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Natural Disasters The Earthquake and an explanation on Mountains Jacinta 8D.

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2 Natural Disasters The Earthquake and an explanation on Mountains Jacinta 8D

3 Today's earthquake destroyed many houses and buildings… Earthquakes are terrible! Especially if you get caught in one. Through this special presentation I will guide you through as I explain about our topic; landforms. Next!

4 Can you see me? Am I too far? Am I too near? Am I in focus? I mean uh- This is a mountain range, where you can obviously see many mountains. Now, click the obviously drawn mountain in the back.

5 Hey Where did you go? ! There you are! Where’s the background?

6 Much better! Now back here behind me is a very pretty mountain range! This mountain is called the Tatra Mountain. Mountains are the really high landforms. They are bigger than hills, plateaus, …and well, plains. Mountains can be described by the following features: 1.High 2.Jagged skyline 3.Steep slopes 4. Deep valleys 5. High local reliefs If you still don’t understand, I still have one explanation that can help. “A mountain is an elevated part of the earth’s surface, often rising abruptly.” Let’s move on to Tectonic plates.

7 I don’t need make-up right? I mean uh- Alright! Tectonic plates! Here’s a little picture I found in the web. But let’s explain it in a way my imagination thought it was.

8 Let’s say we’re deep underground, and you are not wondering how I’m surviving in this environment. Alright, now I always imagined tectonic plates as well, plates. DINNE R PLATES ! Now let’s say these dinner- I mean- Tectonic plates accidentally bumped each other. From here, it looks like no BIG deal, but from above… Above …

9 Total and complete EVIL destruction! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! I meant- Let me explain this back in my… IMAGINATION! Imagination!

10 Now you see Tectonic plates are all about

11 You see, the earth’s rocky surface is called the crust. It is divided into plates, which fit together like a jigsaw puzzle! You remember this? This is where all the Tectonic plates are on a map. Like this globe I broke. And when the edges of two plates grip each other, The plates cannot move. If they shift suddenly, An earthquake happens, causing terrible damage! Like This. No matter how bad it gets, we get used to these things. Even the destruction! But it doesn’t matter! That’s mother EARTH!

12 Ouch! That map is VERY hard to make! These are where the Tectonic Plates are on a map Here are some very expensive animation movements- Showing where the Tectonic Plates move. This better be worth it! I’m wasting my allowance! Neat eh?Here’s the KEY KEY Plate boundaries Direction plate is moving in You see, Plates are large areas of land that ‘float’ On the liquid rock underneath. So even if there is an earthquake remember… THAT’S MOTHER EARTH!

13 The Rising Rocks of the mountains! Many mountains form in areas where plates push against each other. The moving plates squeeze the land up, creating mountains. Like this. The moving plates can cause cracks in the crust into blocks and some rise up to form fault mountains. Let’s say this is continent A. A Let’s say this is continent B. B …and they push, like this. The forms A & B, push towards each other, Causing the form to move up. That makes a mountain! And presto…MOUNTAIN!

14 Let’s summarize what we have learnt. We learned about mountains! …and that mountains are bigger than hills, Plateaus,And plains. We learned what happens when Tectonic Plates- Bump each other. Misery for a city near by. We also learned that Tectonic Plates are like puzzle pieces of earth. Like this globe I broke. Remember? We also learned how mountains were formed! The movement of two tectonic plates or continents moving together causing the middle to move up. But what is TRULY important for viewers to remember is… EARTHQUAKES ARE NOT CAUSED BY PEOPLE WHO ARE ABLE TO MANIPULATE EARTH! MAKE SURE YOU REMEMBER THAT. With all that you are able to remember anything about earthquakes! ATLEAST ALL I KNOW!


16 END CREDITS Created on Wednesday August 8 th 2007 Created on Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Completed on: September 1 st 2007 Created during IT lesson Teacher: P.Hendarto REFERENCES Koda inspired by the Disney movie: Brother Bear Mountain picture: Tatra Mountain picture: Tectonic plates image: Lava image: Earth image: Image of picture on TV: TOPH Created (in presentation) by: Jessica & Jacinta On Nickelodeon’s hit show “Avatar: the last air bender” created by Bryan Konietzko and Mike Dimartinno TERRA Created (in presentation) by: Jessica & Jacinta On Cartoon Network’s hit show “Teen Titans” Comic writer: J.Torres Explanations by: Margaret Hynes (book: Mountains) Humanities; physical processes A MESSAGE… An accordance with all federal and state wildlife regulations, no bear cubs were harmed during the making of this presentation… Well, not yet…

17 End of slide show, click to exit. GOODNIGHT TOKYO! Or wherever you’re from!

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