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© Systems Union 2005 Global Corporate Performance Management Gernot Molin - Program Manager.

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1 © Systems Union 2005 Global Corporate Performance Management Gernot Molin - Program Manager

2 © Systems Union 2005 Agenda The Customer The Problem Key Objectives Key Drivers For Selection The Solution Core Benefits Questions

3 © Systems Union 2005 Customer - Key Facts UK Shipping Company - a $0.5 billion turnover organisation Controls a fleet of over 90 oil tankers, product carriers and liquefied natural gas vessels Industries: Oil & gas, transportation & logistics Category: Global corporation Software: MIS DecisionWare, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, Informatica Power Centre Data sources: Various SAP® systems, Oracle Financials, CODA, Informix

4 © Systems Union 2005 The Problem Previous management information and financial management system did not meet the needs of this shipping organisation going forward: Manually Intensive Relied heavily on individuals knowledge Not globally consistent Not technologically scaleable to support aggressive growth strategy No visibility of future performance trends

5 © Systems Union 2005 Key Objectives A reliable and consistent environment reflecting the source data it receives on a daily basis from back-end accounting and operational transactional systems A globally consolidated system replacing the multiple manually intensive spreadsheet based tools that were being used A system to provide the sound platform needed to support a global growth strategy also allowing for follow-on phases delivering an enhanced capability

6 © Systems Union 2005 Key Drivers For Selection Customised solution A solution that meets the unique corporate requirements of this global shipping company Flexible technology An adaptable solution that could quickly and easily keep up with the changing pace and requirements of the business One-stop shop Vendor to provide all systems and services for the management information system and beyond Relatively inexpensive to deploy and easy to maintain Packaged applications to speed up deployment and low effort maintenance to minimise costs No walls, no limits Potential to scale to massive data volumes and thousands of users. Existing solution to be extended with packaged applications.

7 © Systems Union 2005 Source Systems ISMIS Informix 7.2.3 (Standard Edition) ISMIS is a tailor-made shipping-invoice-system based on an Informix database programmed and maintained by Dolphin Computers CODA Microsoft SQL Server 2000 CODA is the accounting system for the UK PISCES Oracle Financials 10.7 on Oracle RDBMS Enterprise Edition v7.3.4.3. PISCES is the accounting system for Singapore CITY HALL Oracle Financials 10.7 on Oracle RDBMS Enterprise Edition v7.3.4.3. CITY HALL is the accounting system for Malaysia BIE Oracle 8i The BIE is a dimensional data warehouse deriving its data from an SAP/R2 FI and J2 system SAP BW Oracle 9i The SAP BW is the main US financial Business Information Warehouse

8 © Systems Union 2005 Architecture Relational LayerAccess Layer Source SystemsOLAP Layer Direct Access MIS Excel Integration MIS OnVision Master Data Management ISMIS CODASAP BW BIEPISCESCITY HALL Corporate Performance Management Data WareHouse ETL Process Voyage Monitoring and Benchmarkin g Fleet Management and Ship Vetting Microsoft Analysis Services ETL Process Global Finance Group Financia l Outlook Strategi c Plan MIS Alea

9 © Systems Union 2005 Relational Layer relational DWH STAGING AREA (STA) OPERATIONAL DATA STORE (ODS) META DATA REP (MDR) STAR SCHEMAS (SS) Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Informatica Power-Centre Data Warehouse Key Benefits Following the Ralph Kimball Approach Makes an organisations information easily accessible Presents the organisations information consistently Is adaptive and resilient to change Serves as the foundation for improved decision making Is the ideal base for analytical applications

10 © Systems Union 2005 Group Financial Outlook Global Finance OLAP Layer Voyage Monitoring and Benchmarking SG Finance US Finance Forecast & Assumptions UK Finance

11 © Systems Union 2005 Access Layer MOLAP MIS onVision Standard Reporting Relational DWH -Meta-Data Master-Data Maintenance -ad hoc Reporting -Budgeting -Forecasting MIS Excel-Integration

12 © Systems Union 2005 Post Solution Capability Enhancement

13 © Systems Union 2005 Core Benefits Benefit Summary: Growth Maintain pace with new challenges (e.g. Green Book, Value Project) Control Increased timely and accurate decision making including financial forecasting Efficiency Reduced manual intervention, reduced impact of new business requirements & increased data integrity

14 © Systems Union 2005 Benefits Across the Organisation Better quality of information Greater ownership and visibility of data Improved predictability Improved decision making

15 © Systems Union 2005 Any Questions? Also visit the Systems Union stand to get further information

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