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2 THE DEATH PENALTY, Right or Wrong?

3 Specific Vocabulary Death penalty Capital punishment Jail-prisson Justice Murder Kidnapping Rape Punishment cell Crime Death row Gallows Lethal injection Electric chair

4 What is the difference between murder and capital punishment? Do you think capital punishment states have lower rate of capital crimes? Does Death Penalty save lives? Should an assassin have all the conditions to live (water,food,…) in her/his punishment cell? “A life for a life” or “Death penalty is an extreme way of torture”. Which one would you choose?

5 Does Death penalty meets human rights? Do you think that If there were not death penalty, the crimes would increase? Do you think people under 18, must be in the death row, for murder or any other crime? Would you propose death penalty in Spain?

6 Why do we kill people who kill people to show that killing people is wrong?

7 THANK YOU! Rebeca Preciados

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