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Mr P. Leighton Contemporary Sporting Issues Socio-cultural Issues

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1 Mr P. Leighton Contemporary Sporting Issues Socio-cultural Issues
Excellence and Participation in the UK: Opportunity, Provision and Esteem. Mr P. Leighton Contemporary Sporting Issues Socio-cultural Issues

2 Today’s Session… Understand and be able to explain sports development in terms of… Sports Development Pyramid. Continuum of Mass participation to Excellence. Understand the terms Opportunity, Provision and Esteem and how they affect participation. Look at the different groups which are marginalised in sport.

3 The Sports Participation Pyramid…
It is important to know this… especially the two middle layers and the difference between them.

4 The Continuum: Task 1. stand up and create a line.
In this line rearrange yourself according to your commitment to… Sport- How high you have played… Sport- How many times you train… College- How often you attend lectures…

5 The Continuum from Mass Participation to Sporting Excellence…
Q: What changes as you move from left to right? Skill Commitment Organisation

6 Explanation… Mass Participation: More important to take part than to win. Physical Activity is pursued for health, fitness and enjoyment. Lifelong physical activity- Lifetime sport- Lifelong participation. “Sport for All” has been pursued by HCO’s for over 30 years. Mass Participation, theoretically, increases the potential talent pool to be supported to the top. Mass Participation supports the idea that everyone should have the chance to excel and participate at whatever level regardless of age, gender, ability, wealth, race or religion.

7 Sporting Excellence… “A state of exceptional merit or quality” Involves elite or professional, highly skilled or motivated performers. National or International competition to win. “Selective and Exclusive”. So why do other countries have more performers coming through to the top?

8 Opportunity, Provision and Esteem…
Access is obviously a “Way in” to sport This works like a jigsaw- if your missing a piece then your puzzle is incomplete- Chances are diminished to succeed.

9 Social and Cultural Factors…
Society is “Stratified”. This means that unfair “stacking” occurs where the dominant members of society receive the greatest freedom and opportunity. Think Lego bricks? Who do you think is at the bottom? What about those who are doubly restricted i.e. black female? Asian and disabled?

10 Discrimination and Minority Groups…
Who are the minority groups in society? Young People The Elderly The Disabled Women Ethnic Minorities What affects their participation?


12 Key words from today…

13 Work for You… Pick a minority group within the 5 mentioned earlier.
Work in a group of 6 to produce a power point presentation on this area plus handouts. You should look at the issue, the impact of social and cultural factors and the possible measures to increase participation and influence excellence. Due for next Wednesday (before your exam)

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