations

15 Tzu Chi Recycling Centre Anthonians were involved in the sorting of recyclable items Non- Governmental organisations

16 Bukit Batok Community Library Students also conducted craft sessions for children at the Community Library. Recyclable items were used for the crafts. Non- Governmental organisations

17 Our Corporate Partner  Corporate partner - Merck Sharp & Dohme  Partnership since 2006  Support the school in its endeavors to promote care for the environment and awareness on global environmental issues

18 Corporate Partner: MSD Singapore  Merck Sharp & Dohme works with the school staff on environmental projects  - drip irrigation system  - gardening  - composting  - pamphlets

19 Corporate Partner: MSD Singapore  MSD also helps in our environmental education programme (EnviRRRo)  - Talks  - Exhibitions  - Learning journeys  - Competitions

20 Corporate Partner Merck Sharp & Dohme Construction of the Drip Irrigation System

21 Corporate Partner Merck Sharp & Dohme Gardening activity with staff and volunteers

22 Sustaining EnviRRRo Revisiting Past Practices Adopting Green Technologies Sharing of Good Practices

23 Revisiting Past Practices

24 Sharing with Visitors

25 Presenting at Conferences

26 Adopting Green Technologies Effective Microorganisms Composting Automatic Sensors Roof Garden

27 Effective Micro-organisms Effective Micro- organisms or EM is a bio-organic cleaner. It has been used for agricultural purposes EM will be used in our school pond to kill algae, rather then using chemicals.

28 Roof Garden In Singapore, land is scarce. Roof top gardens are a good way of teaching our pupils agrotechnology. We intend to build such a garden cultivating plants which can survive well in extreme sunlight and yet produce food crops. It will also serve as a green area for pupils to relax and study.

29 Our Awards Our school has been awarded the following for our efforts in Environmental Education MSD World Champions of the Environment award for 2006, 2007 and 2009 PUB Water Efficient Building 2008 and Watermark Award 2009

30 Our Contacts If you would like to contact us, do send us an email. St Anthony’s Primary School James Han

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