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Protective factors in making volunteering a protective factor Marion Findlay Volunteer Centre Edinburgh.

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1 Protective factors in making volunteering a protective factor Marion Findlay Volunteer Centre Edinburgh

2 “The Restricted Patients Team is keen to ensure that patients are involved in activities which will promote social inclusion, reduce the likelihood of developing negative symptoms and which can be a "protective factor" for future.........” Letter from Principal Medical Officer (Forensic Psychiatry) to all health boards, Dec 2012

3 What are protective factors? Presence or absence of a particular factor which protects against risk or ill health Stable housing Steady employment Positive sense of self Healthy beliefs Supportive social networks Sense of trust Resilient personality traits Pro-social involvement Strong attachments and bonds People who support you Self knowledge Structured day Meaningful roles and routines Resilience Safe environment Treated with respect Work Good communication Drug and alcohol free

4 Volunteer Centre Edinburgh Part of Edinburgh’s Third Sector Interface Promote, develop and deliver volunteering services Equal responsibility to individuals who wish to volunteer, organisations, referrers Part of network of VCs across Scotland

5 Health & Wellbeing Team Established 1984 (mental health, but now cover all additional support needs) Pioneer in inclusive volunteering Royal Edinburgh Hospital – Volunteer Hub 2008 Staffing

6 Volunteering is the giving of your time, skills and energy to help someone outside your family for no financial reward.

7 Types of voluntary work Office Work Advocacy Animals Human rights Arts Befriending & Mentoring Campaigning Lobbying Caring Support Work Catering Charity Shops Community Development Management Committees Information Technology Conservation Counselling Disaster/Emergency Relief Driving Escorting Finance Fundraising Home Based volunteering Justice Languages Library Work Business Management Marketing Public Relations/Media Online volunteering Play schemes Children’s Clubs Practical/DIY Research/Policy Work Residential Volunteering Sports Outdoor Activities Tutoring Youth work

8 36% of Edinburgh’s population have volunteered in past year 37% employed 39% permanently retired 33% other 49% volunteer at least once a week Scottish Household Survey 2012

9 Health & Wellbeing Team – 2012/13 79 new clients 32% volunteer 29% progression to other positive destination 68 “returning” clients Contrast with figures for 2001/01 – 312 new clients

10 Royal Edinburgh Hub – since 2008 289 patients; 48% placed into volunteering 40% of all in-patients within the rehabilitation service have secured voluntary work 75% of referrals from forensic services have been placed

11 REH in patient opportunities Bird feeding Administration Practical / DIY Petty cash Painting Refreshment helper Car washing Food co-op Library Gardening Advocacy Stockroom




15 “It keeps me healthy” “Gives me an identity, new friendships, laughter and purpose” “It has saved my life” “Made my dad proud of me for the first time in my adult years” “I feel that I am valued for who I am; this isn’t something I am used to” “Investing in Volunteers” assessment, August 2012

16 “The Volunteer Hub enables our patients to try out work in a familiar and supported environment - a crucial step in helping people build or develop skills for work, and gain the confidence to try out new things. This has helped introduce the idea of work early on in the patient’s journey. It is essential in helping people to move on and engage with volunteering or paid employment in the wider community“ Occupational Therapist

17 What are the current challenges? More people available to volunteer Limited capacity to accommodate support needs of potential volunteers Limited capacity to identify, develop and support new volunteering opportunities Loss of specific volunteer management posts Short term funding

18 Pre-volunteering processes Assessment of skills/abilities/limitations/risks Graded & paced activities "Enabling employment through tailored support", Occupational Therapy News (Bradford 2012) "Towards work in forensic mental health: National guidance for allied health professions. Review to government by Jean McQueen" (School of Forensic Mental Health 2011) Understanding & disclosure of relevant personal information External relationships

19 Protective factors for referrers Do background research on volunteering & possible opportunities Ensure client has clear understanding of volunteering Ensure organisation has clear understanding of client Be prepared to give the organisation guidance & support about particular issues related to client

20 Protective factors for referrers (cont) Assist client with application and provide reference Arrange taster shift or trial period Support client on initial volunteering sessions – be a “buddy” Do not abandon

21 Protective factors for organisations Clear framework for volunteer engagement Volunteering policy Effective processes for recruitment and selection of volunteers Volunteering agreements Volunteer task/role descriptions Risk assessments for each task description Effective training and support for volunteers Code of conduct Process for dealing with complaints & disciplinary issues

22 Protective factors for organisations “I haven’t enough time to support volunteers with additional needs” Checklist for supportive volunteering olunteering/inclusion Guidelines on alternatives to volunteering Guidance on exit strategies

23 Dementia Group Volunteering Homeless Project Volunteering Overseas Volunteering Farm Project Volunteering Conservation Project Residential Volunteering Conservation Project Volunteering Health access course Sense of Belonging Community Knowledge Cycling GroupCycling Climbing Socialising Holiday

24 Volunteer Centre Edinburgh 3 rd Floor, 24 Torphichen Street Edinburgh 0131 225 0630 Royal Edinburgh Hospital – Volunteer Hub Morningside Terrace Edinburgh 0131 537 6229

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