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Sit Anywhere Today! You will have a seating chart by next class, but today you have free choice! Enjoy!

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1 Sit Anywhere Today! You will have a seating chart by next class, but today you have free choice! Enjoy!

2 With Mrs. Workman First Days of School

3 Attendance and Name Corrections

4 A & B Days 1A – English 10 2A – English 10 3A - Planning 4A – English 9 1B – English 9 2B - Planning 3B – English 10 4B – English 9

5 Introductions Getting to Know You and Me

6 Mrs. Workman And Her Journey…So Far

7 Who Am I – The Basics Sarah Rose (Aebersold) Workman 26 years old 5 feet and maybe 1 inch (maybe) I’m not a Hobbit, but I can sympathize University of Louisville – B.A., M.A. in English, M.A.T. in Secondary Education AKA – I’m an Over-achiever and Really Like to Learn

8 The Recent Past December 15 th I got married to This Guy And We Went to Disney World for our Honeymoon!

9 Yeah, But Who Is She Really? Are You Sure You Want to Know? Get Ready… Because This Is Sort of Embarrassing

10 Mrs. Workman is…A Really Big Nerd! And I Mean That In the Best Way Possible

11 What Makes Me A Nerd – Number 10 I Like to Write I write short stories, plays, screenplays, even two whole fairy tale novels for a now not-so-little girl I’ve known since she was 2 years old. Yes, and sometimes I even write fan fiction.

12 What Makes Me A Nerd – Number 9 I Love Reading Barnes and Noble is like my second home. And I almost only read Classic Literature (except for my obsession with Neil Gaiman). Book Worm, right?

13 What Makes Me A Nerd – Number 8 I’m a Super Massive Anglophile I refer to England as the Blessed Isle. I have been there three times and can’t wait to go again! At random times I will break out into a British accent, so prepare yourself.

14 What Makes Me A Nerd – Number 7 I play flute and alto-saxophone In High School, I was in Band, Jazz Band, & Pep Band. Back in my day, this made you talented, but a nerd. I’m not sold on that last one.

15 What Makes Me A Nerd – Number 6 I Love Acting I was in all my school’s plays from 4 th grade to Senior Year. I even wrote my alma mater’s Fall Play after I got out of High School.

16 What Makes Me A Nerd – Number 5 One of My Favorite TV Shows Was Made Before I Was Born. I heart Remington Steele. Before he was Bond, Pierce Brosnan was Remington Steele.

17 What Makes Me A Nerd – Number 4 I am a Disney Addict! I love all things Disney – movies, music, the parks, Vinylmation, all of it! I have a serious problem, but it’s a magical one.

18 What Makes Me A Nerd – Number 3 I love Lord of the Rings. I still had LOTR posters on my bedroom walls when I got married. I know, right? Now, they hang in my classroom.

19 What Makes Me A Nerd – Number 2 I am totally obsessed with Star Wars I’ve read way too many of the books, own a bunch of Star Wars board games, and have even been to a Star Wars convention. Personally, I think this makes me Awesome!

20 What Makes Me A Nerd – Number 1 I love Doctor Who! He is a Time Lord who can travel anywhere in Time or Space in his ship that looks like a blue police box. It’s a sci-fi show from England that is now more than 50 years old. Basically, it’s amazing and you should join the Doctor Who Club.

21 Free Write – Help Me Get to Know You! If you could go on a journey anywhere (fiction or reality) or any time, where would you go? What is there that is so interesting or important? Who would you meet or what might you find? What would you do there? Put your Name on the Notecard before you start your Response.

22 Boring Stuff Sorry, but it must be done…

23 The Syllabus Go to Providence iTeach Sarah Workman Choose Your Class Syllabus You may want to toss this into Notability app, if you would like to take notes on the syllabus! The Discipline Plan must be signed by you and a parent/guardian by Tuesday (A Day) or Wednesday (B Day). You may print this off and turn it in, or sign it in Notability and then submit into your Google Drive Folder

24 Google Drive Folder Open/Download the Google Drive app Click the Plus Sign on the far Right Hand side Select “New Folder” (do not choose New Document!!!) Title the Folder: Your Last Name, First Name – English # - Block # and A/B Day Ex. Workman, Sarah_English 10_1A Once your folder is in your Drive, go the Right and hit the “i” circle Select “Share” Enter Make sure you select “Can Edit”

25 Getting the Textbook Open the iBooks app. (Not iTunes!) Go to the Store. At the top, click “More” and then “Textbooks” Scroll down to Common Core and National Editions Scroll through books until you find “Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Literature” and find your appropriate grade level Grade 9 – Cover has man and woman under an umbrella Grade 10 – Cover has waves crashing You must have the textbook by Tuesday (A Day) or Wednesday (B Day)

26 Great Balloon Debate Get into a group of 3-4 other people. Your choice today! Today is a practice in taking a stance and using logic/evidence to support your thinking.

27 Name Game Everybody up and form a circle around the room! This game is meant to help me learn your names, but I think you’ll find it fun too. You will say “My name is ____________ and I like ______________” that starts with the same letter your first name begins with. You will then have to repeat all the names of everyone who has come before you and what they said they like.

28 English 9 Next class we will be spending our ONE AND ONLY day on A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Bring your summer assignment. Make sure you have the book. We will be doing some group work with the novel, so be ready to review and discuss the story’s themes.

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