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The Man Jesus Met in the Country of the Gadarenes

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2 The Man Jesus Met in the Country of the Gadarenes
His name: Legion Roman military unit of 6,000 was a “legion” Here likely means “many” (Luke 8:30; Mark 5:9) His problem: Possessed by great number of demons Demons were evil spirits under Satan’s control They took possession of people to control and torment them God allowed them to have a limited freedom on the earth in those days that His Son’s power over evil might be shown to be complete (Matt. 12:28-29; Luke 10:17-18) When the age of the miraculous ended, demonic possession ended as well (Zech. 13:2; 1 Cor. 12: :8-13)

3 The Man Jesus Met in the Country of the Gadarenes
His condition: Really bad shape He had many demons for a long time (Luke 8:27, 30) He had lost the use of his mind (Mark 5:15); wild and fierce (Mt. 8:28) He lived in the burial tombs (Mark 5:3); driven by the demon (Lk. 8:29) He terrorized those who were about him or got near him (Matt. 8:28) He harmed himself, cutting with stones (Mark 5:5) He had often been seized, chained and kept under guard (Luke 8:29) He was unnaturally powerful, could break shackles & chains (Mk. 5:4) No one could tame him, for their safety or his (Mark 5:4) He was constantly crying out in the mountains like a beast (Mark 5:5) He was naked (Luke 8:27) Until Christ appeared, his situation seemed hopeless

4 The Demons’ Reaction to Jesus
“Ran and worshiped Him” (Mk. 5:6) – the man or the demons? “What have I to do with You, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? I implore You by God that You do not torment me” (Mk. 5:7) The demons had faith & confessed their faith (cf. Jas. 2:19) The demons believed in the reality of judgment and torment Had a more knowledge & faith than most people today They pleaded with Jesus: “Do not torment me” (Mark 5:7), “before the time” (Matt. 8:29) “Not send them out of the country” (Mark 5:10) “Not command to go out into the abyss (bottomless pit)” (Luke 8:31) “Permit us to go away into the herd of swine” (Matt. 8:31; Luke 8:32) They recognized His complete power over them

5 Jesus’ Power Over the Demons (Evil)
Jesus commanded, “Come out of the man, unclean spirit!” (Luke 8:29; Mark 5:8) Jesus said to them, “Go” into the large herd of swine (Matt. 8:32; Mark 5:11) The whole swine (about 2,000) ran violently down the steep place into the sea and drowned (Mt. 8:32; Mk. 5:13; Lk.. 8:33) The demons could not resist the command of Christ; He is too powerful

6 The Various Effects of this Miracle of Jesus
Effect on the swine: went berserk and destroyed themselves Effect on the demons: cast out and again without a host Effect on the swineherders: fled into the city to tell what happened (Matt. 8:33; Mark 5:14-16; Luke 8:34-36) Effect on the townspeople: went out to see what happened (Matt. 8:34; Mark 5:14-15) They were afraid…seized with great fear (Luke 8:35, 37) The whole multitude begged Him to depart (Luke 8:37)

7 The Various Effects of this Miracle of Jesus
Effect on the demon-possessed man: healed (Luke 8:36) The demons had departed (Luke 8:35) Sitting (Mark 5:15) – no longer out of control Sitting at the feet of Jesus (Luke 8:35) Clothed (Mark 5:15; Luke 8:35) – no longer naked In his right mind (Luke 8:35; Mark 5:15) No longer demon-possessed but Christ-possessed Begged to go and be with Jesus (Luke 8:38) Personally commissioned by Jesus (Mark 5:19) Proclaimed good news throughout Decapolis & all marveled (Mk. 5:20)

8 Lessons to Learn and Remember
Satan is a cruel master who seeks our destruction. Faith in Jesus is not enough to be saved and delivered from Satan’s control. It was Christ’s special mission to destroy the works of the devil & free men. When people prefer property to people, they will want to be rid of Christ. Those who want to remain in their sins find Jesus’ presence intolerable. Jesus will not force Himself upon any people who do not want Him. Before man needs to “go into all the world,” he needs go to his own house. Those who’ve been saved by Christ need to proclaim the good news freely. Demon possession is not possible today, but demon obsession is. We can still be in bondage to Satan in much more subtle ways. No matter how powerful the forces of evil, they cannot stand before Christ. People who serve the devil are not in their right mind. People in their right mind want to do right and serve the Lord. We must tell others about the grace, mercy and forgiveness of the Lord.

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