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Chapter Technology Transfer Committee Workshop 2014 Contact Information Regional Vice Chair: Telephone: Email:

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1 Chapter Technology Transfer Committee Workshop 2014 Contact Information Regional Vice Chair: Telephone: Email:

2 Regional CTTC Support Contact Information Regional Program Chair: Tel.: Email: Regional Refrigeration Chair: Tel.: Email: Regional GGAC Chair: Tel.: Email:

3 Workshop Agenda Introductions/Sign-In CTTC Responsibilities Chapter Programs Distinguished Lecturer Program PAOE Criteria/Reporting CTTC Award Programs Refrigeration Questions/Answers/Evaluation

4 ASHRAE’s Mission To advance the arts and science of HVAC&R to serve humanity and promote a sustainable world

5 ASHRAE Organization 53,000+ Members 176 Chapters 44 Sections 14 Regions Make up the ASHRAE Organization


7 Chapter Technology Transfer Committee (CTTC) The Chapter Technology Transfer Committee (CTTC) is a General Standing Committee of the Society and operates under the direction of the Board of Directors and Members Council

8 Society Chapter Technology Transfer Committee One Chair Two Vice-Chairs Fourteen Regional Vice-Chairs BOD ex-officio and Coordinating Officer One Programs Coordinator One Communications Coordinator Three non-voting Consultants – One Refrigeration – One Technical – One Energy

9 Chapter Technology Transfer Committee Responsibilities Reports to Members Council Identifies and Develops Resources for Chapter Programs Coordinates Dissemination of Technical Information to Chapters Promotes and Administers Award Programs

10 Chapter Technology Transfer Committee Responsibilities, Cont. Coordinate Input to the Society from Chapters on Standards, Publications, Handbooks, and Position Papers/Statements Coordinate Chapter Refrigeration Activities Develop, Maintain and Distribute a Regional Speaker’s List Assist CTTC Chairs with PAOE Reporting Attend Chapters Regional Conference and Conduct CTTC Workshops Promote Continuing Education Activities at the Chapter Level

11 Chapter Technology Transfer Committee Chapter Chair Duties Provide Relevant Programs Coordinate distribution of Technical and industry related information Promote CTTC & Refrigeration Awards – Dan Mills, Technology Awards, Refrigeration “R in ASHRAE,” Chapter Program Star, Comfort Cooling, and Milton W. Garland Award Programs Assist Chapter Refrigeration Chair with Refrigeration Activities

12 Chapter Technology Transfer Committee Management by Objectives - MBO DEFINITION: – Objectives are things which are achieved, such as a manual, a product, sales, a plan, employee morale --things which are business results. See the Chapter CTTC Chair MBO Guide for additional information

13 Chapter Technology Transfer Committee Management by Objectives - MBO CHARACTERISTICS: S pecific M easurable A chievable R ealistic T imetable

14 Why Do People Attend Chapter Meetings? Receive and Transmit Technical Information Develop Knowledge of Problems and Solutions Meet Members and Others in the Same Field Opportunities for Leadership Fellowship, Enjoyment and Fun!

15 Chapter Technology Transfer Committee Plan Your Chapter Programs April: Set Meeting Schedule May: First Meeting/Conduct Survey July: Develop/Budget Programs August: Contact Speakers and Make Arrangements Use the CTTC Chapter Chair Calendar available at Send your program schedule to CTTC RVC before

16 PLAN YOUR CHAPTER PROGRAMS USE THE CHAPTER PROGRAM SURVEY Used by CTTC In Development of Programs Use as Planning Tool for Programs Use to Survey Member Needs/Interests Find Online Survey at or develop your

17 PLAN YOUR CHAPTER PROGRAMS Publish Annual Program Schedule in Chapter Newsletter Each Month Determine Each Speaker's Needs Publicize Speaker’s Information (bio & topic summary) with Photo in Newsletter Prior to Meeting Provide Monthly Meeting Reminder – Before meeting via phone calls and e-mail

18 Chapter Meetings Should Avoid: Politics Trade (Sales/Business Transactions) Commercialism Religion

19 COMMERCIALISM …the promotion of one’s company or proprietary interest, is prohibited at chapter and regional events. There shall be no implication that ASHRAE approves or endorses a product or system because of claims of compliance with ASHRAE standards or for any other reason. Visit www.ashrae.cttc for ASHRAE’s Commercialism Policy and Guidelineswww.ashrae.cttc

20 Professional Development Hours (PDH’s) Chapters must comply with the Continuing Education Requirements in their state, province, or country A Certificate of Attendance Template for use by chapters is available at groups/committees/cttc-program-resources Hard copy, blank Certificates of Attendance may be ordered at

21 Meeting Location and Facilities Schedule Consistent Meeting Dates and Time Provide a Convenient Location Ensure Adequate Space for Audience Check out Audiovisual/Lighting Control Equipment in Advance Ensure Adequate Climate Control System and Good Lighting Ensure Unobstructed Views to Speaker/Podium

22 Speaker Protocol Treat Speakers & Distinguished Lecturers as Special Guests Identify Equipment/Audiovisual Needs Prepare Introduction Materials Plan for Program Time Allotted Audience Size, Room Size and Expectations Maximize Speaker’s Full Schedule Confirm Transportation, Lodging, and Remuneration Send a Thank you Letter

23 After Each Chapter Program Have members complete Program Evaluations after each meeting – Locate form at

24 Chapter Programs Resources 1.ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturers 2.See Chapter Programs Resources at www/

25 Additional Chapter Programs Resources 3. Professional Liability Insurance Carrier/Firms 4.BOMA – 5.SMACNA – 6.Municipal/State Building Officials 7.AIA Institute – 8.MCAA –

26 Monthly Program Topics/Formats 1.Panel Programs or Forums 2.Technical Tours/Field Trips 3.Technical/Research Talks 4.Student/Membership Promotion 5.Annual CTTC Webcast 6.All Day Chapter Seminars 7.Co-Sponsored Conferences/Seminar 8.National Engineers Week 9.Non-Technical Talk 10.Joint Meetings - USGBC/AIA 11.Facilities Management 12.Community Service Activities

27 Technical Talks ASHRAE Energy Efficiency Standards Indoor Air Quality Ventilation/Fans /Pumping Systems Building Moisture Control Refrigeration Life Safety (liability/codes) BacNet/Communications Protocol Commissioning

28 Panel Forum Contractor/Engineer/Architect/Owner/Code Official/Developer May Draw Largest Attendance Can be Very Entertaining and Educational

29 Field Trips University Research Labs Food Processing Facilities Application Installations Laboratories Plant Tours Breweries Clean Rooms

30 Seminars/Conferences One or Two Per Year Valuable in Promoting ASHRAE Technical Seminars Co-sponsored Conferences

31 Research Talks ASHRAE Research (Research Administration Committee Members) University Research Trade Association Research Private Research

32 Joint Meetings Other Nearby Chapters Other Societies (engineering, technical, architects, construction, contracting, trade, CSMPS/SMPS)

33 Mini Trade Shows Chapter Sponsored Equipment Expositions Tend to be Good for Chapter Membership and Bank Account Some Restrictions Apply Consult Manual of Chapter Operations for Guidelines

34 Chapter Product Shows Maximum of Three Displays (4 x 8 table) No Restrictions on Number of Products Cannot Interfere with Chapter Meeting No Discussion of Product during Program Disclaimer Posted in Display Area and Listed in Published Announcements Consult Manual of Chapter Operations for Guidelines

35 Young Members Meeting or Technical Program Targeted to the Interests of Young Members Young Member Breakfast, Luncheon, Night, Sports Day, Picnic, etc. Career Mentoring by Senior Chapter Members Professional Development Seminars Member of MP Committee and YEA Committee to sit on CTT Committee

36 Non-technical Talks Leadership Skills Legal Issues (owner, architect, engineer, contractor, manufacturer, sales agent) – Check with local Bar Association/Professional Liability Insurance firms for speakers Research and Membership Promotion Nights Building Manager/Owner Problems

37 ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturers Program - Benefits ( Chapter receives excellent lecturer to speak on relevant subjects of interest Opportunity for joint participation of chapters and sister organizations Opportunity for AIA & GBCI Continuing Education Credits for approved presentations Society pays lecturer’s transportation to city of event Opportunities to work with other Chapters to combine DL visits

38 Distinguished Lecturers Program Chapter Responsibilities: Complete Participation Form and submit to RVC for transmission to ASHRAE Headquarters.RVC approval is required for ASHRAE-paid visits Promote DL visit as a special event Reimburse DL for hotel, local transportation, and meals Prepare Attendance Certificates for distribution to attendees

39 Distinguished Lecturers Program Chapter Responsibilities: Complete the Distinguished Lecturer Event Summary Critique (Available at Distribute the DL Evaluation Form to all attendees Collect at the end of the meeting Compile the attendee rating on the Event Summary Critique Send completed Event Summary Critique to your CTTC RVC and ASHRAE HQ CTTC needs your feedback to continue to improve the DL Program

40 Distinguished Lecturers Program HQ Responsibilities: When Participation Form is received, chapter, lecturer, and RVC’s are promptly sent confirmation Chapter is sent Publicity Materials for use in promoting event Lecturer is reimbursed for transportation to city of event following visit

41 Retro-Commissioning and the Life Cycle Analysis  Host a Site  Earn Continuing Education Credits  Earn Chapter PAOE Points  For more information about the program, sponsorships, speakers, registration, and continuing education credits please visit

42 Don’t Forget The “R” In ASHRAE - Refrigeration Assign a Refrigeration Chair Plan a Chapter Refrigeration Month Use the Society Refrigeration Speaker’s List Plan Technical Tours of Ice Rinks, Breweries, Food Processing Plans Use Technical Committees (TC 10 – Refrigeration Systems) for Program Topics & News Promote ASHRAE Refrigeration Awards

43 ASHRAE Learning Institute (ALI) Chapter Professional Development Instructor-Led Seminars Self-Paced Courses Developed and presented by subject matter experts at discounted rates to chapters Each seminar uses ASHRAE peer- reviewed materials that provide practical information that can be put to immediate practice. Visit for more information

44 ASHRAE Certification Chapters earn 50 PAOE points for each member who earns or renews an ASHRAE Certification

45 ASHRAE Certification Programs ASHRAE Offers Six Certification Programs 1.Healthcare Facility Design Professional (HFDP) 2.High-Performance Building Design Professional (HBDP) 3.Operations & Performance Management Professional (OPMP) 4.Commissioning Process Management Professional (CPMP) 5.Building Energy Modeling Professional (BEMP) 6.Building Energy Assessment Professional (BEAP)

46 Presidential Award of Excellence (PAOE) PAOE recognizes and rewards members who perform activities to support ASHRAE initiatives The PAOE Newsletter, Instructions, and Award Descriptions are available at

47 Where to Get More Information Your CTTC Regional Vice Chair Candace Pettigrew, Chapter Programs Manager ( CTTC Web Page at Manual of Chapter Operations (MCO) – Online at

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