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Zero-Sum Mobile Wireless Solutions. coMix-on-the-go Zero-Sum’s coMix on-the-go app is a state-of-the-art comic application that has been specially designed.

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1 Zero-Sum Mobile Wireless Solutions

2 coMix-on-the-go Zero-Sum’s coMix on-the-go app is a state-of-the-art comic application that has been specially designed to capture the essence of comic reading and replicate the same experience on smartphones and tablets. coMix on-the-go incorporates various comic reading enhancements into the application that adds to the joy reading comics. Why coMix-on-the-go?  Zero-Sum is one of the leading aggregator of Mobile comics in the world with tie- up’s with all major comic publishers (International & India).  Zero-Sum has already worked with and created customized comic applications for leading OEM’s such as Blackberry, LG, Nokia and Intel.  Zero-Sum sources all its comic creation and digitization technology from its parent company in Japan; a market which is the pioneer and world leader in mobile comics.  coMix-on-the-go has already been successfully deployed for feature phones, smartphones & tablets supporting mobile OS such as Symbian, Blackberry & Android, iOS and Windows 8

3 Content Creation Methodology/Process (Digitization/Customization)

4 ZERO-SUM, LTD. Confidential 1. Project Creation 2. Dividing of page into images 3. Frame Display Setting 4. Effects Setting 5. Publishing Add effects including sound and display effects to be used when the frames are switched, as well to embed URL’s into the frames. Used for creating a new project and importing a page image file Divide each whole-page image into frame-by- frame images with the automatic frame-area recognition function, etc. Used for setting how to display the comic frames, e.g. whether to show each frame as a whole or to assign a scroll function based on the frame size Convert the project so that the processed data can be viewed thorough mobile phones. Zero-Sum digitizes all comic content using its proprietary Framer tool that has revolutionized the digital comics space.

5 ZERO-SUM, LTD. Confidential Using the Framer tool, various effects are built into the comics. These features add to the comic reading experience on the device by engrossing the user with the finer details of each comic.

6 Key Features

7  The application homepage offers the user a carousel based store front menu which lets the user scroll through the content catalogue, purchase, download and read his favorite comics  The user can add his favorite comics to his Favorites list by clicking on icon

8 The search tab helps the user to directly go to his choice of comic. By clicking on the search window, the keypad pops us for the user to type the search key word. E.g. User types ‘BA’ and thereafter selects the comic Batu Gaiden from the search suggestions.

9 Viewing of comic page in Landscape mode. Viewing of comic page in portrait mode. All the comics can be read in both horizontal and vertical screen modes. Flick or Single tap on Right side ( Next Page) or on Left side (Previous Page) to navigate the pages.

10 Double tap on the comic page to zoom in on the action by reading through the frame view Double tap on the screen, takes the user back to the comic full page.

11 Normal view of the comic page. View of the comic page after zoom.

12 Center tap on the comic page, for the menu option, where you can see the name of the comic, number of pages and the current page number. User can also directly jump to any desired page by clicking on the page thumbnail.

13 At the end of the comic, the app pulls out and displays to the reader the next comic under the same series/genre. If there are no comic under the same series/genre, the application displays to the user popular comics that have been Recommended by other readers.

14 Purchased comics will be present under the ‘My comics’ tab. From here users can Download and Read the purchased comics.

15 Under the tab ‘Free’, users can Download and Read Free comics.

16 Newly added comics can be found under the ‘New’ tab.

17 Comics displayed under the tab ‘Ranking’ are shown based on user downloads and popularity

18 By clicking on the tab ‘Tag’ the list of all content providers and Genre are show. E.g. User clicks on the ‘Action’ Genre and the list of comics under this genre are shown

19  Most Expansive comic content partnerships in India covering 70% of comics publishers in India  Cover’s International, National and Regional level players to appeal to all demographics  Appeals to a large age group; 7-35 age bracket  Only mobile comic provider to provide mobile comic content in regional languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi and Bengali  Key Partners Include

20  Customizable content cataloguing system based on carrier requirements  Helps carrier’s do more focused content promotion based on demographic factors such as age, sex, Domicile (Urban/Rural children & teens) followed by content choice  Regular refreshing of catalogue with new Comic titles  Our extensive list of content genre’s include MythologicalMythologicalAdventureAdventure Romance HistoryHistoryKidsKidsActionAction

21  coMix on-the-go is available for download across all leading OEM app stores and carrier stores:  Current deployment of coMix on-the-go includes:

22 For any queries please contact: (Mob: +91 9910993197)

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