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International Energy Solutions Limited Economic and Management Consulting for the Energy Sector About Us website: email:

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1 International Energy Solutions Limited Economic and Management Consulting for the Energy Sector About Us website: email:

2 International Energy Solutions Limited IESL: leading edge analysis, practical solutions IESL was established in 2002 to develop solutions to key issues facing public and commercial organisations in the energy sector. Through our core staff and associates we combine professional expertise, analytical skills and management experience of the highest order. Our mission is to remain at the leading edge of developments; at the same time our emphasis is on practical solutions that will achieve the best results in each particular case. Extensive knowledge of the energy sector world-wide, reinforced by project experience across three continents Professional expertise and analytical skills of the highest order - covering economic, financial and technical analysis, strategy and policy, and modelling Senior level management experience within energy companies and in implementing projects Substantial international consulting experience, across Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East Full understanding of private and public sector environments - we have worked for governments, regulators, energy companies and investors Strong cultural awareness - our international experience enables us to develop solutions which are most suitable for each country Extensive experience of the structure, conduct, performance and life cycle of the energy sector Our emphasis on quality - we are committed to producing the best results.

3 International Energy Solutions Limited Our Services: Electricity reform and restructuring Electricity markets Retail markets and customer issues Regulation Investment and private sector participation Strategy and management Tariffs and pricing Planning and economic forecasting Statistical modelling, short, medium and long term operational forecasting Energy policy and legislation Training and capability development Data validation and consistency structures to facilitate risk analytics Identify and model market volatility

4 International Energy Solutions Limited IESL People: Peter Butt, Leader - Electricity Markets and Regulation Peter Butt is an economist who has worked for the Confederation of British Industries as energy policy adviser and for the UK electricity company Eastern Group as regulatory adviser and as information and forecasting manager. He has been a consultant since 1996, working on many aspects of the UK electricity market. Internationally, his experience includes project management roles in major projects concerned with the restructuring of the electricity industry in South Korea and with the development of regulatory capabilities in Pakistan. Cliff Coates, Leader - Commercial Codes and Systems Cliff Coates is by background a management and IT specialist, with extensive experience in a UK electricity company in tariff pricing and commercial systems. Since becoming a consultant in 1997 his projects have included production of a settlements system for Scotland, reviewing requirements for a pricing and billing system in Ireland, and several aspects of electricity industry reform in England and Wales, including development of new codes and agreements. John Gower, Leader - Restructuring, Regulation and Investment John Gower has a background in energy economics, planning and management in the Central Electricity Generating Board of the UK. He was Privatisation Team Manager during the UK electricity restructuring process, and then Head of Government and Regulatory Affairs in the UK's largest generating company, handling the major issues arising in the new competitive market. Subsequently he headed central activities in a new international power business, as a member of the senior management team overseeing the development and financing of pioneering power projects. He has been a consultant since 1996, undertaking numerous projects across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

5 International Energy Solutions Limited IESL People: Anthony Gyles, Leader - Energy Trading, Forecasting and Systems Dr Anthony Gyles is an economist with extensive experience in the electricity and gas sectors. He joined Eastern Electricity as Head of Forecasting in 1989, and later in TXU Europe worked on many aspects of energy trading, demand forecasting, pool pricing, generation scheduling and risk management. He has particular expertise in economic analysis, statistical and causal modelling and forecasting, data modelling, business information and intelligence, and electricity data management and settlements. Malcolm Seymour, Leader - Finance Malcolm Seymour is a chartered accountant with wide experience of financial management and planning in the UK electricity industry. He was closely involved in the UK electricity restructuring and privatisation, and subsequently worked on the development and evaluation of international power projects. Since moving into consultancy in 1996, he has been involved with a number of electricity and water utilities in the UK, Europe and Asia, dealing with issues of restructuring, regulation, financial management, planning and project development. Austen Austen-Peters, Senior Adviser - Legal Austen Austen-Peters is a senior lawyer with a range of experience in the electricity and gas industries covering energy law, regulatory law and compliance, contracts, disposals and acquisitions, and financing. After a period as a lawyer with British Gas, he joined Eastern Electricity as a commercial lawyer and subsequently became Assistant General Counsel with TXU Europe. Recent experience with IESL has included the drafting of electricity contracts in the Middle East.

6 International Energy Solutions Limited IESL People: Adrian Callaby, Senior Adviser - Tariffs Adrian Callaby is an expert in the field of tariffs, pricing and contracts and also has substantial experience in regulation, including price control reviews; he was Regulation Adviser to TXU Europe until 2000. Since becoming a consultant in 2001 he has been involved in delivering parts of the UK's new electricity trading arrangements and has advised on many aspects of electricity pricing. John Curran, Senior Adviser - Energy Technology Dr John Curran is a leading expert in energy technology development, and has held university posts in France, Italy, Nigeria and Malaysia. Subsequently he was responsible for setting up the commercial aspects of power station operations for a leading UK electricity company, including fuel purchasing and electricity trading, and then for managing energy research and development. Most recently he has been responsible for technology development, dealing with new generation technologies such as micro CHP and fuel cells and with policies on emissions trading. John Grundy, Senior Adviser - Transmission and System Operations John Grundy has extensive experience in transmission system management in the UK, latterly in several management posts in the National Grid Company (NGC). His responsibilities at NGC included project management of international work. Since moving into consultancy in 1997, he has been involved as project manager or in senior advisory roles in projects in the UK (concerning the new trading arrangements and generation scheduling) and internationally. His international project experience has included Poland, Hungary, Vietnam, India and South Korea.

7 International Energy Solutions Limited IESL People: John Heath, Senior Adviser - Regulation, Retail Markets and Customer Service John Heath is a qualified accountant who worked in the UK electricity industry during its restructuring and privatisation, and was involved in establishing the licensing framework. Following privatisation, he was responsible for Yorkshire Electricity's retail supply business for the domestic and commercial sectors ahead of full competition, and went on to become the company's Director of Regulation. Since moving into consultancy in 1996 he has worked in a number of countries, primarily on regulatory and retail issues, and has utilised his expertise in the water and postal services sectors in addition to energy. He has worked on business and project financing linked to risk assessment and management, and has undertaken a number of projects aimed at improving the management of distribution and supply activities.

8 International Energy Solutions Limited Contact Us: Please contact us in writing and by email: International Energy Solutions Ltd 7 Cardiff Road London W7 2BW United Kingdom Phone (International): +44 (0)20 85 79 67 23 Phone (UK): 020 85 79 67 23 Fax (International): +44 (0)20 83 57 18 77 Fax (UK): 020 83 57 18 77 Email to:

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