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21 st July 2012 New Delhi, India Content Copyrights Reserved1.

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1 21 st July 2012 New Delhi, India Content Copyrights Reserved1

2 Theme Content Copyrights Reserved 2 mBillion th Award is an Ecosystem which brings Mobile practices from Well reached & Unreached areas to a single platform to enrich Minds with the innovations in Mobile & Telecom Sector.

3 Summit 2011 Target 8 South Asian Countries Under 11 Broad categories Having 6 Parallel Summit sessions & 7 Roundtable discussions Received 250+ Nominees/21 Winners- (mBillion th ) Showcase 60+ Live demonstrations Honor 10 Social Media appreciations Received 60 Nominees/2 winners- (M4G) Provide 20 Lacs INR fund support for winners (M4G) Content Copyrights Reserved3 The company of all the other eminent jurors made it such a joy to be there and finally even if those 2 days had extended, i am sure everyone on the team would have gone on without so much as a whimper. Loved it. Thanks to ICTA the Host and mBillionth Awards. Amitabh Singhal Director – Telxess Consulting Services (P) Ltd., Board Director –.ORG, the Public Interest Registry

4 Partners 2011 Content Copyrights Reserved4 Bringing in fresh perspectives and driving home the point that this new medium of communication is one that answers most problems policy faces today in reaching out to all strata of society.” Dr. Amir Ullah Khan Deputy Director, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

5 How it is an Ecosystem Content Copyrights Reserved5 Explore & bring Innovations in Last mile areas at a single platform Recognise & honor identified innovations as Sustainable, Replicable & exemplary models Offer Incubation support to deserved practices identified under 11 categories. Provide opportunity for Media to cover Innovations from south Asia region at a single platform To provide funding support to the Innovators on the basis of the Commercial Viability & social Impact of their Idea/project

6 An Ecosystem Content Copyrights Reserved6 Discover Innovators Invite Practitioners Provide Fund support Provide Mentors Incubation support to entrepreneurs Strong Research/Knowledge base Empowerment of Unreached masses Build Social Network

7 Platform Content Copyrights Reserved7 mBillion th Award Process Outreach Networking/ Partnership Extensive Research Advertising through Social Media, Print Media Nomination Process Exchange & Expand Jury Process (25 eminent jurors meet for 3 days from South Aisa Tie up with companies like Vodafone, Nokia, Onmobile, IAMAI to expand the reach Impact & Outcome m4G (Initiative of Vodafone India Foundation) Funding support of 20 Lacs to 2 winners mPower forum (Initiative of EkSoch from Spice digital) Incubation Support for selected Nominees DKC (Initiative of DEF & NIXI) We based Portal for showcasing Best Practices Mobile Innovation Haat Showcase work of selected winners in mBillion th Award

8 Broad Areas covered Business & Enterprise Banking Infrastructure Travel & Tourism Culture & Heritage Environment Agriculture Women News & Journalism Governance Content Copyrights Reserved8 Mobile phone is not limited to talking only. You can keep money in the bank, as well as purchase your favorite clothes using the mobile phone. To make life easier innovative ideas have been adopted. To appreciate these ideas by mBillionth Award is an incredible initiative !!! Mr. S M Ashraf Khan CEO, Multimedia Content & Communications Ltd, Bangladesh

9 Mentors  Mr. Madan Mohan Rao, Research Project Director, Mobile Monday  Mr. Ashis Sanyal, Former Senior Director (e-Governance), Department of IT, Government of India  Mr. Rajen Varada, CEO Labournet & Founder, TFTP  Mr. Osama Manzar, Founder & Director, Digital empowerment Foundation  Mr. Amitabh Singhal, Telxess consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.  Mr. Amir Ullah Khan, Deputy Director, Bill & Melinda Gates foundation Content Copyrights Reserved9 This is one of the platform which can bring them to the core and encourage them to do more to change and shape the world to a new dimension. Mobility is one segment which can reach fast to all segment of the pyramid. I hope its only through awards like this, individuals and companies can be honored and recognized.” Mr. Sinnathamby Shanmugarajah CTO, Microimage Mobile Media, Sri Lanka

10 Initiatives Partnership with Vodafone India Foundation Initiated ‘Mobiles for Good’ Explore & Invite Registered NGOs & NPOs working for Social Impact using Mobile Phones M4G: Honor 2 winners out of 60 valid Nominations from India Provide 20 lacs Fund support to the winners Visit the Winners project site on regular basis to ensure the progress of Project in an effective & efficient manner Content Copyrights Reserved10 The mBillionth Award is a great platform to demonstrate the power of mobile and recognise the talents of those who are able to deploy ICT in innovative ways to help build the digital divide and create new opportunities for Indian society at large. The power of mobile in creating sectors” Laura Turkington Director– Vodafone India Foundation

11 Initiatives Partnership with Vodafone India Foundation Initiated ‘Women and Innovation Award’ Explore & Invite Mobile applications creating impact & benefiting Women in the society WIN: Honor 3 winners out of 60 valid nominations Provide 44 lacs Fund support to the winners Content Copyrights Reserved11 Getting insights to truly original mobile applications addressing a wide variety of localized needs of this region was an impressive start of the jury process. During the jury process, how collective decision making was made, blending different perspectives in an objective way was indeed praiseworthy. Overall a great experience! Manjula Dissanayake VP – Global Operations| ZONE24X7

12 Initiatives Partnership with Vodafone Explore & Inviting people to Create Mobile apps Sponsorship provided for the innovators to build the apps Launch & promote them through vodafone market place Enhance the apps through funding & supporting Innovators Content Copyrights Reserved12 From witnessing applications that were innovations in their own right to those that impacted millions of people, actually “changing lives”, the experience told me that inspite of being part of a huge mobile-app churning organization, there is so much we have to learn still. Mr. Karan Gambhir General Manager, One97 Communications Ltd.

13 Initiatives Partnership with Spice digital initiative EkSoch Seed the concept of mPowerForum Invite Ideas/Concepts from India Choose ideas sound Socially Impactful & Commercially viable Support Incubation support to nurture the applications Provide Mentors to the innovators to develop a sustainable model Support in provide a network using which the application can be launched in the Market Content Copyrights Reserved13 Personally I look forward for those days when these award wining applications get converted into successful value-added commercial applications and services.” Mr Ashis Sanyal Former Sr. Director, Ministry of Comm & IT, Gov of India

14 Initiatives Partnership with OnMobile A PPP model for the empowerment of Unreached masses Initiated Digital Literacy Program Partners like Ministry of IT,Govt. of India Many Device Players & Telco Players joined in for this initiative Support in providing resources for idea implementation Content Copyrights Reserved14 Its wonderful to be part of a jury process which help recognize best mobile application innovations. I was moved by some of the thinking which actually help real needed people on the ground.” Mr. Sanjaya Karunasena Chief Technology Officer, ICTA, Sri Lanka

15 Sustainable Model mBillion th Award has been renowned as first of its kind initiative in the Telecom space of south Asia region. An aim to make mBillion th a Sustainable Intelligence Model to cover aspects of Awareness, Social Vibrancy & Economic Prosperity A Bunch of supporters includes names like- ContenCopyrights Reserved15 The mBillionth awards is unique with just this mission bringing together people with a spectrum of experiences in both public and private life to broad base evaluation. Being part of the jury was both intense and a pleasure. Mr. Chirag Jain Vice President, Carrier Relations (India), SMS GupShup

16 Proposal for mBillion th 2012 This year we again would like to invite you to join us at mBillion th Award 2012 platform to honor excellence in the Mobile & Telecom Space of South Asia. Join us as: Nominee/Attendee Jury Member Financial Sponsors (Details in next slide) Mentoring the innovative Apps Venture Capitalist for new apps ContenCopyrights Reserved16

17 Thank You Content Copyrights Reserved17

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