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Brief Introduction to Geography

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1 Brief Introduction to Geography
Ireland / UK

2 5 Themes Geography can be broken down into 5 themes
As we study Ireland and the UK, we can hopefully start to identify where these themes are present and use them to help us understand more about our destination

3 Location Includes ABSOLUTE and RELATIVE location
Absolute location is a places point on a globe or map Relative location is the places location compared to another place

4 Examples Of Relative Location
London is 400 miles from Glasgow London is near the North Sea London is in the UK but very close to France

5 How does absolute location work?
Imaginary lines of latitude run parallel to the equator (0º) on a globe or map Imaginary lines of longitude run north and south between the two poles – Primer Meridian (0º)

6 What is the Absolute Location of Cork?

7 Place A place is described by its physical and/or human characteristics physical - features including landforms, climate, and vegetation human - people who live there, political system, customs, economy, architecture, etc.

8 Human-Environmental Interaction
How do people use their environment? How have they changed it? How have people responded to these changes

9 Movement As people, goods, and ideas move from place to place, they can change a places characteristics ex. - if communists invaded and overtook The United States, our country’s geography would change

10 Regions Set of places that have similar attributes
ex - Chicago is in the Midwest ex – Iowa is in the Midwest Regions could be: Political Regions Landform Regions Agricultural Regions Cultural Regions Climate Regions

11 Keep in mind as we travel:
Place – What makes the places we are visiting unique? What are their physical characteristics, but also, what are their human characteristics? Movement – What do we see in the UK that directly influenced us due to our colonial past relationships with Britain? Regions – How are the countries we visit, all one region? How are they broken up into small regions and what factors create those regions?

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