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Healthkart Plus India's First & Only Comprehensive Generic Drug Search Engine.

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1 Healthkart Plus India's First & Only Comprehensive Generic Drug Search Engine.

2 What’s HealthKart India’s number 1 online Health Store. Largest range of genuine health products across categories and all major brands Its portfolio includes Nutrition, Sports and Fitness, Diabetes, Home Devices, Eye, Personal Care, Beauty, Parenting & Health Services

3 HealthKartPlus India's First & Only Comprehensive Generic Drug Search Engine Compare and Find Substitutes Price Comparison Medical dictionary Detailed Drug Information Drug Information on SMS

4 Additional Features Typical Usage of the Drug Drug interaction information Over 1 Lakh drugs in the database Save your Favorite medicines and brand for future reference. Add a medicine to the database yourself. The consumer would be able to get these medicines delivered to his doorstep in the next version of the app. Currently they can do so via the HealthkartPlus website in Delhi NCR.







11 USP Resource for the common man, physicians, medical students, nurses and other healthcare professionals Leverages technology to deliver medicinal information to the consumer in the most usable form Educating the consumer about how the prescription medicine works & the required precaution and contraindication Helps the consumer save on cost by suggesting the right alternatives. All drug related information in an SMS or couple of clicks. In line with Govt. initiatives like Jan Aushadi to promote doctors to prescribe generic drugs.

12 Traction 4.5 out of 5 Rating on Google Play Store and the Apple iTunes store. Over 300 Reviews. Featured on NDTV Cell Guru & CNBC Awaaz Tech Guru 19000+ Downloads on the iTunes store 28000+ Downloads on the Google Play Store 500+ Downloads within a month on Windows 8

13 User Reviews “ kudos and perfect 5 for your efforts ” “ Really a must have app as now a days doctors write medicine for small things as they get commission from the Pharma companies to prescribe their brand. There are huge kickbacks involved. This app saves us as we are aware what we are buying and compare the same. ” “ Awesome App. Nothing fits better than this app in Google markets. ” “ Fantastic App. It should be on every Indian android phone.” “ Useful. it is very useful app. ” “ Classy Amazing app, just type the name and everything comes up. ”

14 What’s Coming Up! Medicines at your doorstep








22 Thank You!

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