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UK Seaside Towns and Cities. Links:

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1 UK Seaside Towns and Cities


3 Links:

4 Hello, I will be in your seaside town/ city next month for two days. I will have a free afternoon and evening to enjoy the town. I will need the following information: The name of a nearby major airport An outline of the route from the airport by road to your town/ city Details of three suggested ideas for leisure facilities and activities that I can enjoy in your town/city on my free afternoon and evening. I am in my 30s and will be travelling alone. Ms. L. Mehta

5 ANSWER Correctly named seaside town/ city (1 Mark) Correct airport (1 Mark) Correct route (2 Marks) 3 x 2 Marks for ideas – 1 st mark for simple ideas appropriate to needs of customer type, 2 nd for details. For full marks at least 1 afternoon activity and 1 evening activity TOTAL 10 MARKS

6 ANSWER Torquay Bristol / Exeter Airport is the nearest. Follow A 380 to Exeter then onto M5 North to Bristol. Paignton Zoon in the Afternoon then perhaps to the London Inn for drinks and food in the evening. Then perhaps to Route 66 a club at night.

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