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Personal Project YLM, Monday, September 2 nd 2013.

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1 Personal Project YLM, Monday, September 2 nd 2013

2 Year 10 only A summative assignment Formal expression of what the student has learned during their years in the MYP, culmination of the MYP Focus on one areas of interaction and reflect a topic of a real interest to the student, driven by an AoI Final objectives and final criteria Entirely student driven Teachers as supervisors What is the Personal Project?

3 Product & Journal Written reflection about process PP Fair Elements of the Personal Project

4 AIMS Demonstrate the personal abilities and skills required to produce and present an extended piece of work. Engage in personal inquiry, action and reflection on specific topics and issues. Focus on, and demonstrate an understanding of the AOI. Reflect on learning and share knowledge, views and opinions. Aims & Objectives

5 OBJECTIVE A. Use the process journal B. Define the goal C. Select sources D. Apply information E. Achieve the goal F. Reflect on learning G. Report the project

6 Objective A Use the process journal Students should: demonstrate organizational skills through time and self-management communicate and collaborate with the supervisor demonstrate information literacy, thinking and reflection. Process journal

7 Objective B Define the goal Students should: identify and explain a topic based on personal interest justify one focus area of interaction as a context for the project outline a clear, achievable, challenging goal create specifications that will be used to evaluate the project’s outcome/product. Report

8 Objective C Select sources Students should: select varied, relevant sources to achieve the goal evaluate sources. Report

9 Objective D Apply information Students should: transfer and apply information to make decisions, create solutions and develop understandings in connection with the project’s goal. Report

10 Objective E Achieve the goal Students should: evaluate the outcome/product against their own specifications for success. Students award a level that relates to the descriptors in criterion E in collaboration with their supervisor. Product and Report

11 Objective F Reflect on learning Students should: reflect on how completing the project has extended their knowledge and understanding of the topic and the focus area of interaction reflect on how they have developed as a learner by completing the project Report

12 Objective G Report the project Students should: organize the project report according to the required structure communicate clearly, coherently and concisely, within required limits acknowledge sources according to recognized conventions. Report

13 What steps should I follow ? 1.Themes or Topics 2. Proposal 3. Resources 4. Working on the Project 5. Outcome: Structured Writing PP Committee PP Supervisor

14 PERSONAL PROJECT TIMELINE 2013-2014 ItemsTime Personal Project IntroductoryWeek 3 (YLM – Monday, 2 nd September 2013), term 1, 2013 Create a proposal2 nd – 13 th September 2013 Personal Project Proposal DueFriday, 13 th September 2013 Supervisor allocation13 th – 20 th September 2013 Initial meeting with supervisor23 rd September 2013 Submit Timeline (Outline Plan)27 th September 2013 Working on the projectSeptember 2013 -February 2014 PP Progress reportOctober 2013 Tutorial sessionsJanuary - February 2014 Personal Project Product Completed*Friday, 28 th February 2014 Year Level Meeting sessions1 session each per term Personal Project Report DueFriday,11 th April 2014 PP exhibitionThursday, 24 th April 2014 Feedback and grades21 th - 25 th April 2014 PP Final reportJune 2014

15 What exactly do I have to create for the Personal Project? You must create three items: A process journal A product or outcome for display that shows other people what you did A project report

16 The Process Journal Your process journal is the record of your involvement in the Personal Project process. It should record all your ideas, your planning, your discussions, clippings of readings and concepts, diary excerpts, meeting schedules and outcomes with your supervisor, photographs – whatever you do that is part of the process should be kept in this document. You choose the format of your journal. It might be a scrapbook, a note book, an electronic site for example.

17 The Product or Outcome The product you create is how you show other people what you have investigated. Apart from your journal, which will be part of the display, you need to have some way of showing what you produced or achieved for your goal. This might be the actual product such as a model, electronic article, artwork or it might be visuals of the outcome such as photographs of an event you organised.

18 The Project Report The report you produce will be in written format. You will need to think carefully about how you report your project and how you work best. The important thing to think about for your project is to identify something YOU want to explore and find out more about.

19 Types of Personal Projects Original work of art A written piece of work A piece of literary fiction An original science experiment An invention Business, management organizational plan etc

20 An International recipe book

21 A scientific model

22 A photo exhibition

23 So how is it supposed to be driven by an Area of Interaction ? What are the Areas of Interaction again ? – Approaches to Learning (ATL) – Community & Service – Human Ingenuity (formerly Homo Faber) – Health & Social Education – Environments

24 Number PP typeAoI focusPP title Example 1ResearchCommunity and service Service for elderly Hansen’s disease patients Example 2ResearchHealth and social education The other side of the fence Example 3CreationCommunity and service Creating a medical guidebook for Suzhou expatriates Example 4CreationCommunity and service How can I create a calendar for charity based on the theme education? Example 5CreationHuman ingenuity Creating a comic

25 Service for elderly Hansen’s disease patients Service for elderly Hansen’s disease patients Community and Service Visited patients at a local leprosarium and then suggested improvements. researched the history, created a questionnaire and shared with peers Techniques that he used for improving the patients’ condition included ice-breaking activities, simple conversation and letter writing.

26 The other side of the fence The other side of the fence Health and Social Education An essay designed to change people’s attitudes towards orphans and inform about their living conditions Researched on Internet. Questionnaires & Interviews with orphanage staff and the children plus other peoples attitudes about orphans Surveyed people about their views on orphanages and orphans, before & after reading her article.

27 A medical guidebook for Suzhou expatriates A medical guidebook for Suzhou expatriates Health and Social Education user-friendly medical guidebook for English-speaking expatriates living in Suzhou, China.

28 Create a calendar for a charity based on the theme education? Create a calendar for a charity based on the theme education? Community and Service Design and create a calendar called “everybody deserves an education” and composed pictures, using students from her school, to represent 12 different school subjects. A professional printer & identified a sponsor in a medical company. She decided to donate the proceeds from the calendar sales to UNICEF.


30 Creating a comic Creating a comic human ingenuity produced a comic for the patients in the hospital in which he was born. (100th anniversary. ) He therefore chose to design a comic to give to children in the hospital, to entertain them during their long and difficult periods of treatment. He also received financial support from the organization Fondation Jeunes-PROJET.

31 The supervisors’ responsibilities are to: ensure the chosen personal project topic satisfies appropriate legal and ethical standards with regard to health and safety, confidentiality, human rights, animal welfare and environmental issues provide guidance to students in the planning, research and completion of the personal project confirm the authenticity of the work submitted assess the personal project according to the criteria take part in the internal standardization of assessment process established by the school.

32 PERSONAL PROJECT 2012-2013 SUPERVISOR’S CHECKLIST FOR PERSONAL PROJECT MEETINGS MEETING 1 (September) Prior to this meeting, students will have chosen their topic, completed a questionnaire, filled in the proposal form and made at least one entry in a process journal or log book (Electronic versions are probably best, but the students may purchase of buy a diary if they like) They should have introduced themselves to you and arranged a regular meeting time. Student’s responsibilities: Discuss and emphasize the importance of commitment for your project (establish a contract if necessary). Read the personal project journey guidelines and make journal Finalized topic – Student must have a clear idea of the product that they will be creating. Student has begun to write research questions that are focused on their chosen Area/s of Interaction Understand and review the summative assessment criteria (Personal Project IBO Guide) Discuss expectations for next meeting: students should create a brief working outline or plan in their process journal, begin to record and gather potential sources, and record all ideas in their process journal (student note these expectations in the process journal)

33 Personal Project Meeting Record Form Meeting No: ____Date : ________________ Start Time: ____Finish: ________________ Items discussed: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Development: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Achievements: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Problems (if any): _________________________________________________________________________________________ Tasks for Next Meeting: _________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________ Student’s signature Supervisor’s signature

34 How do you start ? 1. Explore and choose a theme - discuss ideas with different people - focus on one of interaction - set realistic goals - complete personal project proposal - consult with personal project committee

35 2. Find a supervisor (teachers, student support teachers) Their Role : - Provide guidelines, - Help the students complete the project - Assess work (formative & summative )

36 3. Planning the project - define the investigation - choose sources of material - outside resources including people - make a list of tasks - establish a time line

37 4. Working on the project - collecting necessary materials - follow structure of personal project - consult supervisor regularly - keep process journal/log book - length around 4000 words - normal timetable - time management

38 5. Presenting the project - Various types - Structured writing - School exhibition – PP exhibition

39 Note to Students This logbook should be used to record the progress of your project. It is your responsibility to look after it. At the end of each meeting with your supervisor you should fill out a brief record of your meeting. Both you and your supervisor should sign it. On completion of the project this logbook must be submitted or attached with your project report, and will be used to assist in assessing your work. The submission of your logbook with your project is compulsory.

40 SAMPLE OF A PERSONAL PROJECT PROPOSAL Student’s name:Pak Liam Tutor Group: 10C Title: Hand-washing habits of school aged children in Indonesia Area of Interaction and why: Community and Service because it would be a service to the community to improve basic hygiene thus preventing a wide range of diseases. Goal: (What do you want to achieve from this project?) To develop hand-washing habits of school aged children at Desa Parigi, Tangerang Product : (How can you achieve the goal?) A school teaching programme that I will develop for visiting schools. (including activities and lesson plans) I can show this by making a scrap book of my visits. Is this a good proposal for a PP ? Explain why …____________________________________________________________

41 SAMPLE OF A PERSONAL PROJECT PROPOSAL Student’s name:Pak David Tutor Group: 10A Title: Indonesia’s Environment Area of Interaction and why: Human Ingenuity Goal: (What do you want to achieve from this project?) To make a poster Product : (How can you achieve the goal?) Poster of Indonesia Is this a good proposal for a PP ? Explain why …____________________________________________________________

42 PP Proposal Form PERSONAL PROJECT PROPOSAL School Year 2013 - 2014 Student’s name: _____________________ Tutor Group: 10_________ Proposal One Title: _________________________ Area of Interaction and rationale: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Goal: (What do you want to achieve from this project?) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________ Product: (How can you achieve the goal?) `_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Proposal Two Title: _______________________________ Area of Interaction and rationale: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Goal: (What do you want to achieve from this project?) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________ Product: (How can you achieve the goal?) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DUE to B.Popy by 3.00pm Friday, 13 th September 2013

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